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hey guys im writting a new ff iss pyaar ko kya naam doon  which is a Sidchi,Mishka,abhiya  the story is actually my very 1st ff i did  in pkb forum but changed it to fit them

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

The Rathod's

Kabir singh Rathod 24 yrs old .a very loving man who has a very successfulfashion house which is one of the biggest fashion houses in india.. is married to Panchi for about 5 years who is 2 years older than him , is a loving,suportive husband and is doing his best to be a good husband from his side of the marriage. thinks it's time they have a child. he is open minded doesn't mind his wife working but feels she should also fulfill the duties of a wife. He use to be a very chilled out dude, that believed life should be lived with no tension but lost himself through the years . he becomes serious when it Panchi. use to be Very flirty type of a guy,(thats how Panchi fell 4 him) but believed in his true love which he thought he found in Panchi. life is good but could be way better

Panchi MANHORTRA: 26yrs old. .Her Dream was to be a superModel and she is one of the biggest models in india .She couldn't have done with out her husband Kabir. who doesn't mind her working as a model. but hates the fact he keeps nagging her about being a good wife and    starting a family. but feels she cant at this point in time of her career she's at the top.. she is the showstopper in everyshowand wants to manatin her figure she use to be a very bubbly girl but now sucess has changed her. she is very arrogant  in her proffesonal life as well as her husband but not to anyone else she is hot and she knows it not afraid to use her looks 4 anything becuz it always works. her perfessional part of life is great but thinks her homely part ties her down even without having kids.


Siddharth Mehra: 27 yrs old:he is india's # 1Fashion photographer.. his career is at the top his company is one of big ones in the country. Married to Misha for 5 years . . He THOUGHT he WAS  a good responsbile husband  untill that one night 3 yrs ago. but  He still thinks he is good to her by   is earning and supportting her. and by giving her a  really high class   living big mansionBMW'S, best saris ,jewls,servents  drivers money etc..caring very demanding greedy,Egotistic (me me me) .Has a little attiude problem .. does not take any nonsense from others not even his wife ..most people who dont know him might take him like a angry young man type! is  willing to let Misha go back 2 work if she wants.  Hates the rain it  make him feel even more guilty  for what happened that night .


Misha Mehra: 23 yrs old t use to a tomboy  gundi of the neighborhood tough  girl Wanted to be the best fashion Designer in the world! but got married to Sid  at a young age of 18.  His love made her change herself from a tomboy to a elegant beautiful ,simple straight forward woman   she  married him  because she was really attractive to him  and thought she was was madly in love with him. ( untill 2 yrs after they were married when  he showed his  true colors and that one night.They have been married for 5 yrs. she  Is a loving Caring Supportive Wife   and wishes only if  that Sid would have  been  just as supportive 2 her  3 yrs ago  life would have been different  forboth of them... Feels that some how they have lost each other  because of sid's attiude and selfisheness  and decsions   each other and feels their is lack of love and understanding from from sid's side and feels she should look for work  to keep her busy and not think abt what happend in her life 3yr ago. hates the rain it brings back  painful memories


The Raichands

Abhay Raichand: He is mixed personalitly. funloving prankster, arrogant, loving caring  Very caring toward his family, but strong in his Textiles business. Married to piya she is his jaan  for 4 years and they have a 2 yr old son Nihaal.he is very happy in his family life and grateful to having a loving wife as piya. and is Misha's Bro he thinks she is happy in her married life even after the all shes gone through hates sid with all his heart.


Piya Raichand: A lovely positive girl, she had only 1 dream to get married to a guy who luved ur and kept her happy(which came true ) She believes she found her true love Abhay  she is very   consiouse when it comes to her fashion statements  is a  model  but Sid her big bro and best friend /bhabi and nand Misha always make her feel as the top of the world, they do any thing to boost her selfconfidence. she knows misha  not happy in her marriage cause her bro sid never undertood her  and was very Egotistic and  has time  no for her he only wants to earn money.



