Maneet FF - Journey called life (OLD THR 1 - 2011-12) IMP NOTE PG 126

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Posted: 10 years ago

Hello Everyone

You all know me thro my first FF on Maneet ' GEETIKA (Link given below)

Now, I have another story...inspired by  Tamil movie... "Rhythm".  imagining Maneet in it in a different way. There are hundreds of Maneet FFs in IF and I am sorry if my FF story line matches with any one...if it does, its mere due to a coincidence.

Please note that this FF will be my second priority till I finish my first FF GEETIKA. 

May change the name of this FF...but just sharing the concept as of now.

Giving a simple prologue. Please read and comment if I can go ahead.


No body knows what comes next...what lays ahead

We expect a lot out of LIFE but life always gives us surprises...some time sweet, some time bitter, Some times cruel.

LIFE doesn't have one has millions...and every definition is apt for it.

It's strange as you never know what happens next moment of LIFE...It makes you laugh sometimes...makes you cry many a times...hurts you and at times brings you to a situation where you don't know the difference between life and death...But LIFE goes on...



At Delhi Airport...

Dev: Shona...Rothe Rothe vidha karogi?

Geet: Aur main kya karoon? Have you come across any newly wedded couple separated before even they get to start their new life together?

Shona...Do you think I want to leave you like this and go? I have got some emergency in office and hence I  have been asked to visit our Katmandu branch...Its just a matter of two to three days...and I am here right on the New year's eve to celebrate a new year and a new beginning with my beautiful wife.

Maanna wife is lucky for me...This is the first ever time I am going to board a flight and also, this visit to Katmandu will prove to be a turning point in my career.

Ab hans bhi do na please (Please smile now)

Geet blushes

Remember...Not only me, Komal is also waiting for, dont disappoint us

Dev smiles and kisses her forehead... I will never disappoint you both

On the other side of Airport...

Maan: it necessary to attend your friend's wedding that's happening all the way in Katmandu? She is going to arrange for a reception in Delhi anyways...

Neha: Jaanu...try to understand...She is my close friend and none of our friends have agreed to attend this wedding as its happening in Katmandu...Agar main bhi nahin gayi tho bechari bura maanjayegi (If I  too didnt attend the wedding, then she will get upset). And she will not attend our wedding which his going to happen in next 2 weeks.

Main Yun jaaongi aur yun aajaongi (I will go and come back soon)...dont worry jaanu... smile now.

Maan smiles and kisses her forehead.

The flight was scheduled to depart on time...and announcement made...

Dev still looking at Geet

Neha still looking at Maan

Geet: Eise kya dek rahe hain Dev?

Dev: Bas Apni shona ko aakhri baar dekh raha hoon...Mera matlab hain,2 din ke liye jee bhar loo.

(I am looking at my sweet heart for the last time...I mean, to fill my heart for 2 long days)

Maan: Eise kya dek rahi ho Jaan?

Neha: Bas Apni Jaanu ko aakhri baar dekh rahi hoon...Mera matlab hain,  2 din ke liye jee bhar loo.

 (I am looking at my sweet heart for the last time...I mean, to fill my heart for 2 long days)

Both Dev and Neha board the flight.

The flight lands in Katmandu Airport...

Dev He calls Geet Immediately after landing...

Geet cries non stop

Shona...please don't cry and make my life even more difficult...its just a matter of 2 more days...I promise to be with you before the New Year eve begins.

Neha on the way to the wedding venue calls her family and Maan to inform about her safe arrival...

Jaan...please come back...I am not liking to be here without you.

Jaanu...I promise to be there with you before the New Year eve begins

Dev gets busy with his office work...Frequent Calls/SMS from Geet...

Dev replies back to one of the SMS and replies... "sweetheart...this is the hundredth SMS in last 2 hours"

Neha is fully involved in her friend's wedding...Frequent Calls/SMS from Maan...

Neha replies back to one of the SMS and replies... "Jaanu...enough...I guess that was the hundredth one" and blushes...

Two days were normal for any other human being but for these two was worse than two hundred years...least did they know what comes next...

Dev and Neha board the same flight again from Katmandu to Delhi...The flight scheduled for early in  morning hours of 31st of Dec.

