The Last South Indian Movie you Watched... !!!(Page 7)

Posted: 2011-07-18T18:25:24Z
Deivathirumagal, going to the review thread.Embarrassed
Posted: 2011-07-19T17:10:00Z
i saw:

Vaanam: very nice attemt, defenetly something new in tamil cinemaThumbs Up. Simbu & Prakash Raj was rocking, while Anushka had an interesting role - but she needs to look at her lip sync...

Avan Ivan: great characters and great acing by everyone, but story is missing - but defenitly a must watchThumbs Up

: Hari...really ?? Angry songs are watchable, but no logic,...
Posted: 2011-07-19T17:37:23Z


The Birthday Girl needs no Introduction, since she has had many introduction throughout her journey on  

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I didnt notice that...Geek, but the transgender/ thirunangai - Anushka's sister is it her from Ipadikku Rose (Vijay TV?)
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Posted: 2011-07-28T17:31:39Z
I enjoyed Engayum Kathal.  It is light hearted movie although there were some stupid slapsticks which were over rated.
Music was excellent.
Posted: 2011-07-29T18:40:39Z
Saw a gorgeous foto of Freida Pinot today, with some bum looking hero.
Mujhe chun sakti thee na?
Once again she has put India on the world map today, releasing her latest movie "Rise of/from the planet of apes." Caryn darling, are you coming for late night show? We can do a margarita after that.
Slumdog millionaire star, already engaged, sorry jagdu. Kani got replaced?
Posted: 2011-07-31T22:25:39Z

" Kate Middleton gives birth to a baby girl; Royal family welcomes a new member "

" Justin Trudeau becomes the new Prime Minister of Canada "

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Posted: 2011-07-31T22:34:28Z
Recently I watched Aadu Puli and Ilaighan...
Ilaighan - good movie but they drag the storyline and  too long...
Aadu Puli - same storyline but I love most  the songs in that movie...

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