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It begins from yesterday's last scene...priya's mom bangs the car into ram's...shocked and sorry priya gets out of the car and soo do ram and vikram...before priya's mom can say anything vikram blurts out-- Gaadi chalani nahin aati toh sadak qar kyun laatey ho...priya tries to quieten her mother but in vain as she replies back angrily--achcha? Badi gaadi hai toh kya sadak khareed lii hai...VIKRAM keeps on arguing...and priya keeps on trying to stop her mother who was giving a tough time to vikram with her instant replies (Poor vikram doesnt know how much that woman loves her voice lol)...while Ram had begun tn loose patience too...he wanted to reach the temple on time and the delay plus the noise of argument was irritating him as he finally speaks almost shouting-BAS KARO YAAR... Vikram fallr silent and soo does priya's mother...they both stare at ram...while in the silence ram now notices priya...HE feels charmed by how beautiful yet simple she was...and as priya too meets his eyes she looks at him grateful that he ended the chaos...and surprisingly ram found himself attracted to the never seen before serinity in her eyes...

With great difficulty he looks away from her ( Cupid Strikes may be!) and turns to her mother and says polietly--dekhiye...galti humari hai...main hii driver se jaldi gaadi chalaney ko keh raha tha...aapki gaadi ko jo bhi damage hua hai...I WILL MAKE sure it gets paid...ab plz jhagda khatam keejiye...

VIKRAM stares at his friend wondering what was wrong with him! While priya's mom flashes a victorious smile...and ram makes her note down his personal number and asks them to call to tell the price...he indicates vikram to get into the car and apologising again he to hurries back into the car...and asks the driver to start...the car zooms away while priya too insists her mom to let her drive as she was getting late...

Inside the car u see vikram remains quiet...and ram just looks out of the window smiling and wondering what was happening to him...( Mr. RAM KAPOOR isi ko kehte hain love at first sight)...the male version of the title track plays in the background as ram TRIES TO FIGURE OUT HIS NEWLY DEVELOPED FEELINGS... 

VIKRAM steals glances at his friend...surprised that he wasn't noticing that he was angry with him!...AFTER A WHILE the car comes to a halt and the two get walk upto the temple...its then that ram realises that all through the journey vikram was unusually quiet...he stops and looks at him...vikram comes to a halt too and frowns at his friend in disapproval!...

RAM flashes a cute smile and asks--ABB KYA HUA VIKRAM...KYUN ROOTHI hui biwi ki tarah chal raha hai...

VIKRAM turns to him and says--ROOTHI HUI biwi? Main? WAH! Wahan sadak par us ajnabee ki side lekar tunney maafi maangi aur iss dost ka saath nahin diya!...ROothna toh wajib hai...RAM chuckles and replies--tu bhi na vikram...choti si baat par naraz ho raha hai...

THE TWO WALK TOWARDS the main altar of the temple as ram says--maana ki woh maa thodi khadoos thi par woh ladki toh kitni masoom si thi...ek alag si baat thi uski aakho mein...RAM TURNS to look at vikram and rees his friend looking at him in utter shock! AND he wondered what was wrong with him...people come to welcome them and ram walks ahead with them while Vikram stands back...stunned yet elated..

.ALL THESE YEARS HE HAD BEEN DYING TO SEE THAT ON HIS friend's face...and At last...there it was in his eyes!...VIKRAM COULD SEE that the woman they met on the road...had found a path into his Friend's heart...AND NOW IT WAS UPTO HIM...TO BRING HER IN HIS LIFE...
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Nice one. PL continue
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Posted: 2011-06-03T05:50:16Z
Glad u lyk it dear wil try to updt tomorow :)
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wow Ashima... ur too good yaarClap its too cuteEmbarrassed  just hope this happens in the nextWink epi.. w8ing 4 ur update.. really eager 2 knw priya's part of feelingsDay Dreaming do update soonTongue
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Posted: 2011-06-03T08:54:05Z
Hey Ashima, that was cool update.Clap
Itni jaldi cupid strikes ?Wink
Nice to keep weekend going, please continue.
And 'Roothi hui biwi ki tarah' ha ha,,,,,,, have we heard this somewhere before ?
Liked the mention tho' missing the duo.Cry
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Hi achumen glad u lyk the update next one asap hope u enjoy and wow u remember it and yes how much we miss him if only he could understand!
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Posted: 2011-06-03T22:02:22Z
Hi anamika wow glad u lyk it dear next part asap hope u keep enjoying :D
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