BALH 14th June 2011 Written Update-Ram+Priya=Fight

Posted: 2011-06-14T12:26:27Z

Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Chupke se ab hoga

Kehtey hai yeh pyaar jisey hum na janey Kab hoga

Bade aache Lagte Hai
Yeh mausam ye baatein or


Video Update
(By Nipun)

BALH 14th June 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya home.Shipra saying they are so rich people don't know what they you have said. Priya say when i went to meet him he never meet me so i thought he has come here cuz of that issue. Shipra say this is your problem in world something else happen and you think something else. Don't know what they will think about us.. We also have some respect why will we take money from them and after we will also become richLOL

Vikram say to Ram now you understand what she was taking. You both were taking different topic at same time.But Ram mistake is yours. Ram say why are blaming me how do i know that she was taking about car. Vikram say but you should meet with her that day you make her parents insult from police. Ram say but she call me fatROFL Vikram say wow i have never say this to you and she say this in first meeting.

Priya goes to karthik room and say who is Natasha. Karthik say i know her but not that much.His hand goes to his laptop and it get on and Priya see picture of karthik and Natasha. Priya then ask you just know her or she is your friend. Karthik yea i know her so there is Lil bit friendship.In laptop picture changed and its close pic of karthik and natasha. Priya say close friendship? Karthik say No now we are no that close then he say i mean that we were no that Priya complete his sentence and say we were not that far and then she say close your laptop completelyEmbarrassed Priya say i thought we were friends you love him so much. Karthik say you don't know she is mad. Priya maybe she is mad for you and love change the meaning of madness. Priya leaves

Natasha with her mom all happy. Ram seeing all this both Ram and priya are thinking. BALH song in background. Priya call Ram. Ram say i was about to call you Priya say me also want to talk with you, Ram say that's good you have admit your mistake i like that. You can say sorry i will forgive youLOL Priya say sorry and me as for my knowledge the person who do mistake says sorry and in this case you have done the mistake. They both again starts fighting and Priya say Fat to his ego but he thinks the she saying Fat to himROFL

Both in anger then they both make them self carm down and again call each otherLOL Ram say that this is all cuz of misunderstanding between us but i will say sorry can we meet once. Then they both have lil argue deciding the venue but finally they did, Ram ask her to b on time as he hate people who come lateLOL Shipra and ayesha listening priya and Ram talks on other landlineLOL Priya catch them..

Scene shifted to Karthik who is standing near window in studio. Natz come and say this time it was easy to meet you. Karthik say you don't love me and i also don't love you. Natz say liar. Karthik hold her and say what do you think of yourself. If you again hurt yourself then i will kill you, Natz say Liar and then they both hug eachotherSmile

Vikram teaching Ram how to talk with priya on the other hand Shipra teaching Priya. Shipra and ayesha making Priya readyLOL Priya all going mad and say why are you making me so ready i am going for karthik marriage not for mine.Vikram ask Ram to do dummy meetingROFL He become Priya and ask do your sister know how to handle the house. Ram gets angry and say she is Natahsa Kapoor how can she handle house. Vikram say see you will talk like this with Priya don't forget they are boy family they will ask such question.

Ram in car listening horoscopes in radio and for Ram it was that today you will have some fight so try to control your temper LOL On other side Priya in rickshaw some magazine salesman come and show magazine to her she saw Ram picture and throw it and say i don't want it. The boy say now you have to take it as it's all wet now. Priya say cuz of this Ram kapoor always i always have loss. she give money to boy and say keep this magazine also with you.

Episode Ends 


Natasha all happy say to Ram you the best bro i will miss you when i will leave this home. Ram say you will no go anywhwere. Karthik ask Priya so they are coming tomorrow 

Sorry for mistake
Hope you all like it

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Thanks in advance...
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Posted: 2011-06-14T12:38:54Z
thank you for ur awesome update..
fantastic episode...
whenever i see that cute Ram..
i feel like to sing..
God bless u...
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Posted: 2011-06-14T12:43:49Z
Bina wajah hi main excited ho gayi ki itni jaldi update likh bhi diya aur post bhi kar diyaCry. No Problem, can waitApprove
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Posted: 2011-06-14T13:02:42Z
i am so waiting to read it...

coz i loved today's was just awesome...

will comment more after reading the written part...
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Posted: 2011-06-14T13:30:57Z
Originally posted by Chandani02cr

Bina wajah hi main excited ho gayi ki itni jaldi update likh bhi diya aur post bhi kar diyaCry. No Problem, can waitApprove
Same hereConfusedConfused Please update it soon...
I haven't seen the episode n wanna read itSmile
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Posted: 2011-06-14T14:30:36Z
Thanks for the update.. seems very hilarious episode..
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Posted: 2011-06-14T14:30:55Z
 Thnks for posting the update. It was a great episode with Ram & Priya at each other's throats. They fought and made up for their loved ones. Knew Nat's obsessive love but for the first time saw Kartik's love for Natasha (even though he was disgusted at her crazy behaviour)
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