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Heyy guys just wanted to share this with you...its not actually a FF, it was something that popped into my head while I was trying to sleep as a potential scene, wanted to share it...sorry if it doesn't make sense/can't understand my hindi! Wrote the idea into my ipod so i could post it when i had time! Let me know how you find it!  :Grin:

This scene takes place after Raya have got married/confessed their love for each other etc

Ram, Priya, Vikram and Neha are in a restaurant having dinner when Priya suddenly gets up and runs to the bathroom. Ram, Vikram and Neha look around and at each other wondering what happened. After a while, Priya returns and Ram concerned asks her, "Kya hua?"
Priya..."Kuch nahi, I was feeling sick, shayad kuch galat kaa liya hoga"
Ram..."Acha...ab tum theek ho na?"
Priya..."Haan main theek hu" in a quieter voice than normal
Ram, still not yet satisfied said "OK" while looking at Priya in a concerned manner.

Later in the evening, after having returned from the restaurant, Priya was putting clothes away and getting ready for bed when she suddenly fainted. Ram shouted "Priya" and ran to her and revived her. Once Priya had recovered, Ram asked Priya "Kya hua?" while helping Priya up and giving her water and generally fussing over her.
Priya..."Pata nahi, kuch bhi nahi hoga"
Ram..."Kuch bhi nahi hoga matlab?! Pehla restaurant mein tumhe vomiting hua aur ab tum faint hogayi...kal hum doctor ki paas ja rahi hai"
Priya..."lekin, kal meri TOEFL classes hain"
Ram..."lekin, wekin kuch nahi, hum kal subha doctor ki paas ja rahi hai aur baad mein sub kuch"

The next morning...Priya and Ram were at the doctors, Priya inside having a check up done and Ram was waiting...pacing up and down, worried as to what might have happened to Priya. A while later, the doctor came in with Priya following and Ram pulled out a chair for Priya to sit on, while asking the doctor a million and one questions.
Ram to the doctor..."Kya hua? Priya theek hain na? Kuch gabrani ki baat nahi hain naa? Vo faint kyu hogaye thi?"
Doctor to Ram..."Mr Kapoor, Mr Kapoor...calm down calm down, Priya ko kuch nahi hua hain"
Ram to the doctor..."Kuch nahi hua hain matlab? Kal toh voh..." 
Doctor to Ram..."Mr Kapoor! Aap meri baat to pehli suniye"
Priya placed her hand on Ram's arm to calm him down, Ram..."Sorry, kehiya"
Finally able to talk, the doctor said " Aap ke liye kush kabhri hai, Priya maa banewali hai"
Priya looked up and both Ram and Priya looked at the doctor in shock, then turned to look at each other still in shock. Slowly a small, shy smile started to creep onto Priya's face..."Woh woh...excuse me" running out of the cabin to the car still unable to believe what the doctor had just said.
Back to the doctor's cabin, the news still hadn't sunk in and Ram was asking the doctor more questions..."Yeh aap kya ke rahi hai? Sach mein Priya...?"
"Ji, Priya 6 weeks pregnant hai aur aapko uske bahut kyaal rakhna hai."
Ram to the doctor..."Theek hai" and went after Priya to the car. Priya was already sitting in the car with all sorts of thoughts going through her mind..."Mein maa banewali hoon...mujhe yakin hi nahi hota hai" "Zindagi kaise badal gayi...6 months pehli toh ek ajnabee ki saath shaadi hui aur aab..." Ram slid into the car, breaking Priya's train of thought, without looking at her he told the driver to take the car home.

Upon reaching home, Priya got out the car without looking at Ram and went to freshen up and get ready for tuition...now it was Priya's turn to talk one to the dozen..."bahut zyaada dher hogya, jaldi se tyaar hone hain aur phir TOEFL classes ke liye jaane hain, I hope dher na ho jai. Aapko bhi office jaan hai..." While turning around..."Kya ho aap? Aapko tayaar nai hone?" coming face to face with Ram. Ram placed a finger on her lips..."Chup, maine fone kardi hai, tum classes ke liye nahi jari...main bhi office nahi jare" 
Priya..."lekin, aese kese..." 
Ram..."maine kaha naa, chup..."
Ram pulled Priya closer to him, Priya looked down and Ram asked..."Tum kush ho?" Priya shyly nodded yes "Aur aap?" she asked quietly
"Tumhe kya lagta hain?" and pulled Priya into a hug... :Grin:
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Posted: 2011-06-06T16:18:25Z
Awww Shamma!!! This is sooo cute...I really love it.
It ended too soon...LOL
You should definitely consider doing an FF!!!
Great work!!!
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Posted: 2011-06-06T16:22:05Z
Thank you!! Hug (Sorry i don't know your name) will defo try but i'm not good at this sort of thing! It was something that popped into my head while I was trying to sleep  Laugh maybe if more scenes 'pop' into my head i will share them!  :Grin:  
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Posted: 2011-06-06T16:30:07Z
Very nice post dear.. I was smiling all the time when i was reading it.. But would priya continue working even after she gets married? i mean she need not work.. i would personally like it if she worked.. she may decide to give her income to her parents to support them..
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Posted: 2011-06-06T16:47:36Z
Very cute! Priya's line's are excellent I could picture her saying themClap

I tho love Ram so, u just have to mention him and I am Embarrassed

Keep writing, you are fab!
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Posted: 2011-06-06T16:59:15Z
Good scene Shamma Embarrassed

Really cute, hope we see this scene in the show in the future Big smile

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Posted: 2011-06-06T17:12:32Z
Thank you soo much guys!!!

@Nish10 - I hope Priya does continue to work after marriage, otherwise it'll be on the traditional BT path where families own big businesses, the men go to the office and the women sit in the house dressed up! LOL

@trinket - As i was writing it, I could just see the whole scene playing out in my head...would love to see Priya actually saying them! Embarrassed Will try and continue but I'm not very creative...might instead of it being continuous have random scenes! 

@Shah - ditto! Would love to see this scene in the future...would be soo cute! Hug

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Posted: 2011-06-06T17:26:36Z
Originally posted by shamma92

Thank you!! Hug (Sorry i don't know your name) will defo try but i'm not good at this sort of thing! It was something that popped into my head while I was trying to sleep  Laugh maybe if more scenes 'pop' into my head i will share them!  :Grin:  
Hey Shamma, I'm Zeba...Wink
Have faith in yourself Shamma...you're good at writing. Smile
I hope you can think of more scenes, because we need something to help keep us going when there's no BALH to watch!!!LOLLOL
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