!!"Milestone Reached in One Year: A Scrapbook"!!

Posted: 9 years ago

SaaVanians & BHPHians,


The day is finally here as we have complete ONE year of Baat Hamari Pakki Hai.
On May 31st, 2010, our hearts and minds
were conquered by the whole cast and crew
of BHPH. Some of us saw the show from Day 1 whereas some (like me) started a bit later. But does that really matter? No!!! What matters is that we all are here today to rejoice and make this day a very special memory.


I know that the show didn't last this long but
that is not the only thing we are celebrating here tonight. We have gathered here because
we all have come so far in this journey
and have reached a milestone.
In this one year, we have been with each other in this forum through highs and lows, friendship and enmity
(that sounds too harshLOL).
So that is what we are celebrating tonight:
Having been through this journey
amongst others.

So keeping that thought in mind, I have something for you guys.
Alright! Alright! I know you guys can't wait
to find out, right? Well, don't be too excited!
It's just another mix of mine.
It's a celebration of SaaVan and not only them, but their family and friends. It's a celebration
of the whole cast and crew of the show.
Watch it and you'll know Wink


I know you guys enjoyed that a lot!LOL

Well, since that was to re-kindle your
memories about our dear show where everyone
was always dancing and singing, here comes
something to re-kindle your memories
from this forum.

First Siggy

Was created by Pratsy.

First Fan Fiction
Written by scent_flower

First Video Mix
Created by Babydoll

First Discussion of the Week

First Game of the Week

First Bittu of the Week

First Newsletter

First Chat Thread

First Monthly Discussion

First Caption Contest

First Appreciation Thread

First Member "Hate" Post:

Alright folks, it's time to hand this over to
you and let you share your excitement and thoughts! But before I do just that, I have to ask you for a favor! Please refer to the next post for more on this Wink

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Posted: 9 years ago
 The favor is that please put on your
creative hats and get started on this:

Write ideas for Season 2 of BHPH. If the show was to be made again, what would you like to see? Please write your thoughts below:
Outlines, Character Sketch, Ideas, and/or One-Shot.

Don't get it? Well then, here's an example for you.
This was written by Ankita.


So much so that I forgot that we were standing in the middle of the road

Then she shouted I need to get to the police station now

I was brought back to real life and looked at her and shouted at top of my voice what

The girl replied I need to get to police station fast, I have seen a murder being done

I looked at her all wet and beautiful , what the hell was she talking about such a lonely road ,stormy night and she in whole white what if she was a ghost

I made a move to touch he to see if she was real

I caught her hand and a shock went through me

She looked at me and smashed her bag on my face

What do you think you are doing you pervert?

And then she started running away , I was too shocked but just in time caught her hand again

She again started hitting me and shouting leave me you pervert

I am not a pervert I just was making sure that you were not a ghost

I'll take you to police station

She stopped at that and looked at me and smiled

And I swear by all things I hold sacred that was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen

I led the way to car and opened it for her

She sat down

I started the car

Btw my name is Shravan , Shravan Jaiswal whats yours

My name is Sanchi .

I repeated my name under my breadth and smiled at the wind shield

Sitting beside her so close was making me so nervous .

She looked at me and said we need to get to the nearest town and notify the police of the murder

Are you sure you have actually seen a murder being happened

Yeah I saw 3 people stabbing one man in the old abandoned ruins near here

As soon as I saw that I took off but I think they saw me and may be following us in the car right behind us


I looked at the rear view mirror and could see a black car following us andgaining rapidly

I immediately increased my speed and looked at her

Couldn't you have told me earlier

You never asked

But it was your duty

A sharp curve came and I quickly turned and then moved into a smaller bylane

Where are we going she asked me

I am getting out of the way of those goons or else they'll make a mince meat of us


Suddenly my car started making weird noises

And then it stopped

I tried to restart it I wouldn't

What happened she asked a little panicky


After all the efforts when the car didn't start I got out of the car

She came out too

Aren't you going to try and mend it she asked me over the roar of thunder

I looked at her and asked her "do I look like a mechanic

So what are we supposed to do

I liked that she said we

I replied we are going to find our way out of this jungle to a police station and then report the murder

She looked at me strangely

Then smiled again ' oh my god why did she have to smile it made me want to kiss her full on the mouth

We started walking through the jungle abandoning the car, it never occurred to me that it was my dad's favourite car which I had taken without permission .i just walked along helping her travel in the jungle

I always wanted to be in an adventure I told her

I just walked out of my house today looking for one you know and look now I am embroiled in a murder mystery .

She looked at me asked is this all fun to you , someone died you know

I know I know but still its different from the boring mundane life I lead .

What kind of boring life do you lead , where do you stay haven't seen you earlier

I live in ----------------- with my family the jaiswal jwellers

I was intiated into the family business just about  months back and now my family is behind me to get married but I don't want to

I told her all this in one breadth

She looked at me a trifle sadly and said you are lucky

Me lucky why I didn't get to see the murder you had the honours I joked

She looked at me with those eyes again and said , you are lucky because you have  a family and I lost my family when I was five.

