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Dear Friends,
Many of you know me so I will not introduce myself anymore.  Those who do not will get to know me eventuallyTongue.  I had high hopes about the serial after seeing the promo I really hoped Maayi was going to do something different but to be very frank got very upset after seeing the first two episode, so much so to take my revenge I started writing my own version.  Infact I was writing a story on Partition for the forum I run with my friends http://alliswell.express-forum.net and I stopped writing that I started writing this, something which I never did in the past, lekin kya kare Maayi rubs in at the wrong way at timesAngry  Nevertheless here is the first part...do let me know how you feel about it
Chapter 1



Shushila rubbed her glasses before she put them on, patting her hair in place she took a deep breath'


Now ladies as I told you during my last meeting we have amongst us my friend Shushila'Shushila Choudhury, please hear what she has to say, her friend Shobha announced to the assembled ladies of the "Ladies Round Table Club"  on hearing her name Shushila got up, pulling her cotton dupatta over her bosom nicely, she walked up to the podium, giving a nervous smile, Shushila scanned the sheet in her hand and then started speaking'after initial stammering she got her confidence'.the flow became smooth


Hello'the other day I met Shobha when I had walked in her boutique for a donation'donation towards setting up of a schools with the children of the various chawls in Mumbai, I know I know there are many NGO's working amongst these chawls but my daughter's mission is a bit different.  Shushila carried on with her appeal, answered various questions, a girl from the NGO handed over pamphlets'.Once through she gave a sigh of satisfaction, not too bad, she thought, sitting down on the chair after a couple of hours, she smiled gratefully to the girl who handed over a glass of water, taking a long sip she remembered two months back when Priya had come dejected from a donation campaign, saying people promise but not give, instead they are more interested in some other things, Shushila decided to do something for her daughter.  After a successful career in the IT industry, inspired after reading a book, Priya decided to do something for the society.  Chucking her booming career, she and couple of her like minded friends, got into setting up this NGO, 2 years back, they did not have any problems setting up of one school, they were corporate people, knew the bosses who handed over good donations but they ran into severe fund crunch as the big recession hit USA from where most of their funds came, things were not also good in Europe either and big MNCs decided to go slow donating on social issues'.


You know what Ma, Priya had said, Indians only know how to make money, donating it is not on their agenda, sab rakhenge, for their good for nothing children, grandchildren but they don't realize a fraction of what they earn will make this earth a better place to live'..


Beta calm down calm down, in a country like ours there are many people who make donations, look at Narayan Murthi, Azim Premji'.her father Deepak had commented'.


Papa they are too big and they have their own charities, yes they are doing good work but our focus is elsewhere and in a country like India a few more like them will do us some good but then they are too big for people like us to approach'.Priya had replied dejectedly'.it was one of those rare days their vivacious daughter Priya was feeling down'


Beta I will collect money for you'.Shushila got up, don't worry, I have a plan in my head'.


Plan? You Ma? 


Shushila glanced out towards high end mall visible from her drawing room window'..


Yes beta, now that you have grown up, taking care of yourselves and even Chhoti Ayesha does not need me, your father has retired, he for a change can look after the house while I go begging'


Begging?  Both the father and daughter exclaimed'.


Then Shushila narrated her plan, a nice little note from Priya with some printed pamphlets she will go into that Mall, going around in the shops and rich looking people'.I believe every drop is needed to make an ocean, I am sure kuch na kuch ho jayega'.


Priya was skeptical but her father agreed promptly, yes yes do go out, see the outside world for yourself, atleast I will have the house to myself for sometime'.


Ha ha'now stay in the house and see what it is to manage it, pura din nikal jayega answering the calling bell, courier, milkman this that'


Ha ha theek hai jhel lenge sabko as long as it is not you, first kuch collect karke toh dikhao'.


Priya laughed seeing them fighting..Ok why not, lets give it a try'


It was not easy, Shushila was shy, hesitant and got frightened if anyone frowned or glared at her'but it is in this mall she met Shobha, who was observing Shushila for a fortnight during her rounds to the boutique, she came forward to ask her in detail promising to help her if she found her facts to be true and substantial.  Shobha was also actively involved in various bodies and in this ' Ladies Round Table Club' she was the secretary.  It is glorified rich ladies club but then we do help various people, you know just to lighten our sins, Shobha had told her winking'during our next meeting come and make an appeal lets see what we can do for you'.


Shushila had returned home elated, for the first time she could make a break through, so much so even her husband Deepak was also impressed, she was nervous when Deepak whispered into her ear, remember you were Miss Bhubaneswar'..Shushila had blushed like a young girl, Deepak kis jamane ki baath kar rahe ho'Deepak had winked, to me you are the only one for I have not looked at any other'.her suit was carefully chosen, a khadi suit, fashionable but not over the top, last evening Ayesha her younger daughter took her to the parlour to have her hair dyed, in the morning her daughters helped her to get dressed'.


