BALH 7th June 2011 Written Update

Posted: 2011-06-07T12:27:52Z
Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Chupke se ab hoga
Kehtey hai yeh pyaar jisey hum na janey kab hoga
Bade aache Lagte Hai
Yeh mausam ye baatein or

Video Update
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BALH 7th June 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with last scean Ram comes near window to see priya but his phone rings(UrghhAngry)his mom called and ask him to come soon then they show party is going on Ram and vikram comes his mom introduce ram to her friends. Ram ask  to his mom where is Natasha she say she is your sister so she is just like you working on sunday in her studio.

Then they show studio where ayesha and shipra comes and ask for Natasha kapoor but there was a guy (assistant) didn't allow them to meet Natasha. Then they saw a girl getting angry on models they both go to her ayesha introduce herself and say you call us but she say i am no Natasha i am her assistant LOL. Shipra say if assistant has so much attitude then what about boss. Ayesha you are so luck that she selected you but i am thinking how can she select youROFL 

Scean shifted to priya asking guard to let her go inside as she has to say sorry to ramEmbarrassed but guard didn't allow her so she say ok fine i am standing here till then i meet him. Ram mom saw a lady coming and get shocked and ask ishita who invited them she say i just send them formal message Ram mom say (wats her name?? sheila?LOL) but there are here and she is with her daughter now please do something otherwise they will go to ram

That lady tell her daughter about ram and say start your work.Ishita try to stop them but that girls goes to Ram and introduce herself  and say my mom has tell me alot about you so i feel like i know you. Neha comes and meet ishika and her mom then she ask where is vikram? is he in study with ram. Ram mom say yea he was there but i call him here but now i think i have done mistake neha ask why what happen. She say ishika friend is with ram he is not leaving him for a second. She is no 1 is flirting.. men,alcohol,drugs all are her life please neha save ram from him. Neha say i dont think ram need this Embarrassed

On other hand Ram talking with that come suddenly vikram pass towards them Ram stop him and  i want to talk to 2 you. Vikram say why you always get confused in front of girlsROFL maybe she is good girl Ram say i know how she is.. I will have bet with you go to her and say you are singal and millionaire if she doesn't flirts with you then i promise you i will take her for dinner

Vikram goes to her and say Ram is busy and introduce himself and talk how rich he is but all girl is interested in his moneyLOL Neha say ok i will talk to Ram and gets shocked to see Vikram flirting with that girlROFL

Ram mom with her friends say now isikha has get married no hope soon Natz get married (MeWink) Ishika friend mother listen this and say who will marry their daughter. everyone knows her truth. Natasha has more boyfriend then her age. then she says i know she is a big designer but she is A class D category girl. Ram listen all this and say excuse me what have you said about small daughter of this house when she was so small when she come in life and from that time i treated her as my daughter. I know she is my step sister but i love her more then my life. You are my guest right know but if you say any thing else then i can't tolerate this and for Natasha marriage you just see how grand her marriage will b and will make her marry to a huge family (awsome dialouge delievery Ram KapoorClapClap)

Then they show studio again everyone gets ready as Natasha is coming(she come in style)
and make changes in models and was about to go when shipra stops her and say that there was a call from your office for audition. Natasha goes but tell her assistant that they are my special guest treat them well and ask them to wait for me.

Ram and Vikram in terrace. Ram in angry mood say how can she talk like this about Natasha. Vikram saw priya outside the gate he say she is the same girl Ram say she is there for sorry i can't handle this (You have to handleWink) Vikram say so its fine she will say sorry and matter will solve Ram say no they are all for money i dont want to see themOuch Vikram say ok dont get angry i will talk to her.

Ayesha and her mom sitting. Shipra say don't understand why they are treating like a special guest but our work is still incomplete.Ayesha ask a guy there that when i will have audition he say audition is almost over you should go now soon lights will get off. Shipra gets angry ans ay we are waiting for 4 hours Ayesha gets faint. Shipra call karthik.

Vikram come outside and talk to priya.Priya say maybe you remember me the car accident and you even talk to my mom Vikram say yea but she didn't listen to me. you are actually wasting your time Priya say i know we have done the mistake and he is right at his place but i want to finish this matter  Vikram say but what about his loss he has alot of value for his father he was the only one for him Priya say if it is then i can understand your friend feeling Vikram say sorry i can't help you Priya say you should me if your friend love his father then he know the value of my love and she leave.

Karthik comes and get angry on that assistant (Gay). Natasha comes and say what's going on Karthik saw her shipra say that audition have not yet started and that guy is asking us to leave Natasha say so what wrong he is saying you may leave Karthik say you call her now this is not the way to treat if you don't have any work for her then why you call her. She say there was no other option left. Karthik slap herShocked she say i am happy at least you came here Karthik say next time never  involve my family in our matter. I was busy in work i dont have time for you call. Shipra and ayesha is confused. shipra is saying that Natasha kapoor love my sonLOL then they all leave

Natasha in home all angry in phone Ram listen this and goes to her room ask what happen then he saw blood in her hand and Natasha faint. He shout for Vikram

Episode End

Ram and priya on phone. Priya say there is small problem then Ram say you are saying this small problem are you mad? Priya say in this city everyday all this things happen i am saying you last time stop disturbing us in this small thingsEmbarrassed

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Natasha love your updates...and today also no meet..but I loved priya and Ram's dialogue naEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2011-06-07T13:33:17Z
Thanks Natasha Thumbs Upfor update.
Have to check out Ram's crazy sisterLOL
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Posted: 2011-06-07T13:44:38Z
Thanks for the update dearEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2011-06-07T13:58:54Z
thanks for the update..
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Posted: 2011-06-07T14:34:12Z
thanks for the lovely update
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Posted: 2011-06-07T15:11:44Z

Thanks for the update Natasha. Apart from  BALH,  you have pictures of a couple from another serial. Can you tell me which serial it is? Thanks!
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Posted: 2011-06-07T15:17:56Z

 Thanks Natasha for the wonderful updateSmile
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