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I am new to this forum. Lately I have been following this serial and must say I got to see a good crossover between twilight and Vampire diaries in an 'Indi' version. It is taking an interesting turn now I should say. And defiantly it's quite different from Ekta's "saas bahu" serials.

I used to be an avid fan of her serials like "Kasam Se" and all. But somehow in-between   I feel the plots takes too much of twists and turns that I stop watching them altogether for a while. I hope to watch this one regularly and I have begun to read some very good vampire stories on this forum. I need to comment on them but I haven't actually caught up with the entire chapters. Hoping that you all would also like mine too. Do comment if you would like me to continue.  I may not be regular in my updates like daily definitely try to do an update every week.

Timeless Love

Chapter 1

                Today was a new beginning. Another city new people will this be the place finally she can make a home. It seemed to have worn out by being read over and over. This is all that was left now in her life. She put it aside in the velvet box and with her cup of coffee she moved to lookout at the morning sun from her window. It was beautiful and peaceful but still it made her unsettled was it the place.  

The place wasn't new actually speaking. She had some very good memories and some painful ones related to this city. She never thought in her wildest dream that she would be again back here. It was like completing a cycle. She had left this place with her mother as every person whom they held close to her heart had turned their back on them. And all for what just because her mum fell in love with the wrong person. It was the price she paid and a heavy price too. She was lonely and now dead and gone for over twelve years. Will she ever come across those familiar faces? But there is a face which she would never want to see again in her life. It reminds her of the heart aches, the guilt and brings back the feeling of being abandoned and left with no one. Yes she has come a long way from t hat little girl who looked up in the sky and believed that angels existed among those stars watching out for her. She has moved over cities and places. She has seen life and lived on her terms. Strived hard to reach where she was today with her own merit. But still in the corner of her heart there was an empty space which no one could fill. And she never got close with anyone for the fear of losing them. As all the people she held close to her heart has left her at some point. First her father, mums family, Mother who loved her to death and who fought for her up to the last breath.  Then her guide and mentor the mother superior (whom she addresses as 'mother') at the orphanage. She too just left without even a good bye. Hope this place would help her forget the tragedy that took place three months back and overcome the feeling of guilt though it was no fault of hers.

                Still every morning she opens her eyes and thinks God why'. If she had known that her 'mother' would end up dying as she wanted to fulfill her wish of seeing her graduate. She would have never called 'mother'. She could never forget how excited she was to know that 'mother' would be coming to her graduation ceremony and she was the topper of the college. She wanted to dedicate it to her she had prepared a little speech too for that night. But alas she never came to hear any of it. While the name of Piyashree Jaiswal was called out and she was being applauded the one and only person who stood by her side for twelve long years breathed her last on the way in freaking accident. All she got to see later was a lifeless body who had brought hope to so many children lying in the hospital bed. She had gone into depression for a while that the sisters at the orphanage sisters feared for her. But then again she had a reason to live. A letter left

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AH-mah-zing. LOL I just hope MishKa become friends with her later...this really pulled me in...and left me wanting for more. LOL Plz plz..continue..oh and yeah I suggest separating those paragraphs and adding speech marks..otherwise it will be a bit confusing...Smile

Megha. Smile
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hey..its really nice..:)seems interesting..simple and beautifully written:)do countinue soon..:)
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good start.continue soon.
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Wndrful..do cntinue & add me 2 ur pm list..
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PLease add me 2 ur PM list
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hey its a wonderfull ff... a gr8 idea ... loved it , continue soonHeart
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Chapter 2

The night on the other side of the town at the far end of the forest we can see a well lit mansion. A Victorian style to be precise with a lovely garden. But something about the whole mansion gave a haunted look. For one it was on the out skirts of the city with a lake flowing beside it and the Raichand's who stayed there though they were just six months into this place were so aloof. They had a huge staff to take care of their estate. But they hardly interacted with anyone. And that had the town talking. Also the news that they had come to settle back in India from Europe had the people of the town thinking. They did make an effort to make some friends at the country club. But none the less they were looked with suspicious eyes because the way they splurged money around to do up their house, estate and the people that visited them from abroad. Why a family with so much money has come to live in a place so far away from the lime light of the big cities. To add to their woes was their one and only son Abhay Raichand.

