BALH 31st May 2011 Written Update

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Bade aache Lagte Hai
Yeh dharatee ye nadiyaa ye rainaa aur

Hello BALH-ians i am Natasha your Written Updater from Tue to ThuEmbarrassed

BALH 31st May 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya coming back home and is sad to saw her mom and sis partying
OuchHer mom is welcoming guests and saying that thanks for coming in short notice my ayesha has come in first 20 and judge was so impressed with Ayesha and soon there will b 2 beauties in our room one me and the other is AyeshaAngry  Priya goes to Ayesha who is busy taking with her friends she give her flowers and chocolates Ayesha thanks her and then her friends call her and she ask priya to bring cold drink for her

Priya in kitchen remember what her boss says Flashback was shown where her boss is saying that your class was started late today she say sorry i was actually got stuck in family emergency he say this private coaching classes here student pays 1000 for class yours salary will detect she say OK you can i can afford this but i cant afford that i cant go in my sister contest. Scean shifted to Ayesha who is taking about some business tycoon with her friends and saying that he was really impressed on of her friend ask what's your future plan she say nothing just get settled with some business man her friend ask what about modeling she say i dont want to be model every model become actor and then they marry some business man but i believe in shortcut so i will direct marry her friend say but how can you marry before you sister she is 33 ayesha say yes right but the way she is moving i dont think that something will happen i guess i have to marry first then find a man for him. Priya is listning all this.

On other hand Vikram is saying to Ram tell me who is wrong and who is right you have given ishika everything just like a father if today his and her future is save this is because of you but what you get in return Ram say there is nothing like this Love relation is more pure then blood relations Vikram say i agree but love relations are not only in one side. Family is not that whom we think is ours Family is that who think that we are theirsClapClap When i went home my lil 6 year child love me alot not because that i daily give her new factory or fulfill her wishes only cuz she is mine. You have lost your whole life cuz of them you always send them in vacations but they never make you part in vacations,today they have alot of memories but you are not part of that. Those people are lucky who have their own and some people are so unlucky that they spend their whole life without their own but you are alone with your family also but you will not understand right now but when you will have someone your own then you will understand what i am saying

Priya father comes in kitchen and say you didn't got marry cuz you want your family to settled and in this when your marriage age goes you never realized she say father you again started with your favorite topic he say today again you missed your class for ayesha she say no i just got late he say i know everything you always do something for your family she say i didn't done anything extra,special for anyone He say you are 33 now you should get marry she say i am agree whom you will say i will get marry but there should b someone who agree to marry me in this age why you worry for me everyone is here for me he say today everyone is here but what about tomorrow they all with move to their life thats why i want you to marry

Priya mom is finding camera and singing songLOL priya father ask what happen she say i will show you ayesha photos he say you are very happy she say yes my daughter is so success he say priya is double MA in literature but you never happy that time but today you younger daughter has just cross the third round of beauty context and your celebrating she say you cant understand ayesha will b super model what i am seeing you cant see that He say no one can compere with education that is she say your education can just give job which will not satisfy our dreams. Priya is listneing all this then she say i know priya teach 18 hours but what will she get only 25000 or 40000 but ayesha will bring 80000 He say i dont understand why you always bring money she say yes cuz in Mumbai without money even leave doesn't move there is so many problems in our life but when ayesha will b super model this life will b easy i can see my dreams fulfill in her success and then they saw priya who has tears in her eyesOuch Priya say close the door father your voice are coming outside and she leave her father run behind her and say u feel bad she say no whatever mother has said is right

Then they show ram who is sad vikram comes and say you are getting emotional your sister is not going anywhere she is joining office from tomorrow she will meet you dialy (shahdi k aagley din se officeConfused) Ishika comes ram meets her and someone say that now ishika is married now we should make ram marry Ram mom say you talk him i am just tired saying him again and again Ram change the topic and start business talk with vikram and take him awayLOL His mom say we all want ram to marry we have tried alot but every time we fail

Ishika tell her mom that karnal uncle has call he is very serious in his daughter and Ram relation she say dont say anything to him we directly indirectly tell them that we are not interested and i will not make Ram to marryAngry and you know ram history when he was 20 he was busy in business and when he was 30 i never make him marry and today when he is 40 he himself dont want to marry ishika say but why have you done like this she say cuz of you all  if Ram get marry so he will go away from us

Vikram wife is introduced and he has 3 children (yeh to bara taiz nikla) He will his family and Ram in some hotel and he is teaching Ram the value of marriage and his children is disturbing herLOL Ram is all laughing He take his children outside where one of his child push one lady in swimming poolROFL Ram say so you are saying me to do marriage he say it doesn't happen daily you know ram this is all fun when my fight with me i say what happen to her and when my children do this type of things so i feel that they don't become gangster in future but still its fun if someone give me whole world money and say to give this life but i will not and you will understand this when you will have this type of stupid family. He then ask Ram for dinner and he agrees they he say in his heart that i will make you meet one girl hope something magic happen and you get your life partner who make you smile always

Episode Ends

Priya is sitting in restaurant and Ram is also there

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thank u so so so much for the Excellent well writing update dearClap

waiting for the restEmbarrassed

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Posted: 2011-05-31T13:38:23Z
Thanks for the update, I am so glad to see Ram back in a new show.
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Thanks for the update
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Posted: 2011-05-31T13:58:24Z
thanks for the update..nice work
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Posted: 2011-05-31T14:15:18Z
Thanks for the update i think i wll skip it today
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Posted: 2011-05-31T15:16:53Z
Thanks for the great update... Sad that both Ram & Priya are treated this way by their families...
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