Their journey comes to a disastrous end in the mid air just before landing in Delhi Airport...YES...A PLANE CRASH which mercilessly took away all the lives of its passengers and flight board team.

LIFE never takes pity on doesn't spare any one...

What happens to Geet? She is all waiting for a new start of her newly married life with her Dear Husband.

What happens to Maan? He was preparing himself for the most happening turning point of his life...his wedding with Neha.

Their own Life never bothers to give an answer to them.
The promisses made by Dev to Geet and Neha to Maan...purest and genuine from heart with true intensions to full fill it...but life has an upper hand on every promise a human being makes

(Authour's note: I think about the families and friends during such event than the person who dies...what goes on to their mind? )

Is this the end of a journey or a beginning of a new journey.

Where do they stand 3-4 years later...lets see.

My other FF:

Maneet FF ' GEETIKA -

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Posted: 10 years ago



28 Year old Business Entrepreneur, MD of Khurana Constructions.  Born Rich. He has anything and everything that Money can buy. But still missing the true happiness in his life. A Tough personality by nature.  He was a different person all together...soft, caring and loving nature... but one tragic incident in his life that happened almost 3-4 years back and it changed him completely. All he loves now is to be involved with his office work and that's the only way he can keep his mind busy.

Maan lost his parents at a very young age. His Daadi is the one who took care of him and his brother Vicky and sister Anvesha. Daadi has been his strong pillar of support throughout his life.

Vicky: 23 years old. Just completed his MBA and is willing to do something challenging on his own.

Anvesha: 20 years old. Undergraduate. She has been the youngest and most pampered kid.


24 years old. Young widow of Dev Sharma. Has been into Middle Class bracket through out her life. A jovial and fun loving girl...till the time she lost her husband in a tragic flight accident 3-4 years ago. Geet  and Dev fell in love  and got married, much against the wishes of both their families.

That one accident in her life has taken away everything...everything what belonged to her. Her husband...her family relations...but she is still alive and trying to be happy for the sake of her daughter...Komal the one and only reason for Geet to stay alive.

She never went back to her family nor Dev's family nor they bothered to support her when she needed them the most.

Dev's Picture

Neha's Picture

More details to be revealed as the FF progresses. Will upload more photos later.


Prologue - Page 1
Charecterization - Page 1
Part 1 - Page 8
Part 2 - Page 10
Part 3 - Page 14
Part 4 - Page 19
Part 5 - Page 24
Part 6 - Page 31
Part 7 - Page 38
Part 8 - Page 45
Part 9 - Page 51
Part 10 - Page 61
Part 11 - Page 69
Part 12 - Page 79
Part 13 - Page 87
Part 14 - Page 100
Part 15 - Page 105
Part 16 - Page 114
Part 17 - Page 119
Part 18 - Page 128
Part 19 - Page 136
Part 20 - Page 143

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Posted: 10 years ago

Beautiful concept ...looking forward!!!
Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by -dia-


Beautiful concept ...looking forward!!!
Thanks Dia Darling Smile
Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by Vaidhumom

Originally posted by -dia-


Beautiful concept ...looking forward!!!
Thanks Dia Darling Smile

U r welcome di ...Hug

me looking forward to read Maaneet as Karthik & ChitraTongue
Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by -dia-

Originally posted by Vaidhumom

Originally posted by -dia-


Beautiful concept ...looking forward!!!
Thanks Dia Darling Smile

U r welcome di ...Hug

me looking forward to read Maaneet as Karthik & ChitraTongue
Karthik & Chitra? someone from your family?Wink
Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by Vaidhumom

Karthik & Chitra? someone from your family?Wink

LOL ...Arjun is Karthik & Meena is Chitra ...but u came up with Plane-crash instead of TrainLOL
Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by -dia-

LOL ...Arjun is Karthik & Meena is Chitra ...but u came up with Plane-crash instead of TrainLOL
Ha ha ha ha ROFL...I was assuming it to be the name of your two kids...I didnt know your marrital status...sorryLOL. So, you remember that movie so well...interesting...didnt even know Arjun and Meena were known as Karthik and Chitra...Thanks for reminding meROFL

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