 Yes as the college knows him as the 'Super Khadoos' and was always talked about as the super rich brat. For the past six months he has been only creating havoc in college. He comes to class when he feels like and changed his course twice. Finally from this semester he has decided to go for the Mass media. But the whole college is now betting how long he is going to be there in for it. He had some disagreement with the Principal of the college that ended up getting the Principal itself transferred. The Raichand's were one of the major trustee's of the college by buying out the major shares. In just six months he had created so much of drama. The music clubs were every student was chosen at the beginning of the term he just got himself enrolled for it and wanted to lead the college for recitals. No denying he would play the piano and have the audience spell bound. But the manner of his conduct had every student in the college wary of him. The way every other month his fancy cars changed was a hot topic in college. All in all he was not liked by anyone and he was the most aloof person in college. The professors stayed away because they did not want a repeat incident of what happened to the Principal. It was like he kind of ruled the college. To match with that he had the looks to kill and girls for ever trying to get his attention. But he was never seen with any of the girls from town but rather some foreign girls who came and went. His arrogance was so evident that Kabir and he were always at loggerheads with one another. Misha was the one to pull them apart. But at times Misha wouldn't mind using one of her tricks against him. But it always failed to get the desired result. So she too was kind of frustrated with him.

But tonight something was different. As he rushed home and climbed up the stairs in a jiff without even wishing his mother who was waiting for him at the door way…. Yes his mother Haseena knew something was wrong. She could see a storm build up in her sons eyes. And that meant trouble for them.  Haseena calls out for Abhay's father Chand who was on the other side of the hall.

Haseena: Chand did you see that.

Chand: yes. And giving her a questioning look

Haseena: Don't you get it?

Chand: what?

Just then they hearing the breaking of glasses and they rush up to see a whole cabinet of wine glasses and the mirror on the wall shattered to shreds. Chand and Haseena are shocked to see their son sitting in the middle of the chaos and looking out of the window.

Haseena: What's with you?

Abhay: With an angry look towards his mother and father. As though you all are not aware.

Chand: Aware of what?

Abhay: Please save it dad. I have been seeing you for so many years now and I should have guessed when you decided to come back here it would be for some reason.

Haseena: Stop talking in riddles and you know we change places every now and then so that our identity is not out.

Abhay: Oh really is that the reason for this move...

Chand: Come out with it.

Abhay: Oh so you want to hear it from me Well Today I saw her.

Haseena not getting a cream of the conversation and looking confused between Chand and Abhay. Saw whom?

Abhay: Mom she is back. The same face, eyes except for her hair. She has come back for what…..

Haseena now got it. Turning towards Chand: What is happening here Chand as though we have less problems and who is this girl. Don't tell me she is the one.

Abhay: Oh so you all had an agenda behind coming here. I had to know it. Count me out of your plans. I don't want to be a part of all this s**t crap. I don't care for all that stupid stories you keep feeding me now and then. He just gave a stare that could burn the floor and left form there.

Haseena tried to go behind him and calm him but Chand stopped her.

Chand: Haseena let it be.

Haseena: What do you mean by let it be? I have seen him go through the agony for so many years and now it has reached the limits Chand. And you know him he is like a volcano waiting to erupt. His anger can create havoc.

Chand: I think the time has come. Our wait for centuries has come to an end.

Haseena: No Chand it will not be at the cost of Abhay. I have taken care of him for so long not to just make him some sacrificial lamb to our cause and the clan.

Chand: Stop talking like humans. And you know it. Abhay was never ours. We are only his keepers. He has another purpose and that is his destiny. He is the one and only who has to power to do it. That is why he is the most feared and sought out vampire.

Haseena: No Chand he is not going there if I have say in all this.

Haseena leaves giving Chand a furious look to look out for her son. Meanwhile Chand thinking. You don't know Haseena anything. Abhay was turned into a vampire for that reason. He is the only one who can prevent the clash between the warring clans of supernatural elements if we have to survive. It is a question of our own very existence and now the girl coming in the form of Maithli only proves it that there is no escape from this. I am sorry I will not be by your side for this.

 Here is the second installment.Sorry I haven't PM. I got some spare time today and I wanted to do a brief sketch of the other characters and an insight to the plot. Hope you enjoyed reading .





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