Shushila'Shushila Mishra a lady peered at her '.


Shushila wiped her mouth putting down the glass'..the face was very known but somehow she could not place it'..


Shushila Mishra Miss Bhubaneswar?


Shushila looked flustered, embarrassed too as after so many years somebody has recognized her but she just couldn't place the lady'err it was a long time ago..she stammered instead'.


Hmmm mai Deepa hu, Deepa Tuli, your first runner-up'.


Deepa tu, Shushila shrieked '..


Shushila after so long'.they clasped each other's hands'.




Priya inspected the articles made by the children as they were being tagged'her plan is to make the schools self reliant, alongwith studies they made various junk jewelries, small gift items etc etc which they sold through various stores in the city'.infact it was not sufficient 'had to pay out commissions to the stores which sold their products so Priya was also thinking buying their own store'


Priya scanned her mobile, there was no missed call, sms was too much to expect from her mom, as it is she was not too adept to it, must be very excited to type in the message itself'.




Shushila wished she was carrying a bigger purse, well the ladies did hand over some money mainly under coaxing of Deepa, everyone tried to please Deepa for Shushila felt she would not have been so successful if it had not been for Deepa, her arch rival in the competition way back so many years ago but then somehow today things were different Shushila looked gratefully as Deepa handed over another bundle from a lady'.


Deepa can we have coffee together if you are not too busy'.lets catch up with each other'.


Yes yes Shushila infact I was going to make this offer lekin tumne mera muh ki baath chhin li'.




Ayesha looked at her father, Deepak was trying to read a book sitting on the rocking chair but Ayesha knew he was staring at the clock beyond, with his ears alert he was waiting for the calling bell to ring'even after 35 years of marriage these two can be very silly at times'most of the time trying their best not to look concerned but then actually things were very different'.


Papa, you have not sent my clothes to the pressman, what will I wear tomorrow'


Oh nehi bheja, oh sorry beta bhul gaya'.areh din bhar bell bajta rehta but not one of them is of use, he grumbled getting up'.


Let it be Papa, I will go down since I have returned, tomorrow we have the dress rehearsal, I will just ensure the pressman does the costume properly in front of me'.


Deepak smiled'.well staying at home was proving to be difficult, so many small small things to be taken care, how Shushila managed he wondered'.


Just then the bell rang, Deepak leaped from his chair to open the door'.


Tu? As he saw his elder daughter Priya standing in front of him'.


Ma is back? Priya tried to look past him'


Not yet'.Deepak replied'.


Not yet'Priya's face darkened..she is not picking up her phone either'..


Well must be inside her purse somewhere from where she cannot hear'or does not find...and she does not know how to scan at her miss calls'.Ayesha replied'


Beta she is your mother and not used to mobile shomible these are not meant for us'.


Papa she was Miss Bhubaneshwar, she had achieved something which very few women achieved during those times'.aaj toh at the drop of the hat there is a contest but way back then'Ayesha cribbed, her mother at times was very irresponsible


Deepak Deepak why is the front door open, you know the watchman is on leave and you should be very careful these days, Shushila entered beaming'.


Ma'what the heck'where have you been'.Priya exclaimed


Gheee Mom you look as cat got the cream!  Ayesha remarked


Holding her head high Shushila entered with long steps'.Deepak get me a glass of water she went and sat on the sofa raising her legs on the centre table'.


At your service Madam, Deepak replied mockingly then turning to Ayesha he commented now I know from where you have got the acting bug'.


The girls giggled, chalo Ma, enough of dramabaazi, tell us what happened'.



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Nice going Tiny(what ur name pl?) in fact its bang and hitting you st away with crisp narration and dialogues. carry on and update soon.
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Holy Cow...Tin...itni jaldi...LOL
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Wow Jayati,a different start of FFThumbs Up
 U pointed certain important & intersting facts about today's rich world & that to in such a simple way.
I loved the hubby-wife catfight between Priya's mom & dadLOL
I liked Priya's mom or should i say i am impressed with herThumbs Up.It really require lots of courage to stand distributing pamphlets when u know all most all will be thown without giving a glance,but still she took that chance.
About Priya,i will wait for the next chapter as i believe this was just an intro,which gives her impression as happy,level-headed & family loving person.But better understanding of her character will be thru next chapters.
Now,i can look forward to this FF everytime i visit this forumSmile
Lots of loveHug
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  papa and mama...so cute.
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Thanks Smile
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ur FFs are back Dancing ... it will be wondrful as usual Big smileBig smileBig smile...
waiting for it to progress Big smileBig smileBig smile

continue ASAP Smile

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 Formatting grrr

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