New  Entery

Tanusheer aka T rathod : is kabirs little sister and Partner in crime   and  use to be Panchis 's best friend but feels that Panchi has changed too much after her success. Is just like her bro  is such a prankster has a great sense of humor her innocent one liners    are always  funny. Waiting for her Mr. Macho she always is fascinated  with rough and tough bad boys types. Is an upcoming model   but is really a match maker she always sets people up. Fun loving, coo land a total girly girl.


Angad Bose: kabir's best friend since they were kids,cool laid back , joker not as much a Prankster like kabir is but knows how to have fun n luvs Ruhi aka tracker


Ruhi  juneja : She is misha, piya,n T best freind ,she is politicians daughter and loves angad  ,sweet,innocent loving, caring,boy crazy





I slid the pink heel into my Feet. The mehndi on my feet dark as ever, that was a sign he would love me forever. I smiled, and as usuaal i could feel the blush on my cheeks. I got up from the bed and walked over to my dresser taking a seat on the small chair in front of it. I observed my self in the mirror, My face, my eyes showed the happiness inside of me, the love i felt for him and my destiney that would lead me to being his forever.

"Misha Wow, baby you look awsome." My sweet and rocking husbands sister Piya "Turly bohat achi lag rahi hoo.i cant belive that's it's the same tomboy gundi misha" She placed her kajol on me as i smiled. " yaar piya But i have to, compare to your brother i look like a simple girl." piya fixed my bindi. "In my opnion you look like an angel sweety." She said placing her hand on my cheek. "You seem a bit too happy today." Why wouldnt i be, my life would change and my mr perfect. Mr.sid  would be mine today, and i would be his for now and forever. Again the blush peeked on my cheeks.


Everything about sid made me happy, his way of life, the way he talked, smiled, looked at me. EVERYTHING about him was perfect, he was perfect and he would keep me happy. Today my life would change for better and all of my dreams will be reailty.

Will Her Dreams Come Ture? Will She BE Happy With Her Prince? Or Has Destiney Planned Something Else For Her? Stay Tonned to iss pyaar ko kya naam doon  to Find out



 hope u liked it  do comment and press like button if its good hows is it?


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Posted: 2011-06-07T18:56:56Z
loved the treaser and character sketch.
thanks for the pm.
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Posted: 2011-06-07T20:07:00Z
Nice start! Your FF seems so different yet very interesting! Can't wait to read the next update! Good job and continue soon! And thanks for the PM Smile
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Posted: 2011-06-07T23:47:21Z
Fiza...the track of the ff is fresh and bold becoz it deals with the love of married people...I keep my faith in you that you can handle it...T's new avatar is really good...thats something I want to see in the show...a small doubt is Misha Abhay's sister becoz u said she is Piya's nanadSmile
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Posted: 2011-06-07T23:57:13Z
awesum ff and awesum idea dear... loved the teaser and character sketch... lets see how their lives shape out... continue soonEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2011-06-08T02:43:30Z
awesome start...the characters are wonderful & loved the teaser...
thanks for the pm...dear
continue soon...
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Posted: 2011-06-08T04:13:31Z
pm me ok
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Posted: 2011-06-08T23:10:53Z



Early morning 7:30


"Shati... raju .shati"...says Misha while walking down the stairs


in a hurry.    ji didi they reply. ajj late hogaya jaldi se breakfast bano mein bi help karte


apa ke sid bhaiya ko 8;15 office reachkarna hai. raju bhaiya ko chai dehke aao aur bolo ke


breakfast is almost ready to ajldi aao



in the room sid


can't find his blue file for today's meeting


bhaiya chai aur didi boli ke breakfast is ready. haan raju I'm be down in a bit as soon as I find the file . sid goes down for breakfast Misha gives him aloo ke parate and dahi while eating sid  is yelling Misha  Misha  Misha


in the kitchen Misha hears sid  and goes to the table kya hau apa yell kyun karen


kuch  chaye? haan mere blue file I can't find it anywhere and I'm getting late . oh woh u left it in the study last night I found it and put in your bag next to the laptop and camera I knew u needed for today says Misha sweetly ."What" Misha for god's sake how many times do I have to tell u not to touch my laptop bag. u never do what ur told . angry sid gets up leaves for work. sid is just going out the door when Misha calls him from the back . Sid  Sid says Misha . Misha WHAT NOW I HATE IT  WHEN U CALL ME FROM THE BACK LIKE THAT KYAHAI JUST SAY IT .Sid u forgot  ur Wallet    upset Sid  grabs the wallet from here hand and leaves.

