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This is a group venture to entertain you guys
Here some of our very talented ff writers are going to write an ff
wherein they themselves will be the characters
They will be placed opposite the hot studs of our favourite show PKYEK
Keep yourself tuned in for more
If you like the idea please hit the like button
Leave your comments and criticisms too please
Chapter1-pg 1
Chapter2 & 3-pg 2
Chapter 4-pg 3
Chapter 5-pg 4
Chapter 6-pg 4
Chapter 7-pg 5
Chapter 8-pg 5
Chapter 9-pg 6
Chapter 10-pg 7
Chapter 11-pg 8
Chapter 12-pg 8
Chapter 13-pg 9
Chapter 14-pg 10
Chapter 15-pg 11
Chapter 16-pg 12
Chapter17-pg 13
Chapter 32-pg32
Chapter 48-pg60
Chapter 58-pg78
Chapter 59-pg79
Chapter 69-pg-79
Chapter 61-pg-80
Chapter 62-pg-81
Chapter 63 and 64 -pg 82
Chapter 65 pg- 84
Chapter 66 pg- 85
Chapter 67 and 68 pg 87
Chapter 69 and 70 pg 88
Chapter 71 on pg 88
Chapter 72 on pg89
Chapter 73 & 74 on pg 90
Chapter 75 on pg 91
Chapter 76 on pg 92
Chapter 77 on pg 92
Chapter 78 on pg 93
Chapter 79 on pg 94
Chapter 80 & 81 on pg 95
Chapter 82
Chapter 83 pg 98
Chapter 84 pg 98
Chapter 85 pg 99
Chapter 86 and 87

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SUR (sur001)

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Here begins a story of love,freindship,trust,faith

Character Sketch
Akanksha Mehra aka Anky 
A college going girl of twenty.She is fun loving,sweet yet bold girl.She believes that love does exist but never thought it would touch her life in the form of Kabir Singh Rathod whom she hated very much
Kabir Singh Rathod
The stud of Mount College.Residential playboy and hearthrob.He follows flavour of the week policy.He has wounds of heart that is still unhealed
Akanksha-Kabir  will be written by FiestySoul
Nidha Singhania
A vivacious college going girl with a zest for life.Her motto in life is take no nonsense from anyone especially from arrogant lotharios.
Jay Khuraana
A 20 yr old guy who recently moved to Dehradun with his brother Neel.He is dark and mystifying Jay has a tough exterior but is all heart inside
Nidha-Jay will be written by -Tich-
Fiza Sharma
A serious,down to earth girl.She has her eyes set on her goal that is to complete her course with high grades and become a famous fashion designer.She has no time for love.She also studies at Mount College.
Armaan Malik
Owner of a big industrial corporation who was once a famous model.
He has passed through girls in his life and has preconceived notion of who his perfect partner would be which is shattered when Fiza enters his world
Fiza-Armaan will be written by Eowyn
Aysha Kapoor
18 year old college going girl.Prankster by nature and fun loving.Her partners in crime are Akanksha Mehra,Fiza Sharma,Nidha Singhania.Her witty one liners are famous for brightening up a dull atmosphere.Studying first year at Mount College not sure of what to do ahead.When it comes to principles she stands firm.Waiting eagerly for her Mr.Macho,wants to fall in love but is afraid that true love is found only in films and books.She is straightforward and down to earth.Also a matchmaker trying to set up her freinds.She is girly girl.
Abhay Raichand aka Mr.Mysteries
Arrogant,stuck up 20 year old guy attending Mount College.His father owns a successful matrimonial agency named his Mr.Macho front he has a heart of gold which is yearning to find its special someone,but knows that he can't due to his dark secret which no one can easily accept.Meets Aysha in a very funny circumstance that he can never forget
Aysha-Abhay will be written by Lalmirch28
Sanjana Bedi
A 19 year old vivacious beautiful girl coming from rich background.Comes from an orthodox Punjabi family and is youngest of five siblings.She is not one to compromise anything and knows to work her way around things.A convincing liar but does not intend to hurt anyone.Her parents want to get her married but she wants to study.Maintains a dual identity leaving home in salwaar kameez and transforming into a glam doll wearing spaghetti straps and mini skirts.Full of life and energy like a firebrand and is bindass. Is a chatterbox and sometimes dumb.Loves experimenting.She has a point to prove to self so is slightly rebellious but in a positive way.Very filmy wants to  be a director like Yash Chopra and Karan Johar.Just moved in from Mumbai.
Shaurya Chopra
27 year old sarcastic,funny yet charismatic and dynamic guy.Photographer availing from a rich background but believes in not insulting one lower than him.Has a good grasp of reality.Flirt, doesn't believe in love.His wicked one liners steal the show
Sanjana-Shaurya will be written by Lalmirch28