The sadness in her eyes made my heart clench

By that time we had reached some kind of civilization I felt a trifle sad as we would have to part ways soon .

Oh pani puriii

What, don't you like pani puri  she asked me shyly

I laughed at her enthusiasm for something as small as pani puri , how can you think of pani puri when you have just seen a murder

I can think of pani puri as long as I am alive even on my death


now get it? Yes? Okay. Great!!!

Then what are you all waiting for? I am done here and

it's time for you to enjoy this thread and write your heart out here.


Banners and Siggys: Niru273

Dancing & Singing Mix Suggestion: atikna

Inaugrations Idea: sunaina02

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Posted: 9 years ago

Sig courtesy Sara.

Ek saal gujar gaya
Ek pal ek saal hai aap ke bina.
Har lamha intezar hai aap ke bina
Aap dono hamesha kushi se jiyo apni zindhagi.
Hamare poora vishwas  hai aap dono ki
Har prayathna mein kamiyabhi milen.
Kuch beeti pal, kuch khubsurthi yaadein
Bas ithna kaafi hai hamare liye.
Sada baat pakki hai hamare dil mein
 Par kaise jiyenge hum sab aap ke bina? 
An year passed,an annals of memories
Cherished and savoured, enjoyed and treasured.
Saavan as one, Saachi and Shravan as two
Diverse in character,but united as one.
Treated and enthraled, entertained and regaled
Danced and swayed,cried and laughed
Liked and hated, adored and enarmoured
Puppets we were,dancing to your moves.
A chemistry redifined,an history made.
A dream still lived daily by us.
Jai ho Saavan! Jai ho AB!


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Posted: 9 years ago
Reserved...!!! I will edit my post later...!Embarrassed
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Posted: 9 years ago
Okay - 1 year.  Let me be honest.  When the show first started I wasn't that into it.  Shravan seemed to be typical bratty rich guy and Saachi desi doormat supreme.

What caught my eye was the contract and the night they ran away from home and meet in the mandir by chance.  There was something there. I still wasn't a regular viewer yet.  The wedding was over the top and full of fluff and still didn't whet my appetite for the show until the 25 lac clause.  I think after that point, the undercurrents of passion and tension between the two were a treat.  The comedy, as we all know, was stellar.  By the honeymoon, I was watching the serial daily, during all of the show times.

I have never really been so enamoured by a character as much as I have by Shravan Jaiswal.  He was just so loveably naughty with the right mix of good hearted arrogance.  And Saachi was the correct match for him.  She was his responsible conscience and he was her 'joie de vivre'.  SaaVan and BHPH forever (well, at least on youtube!).
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Posted: 9 years ago
This is how I envision BHPH 2.  It's a rough kind of idea.

Saachi and Shravan played by AB.  Without them, there is no BHPH.

Shravan is in a family that is middle class.  He is still in a joint family, with one older brother and bhabi.  There is Dadi and Pappa.  I loved the Jaiswal's and couldn't imagine any show without them.  Shravan works in an advertising company with his best friend, Bunty.

Bunty is engaged to be married to Shreya.  Shreya's best friend is Saachi.  They also work in advertising at a Shravan and Bunty's competitor.  Saachi is not from a joint family situation.  She has her parents and an older unmarried brother.  Her brother is protective of her and they share a sweet relationship.  Her dad would love her to settle down, but her mom reminds her dad that she also worked for quite a while and raised a family and home.

Shravan and Saachi meet through Shreya and Bunty. SaaVan are friendly in the beginning and get friendlier as the days go by.  That is until Shravan and Saachi have to go pitch ideas to the same client.  They try to win the job and an intense competition develops between the two.  The client for some reason (I don't know yet, it's just an outline people!) wants that the project/campaign be shared and Saachi and Shravan should head up the project.

Now, they are trying to outdo each other trying to get the upper hand and be the "one in charge", one is not going to succumb to another's ideas.  They are working long hours together, going to client engagements together and showing up at Bunty and Shreya's functions.  So passion at work for the job/campaign starts to seep into their personal lives as they realize that together they form a pretty dynamic duo.

Of course, after they realize that they are in love and get married - the show can focus on how Saachi adapts to a joint family and the trials and tribulations of a modern Indian working couple.
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[Content Removed]
Posted: 9 years ago
31st May 2018
The sun has just risen giving an orange glow to the eastern sky . Chirping of birds could be heard on the trees.
Activities had started  in the kitchen of Jaiswal mansion  as tinkling of cups and saucers and aroma of fresh tea suggested .
Shravan Jaisawal was standing in front of the garlanded photograph with his hands folded.
"Sachi , tumhe itna jaldi kyun jana tha , mujhe akela chhodke "
"Papa, main hoon na aap ke pas"
" yes sweetheart , to to hai lekin tujhe kuchch nahin pata"
Shravan again turned towards the photographed and kept on staring at it .
SHravan lifted the seven-year old girl and brought her near the photograph.
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