Misha Sadly walks back inside the house shati and raju come up to here and say didi tum theek ho. haan kyun. didi if u don't mind may we say something. haan bolo. Bhaiya ko humare samaane apko yeh sab nahin karna tha .  I know you both know but your sid bhaiya doesn't care  he loves to insult me but didi tum bhaiya ke pati hai


u have a right to . na? . Raju I understand u both understand but ur sid bhaiya will never understand me. any way yeh sab choro shati aaj tum mere room saaf karo phir kitchen mein help raju tum kitchen mein mere help karo. mein tumhare bhaiya    kay favorite khaana cook karongi .aur phir mood theek hoga.kya menu hai didi . Butter Chicken, palak paneer and gobi ka salaan, roti, and sweet mein gulab jaamoon . raju tum palak panner ko dehkho


mein Piya  aur Abhay bhaiya  ko dinner key liye invite karte.



Piya's house


Ring ring hello


Piya tum Abhay bhai aur Nihaal kaise ho?


kya plans hai ajj raat ?


Misha hum theek haan aur plans y what's up ?


good ajj raat dinner at my place 8:30 sharp.


cool will be there take care sweets.



Shanti tum gobi ka salaan karo aur mein butter chicken aur gulab jaamoon karte



mean while at Sid's office


sir Mr. Shaw on the phone


yes put him on


hello Mr. Shaw how did u like the pictures for ad


what but Mr. .Shaw I'm sure we came work something out


upset Sid bangs the phone . He thinks to himself yeah sab Misha if she did not stop in the morning when leaving it wouldn't have happened .



back at home


didi go get ready raju and I will handle the rest it's 8 o clock,  piya  di and Abhay bhaiya will b here soon.


ok I will half hour later Misha comes down wearing pink sari and sliver earrings looking beautiful. door bell rings


Piya, Abhay bhaiya , and my sweet Nihall so happy u came.


Mishu  u look stunning as always where's bhaiya haan chotu  sid hasn't come yet kyun irresponsible like always . if I did that my basanti would kick me . haan ur right my veeru wouldn't be able come in the house if he can't take out time for me  and the family and come on time for dinner then he wouldn't  get dinner for a week lol. Any ways Ramu cooks better then u so that's not a  bad idea. What u ghuda fine don't eat . plz both not again come.



don't worry  bhaiya he has lot of pending work. u guys start eating dinner I will wait and eat with ur bro


ok. Wow mishu  the food is amazing . Piya abhay bro u guys aren't eating anything take more raju bring some fresh rotis. Sid when r u coming Piya  and abhay bro  r over


I don't know and hangs up.

But sid  abhay noticing everything. Chotu  sab theek hai kya main sid se baat karna kya  no bro he is in a meeting  


so mish  when is bhaiya coming? not sure he has lot of work . oh any way misha be  ready by noon tomorrow we will go shopping lunch and even maybe  a movie huh?


sure that will b great piya  .


chotu  it's 11:30 we better get going I have a meeting @ 8 yup and nihaal is also asleep


take care babes n tell bhaiya I 'm upset @ him


c u @ noon.


Misha waiting @ the table falls asleep Sid comes home @ 2am n c her asleep on the table . bhaiya here water Misha wakes up Sid  freshen up I will warm dinner no need I at n came . I'm tired going 2 bed.    raju put away the food. she goes up stairs without eating.


poor didi she cooked all bhaiya favorite things and waited for him to eat dinner and he acts like that.


didi Is use too it she is so nice she won't say anything hope bhaiya realize it says shati.



That's it for now next ch 2 will sid understand what he did was wrong and fun day with piya .

 Hope u all enjoyed it u like press the like button

take care  Fiza

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