Credit for the Siggie Goes To Madhura...Thank you Madhu
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Chapter 1
Sun rays touched the beautiful face of the 20 year old lying on the four poster bed.
"Mom five more minutes please" Akanksha said groggily
"Di its not mom its me Sur'utho di humein college jaana hain"Surbhi shouted excitedly in Akanksha's ears.Sur was 18 and joining college on that day
Anky got up in a huff and threw a pillow on her sister.
"Dheere nahi bol sakthi thi kya you little imp'.you nearly damaged my eardrums"
"Agar aap tayyar nahi hui tho mein aur chillaoongi'.aaj college mein mera pehla dhin hain and I don't wanna be late'see mein tayyar hoon" Sur said jumping up and down
Anky eyed her sister from top to bottom
"Not bad'.lekin yeh short skirts pehne ke piche kya irada hain"Anky winked at Sur getting out of her bed.
Sur threw the pillow back at her sister.
Anky freshened herself up and chose a blue butterfly shirt white denims to wear.She was tall with perfect hourglass figure,lush black hair and deep brown eyes.In a word drop dead gorgeous.
She tied up her hair in a sideway pony and applied light makeup.
Sur who was busy texting got up and start touching up her makeup.
"Surbhi Mehra'.that's enough'zyaada karogi tho aur kharaab lagogi"Anky  said while pulling her sister away from the mirror.
"Its not my fault that my fattuchand elder sister is so damn gorgeous"Sur pouted.
Anky pulled her sister's cheek and said
"My lil cute angel'.you are gorgeous without the makeup itself'.now lets go and kill some boys with your looks'chalo" 
"Goodmorning girls"Mr.Mehra wished his daughters.
"Good morning Dad" they said in unison.
"Here are freshly made parathas"Mrs.Mehra said dropping one each on the girls plate.
"Eww Mom they are so oily'I will gain weight if I eat these"Sur complained.
"No you won't' just have to work out if you don't want to gain weight'.now stop complaining and eat" Anky said and stuffed a piece in Sur's mouth.Sur made faces.
The girls finished their breakfast and headed out for college in Anky's Porsche.
Sur who was blabbering throughout the drive fell silent as she reached the college.
"Hey what happened all of a sudden?"Anky eyed her sister in wonder.
"Who Di'.mujhe dar lag rahan hain'.seniors..ragging" Sur stuttered.
Anky laughed out
"Subah itna uchal rahi thi aane ke liye'.ab aa gaye tho hawa nikal gayi kya'.Listen baby sis'ragging is a part of college'.untill its not something violent or humiliating don't complain to authorities' one will touch you much knowing that you are a Mehra'.and steer clear of Kabir Singh Rathode"Anky ended in a warning tone.
"Who is that?"Sur asked curiously.
"You'll know soon"Anky replied getting out of the car

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Wonderful start Nidhi. I like the characterisation of Anky and Surbi. Can't wait to get my hands on this FF
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Posted: 2011-06-08T05:55:07Z
Nidha... U started a FF & didnt even inform me.. How could you?? Anyway im of to read.
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Posted: 2011-06-08T08:32:23Z
Wonederful nidha and love u for creating it 
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