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Chapter 2 ( Wild Goose Chase)
Recap: Max throwing ticket at Piya.
Max- Go Find a evicence of vampire existence. Piya's boss ordered her, and threw the tickets at her.
Piya- Those Gothic creatures who roam in the dark, Gothic , live forever , and never die! Come on! Max it's officall, and well known they don't exist
Max- If your job is valuable to you. Go find one! And, there are some rumours they do exist.
Piya( saracastically) - Haha! This ain't no twilight.! Piya mocked him.
Max- Come on your getting paid, and I don't want to hear any excuses
Piya : Fine! Boss! But if something happens to me ! You are responsible for breakign the news to my family. Please , take care of my funeral ( wiping her fake tears with tissues)
Max: Those tears are not gonna work. I am sure glycerin worked well. And now, go
Piya took the ticket , and leaves tipotoeting on her heels.
Lydia (her secretary) followed her boss.
Lydia: "Madam" What did the big boss tell you?
Piya(heading towards her office, handing her the tickets): We are going to Italy to discover Vampires. Go Pack! We have to leave today/
Lydia(chirping brightly)- Fun! Finally , You believe me.
Piya ( snickering)- Did you give Max Idea (pointing the pen at her)
Lydia nodded.
Piya: You stupid! I am gonna go to some foreign country for some wild goose chase because of you.
Lydia (stumping)- Maybe! I will talk to the big boss my research are fake.
Piya- No you won't. We both will be fired. We will enjoy crusing through Italy, and with that interview we will take care of it. Now go back! We are heading tomorrow to Italy. Puya ordered her sectray.
Lydia was excitied to on a round trip through Europe to boarden her research. 
Madhu opened the door for her.
Madhu(smiling ) Beta! I am glad you are home. I made your favorite food.
Piya: O God ! Kill me Now! Mum what are you planning ?
Madhu : Piya ! Deary! Ase nahi bolete beta. You are my good child nah.  There is a guest , and please go get ready.  He has a fast food franchise around the world. He is rich! (twinkling her eyes)
Piya - O no! Here, comes the emotional blackmail. I am not dumb as Panchi.
Panchi approaching them.
Panchi- Hey! I am not dumb
Madhu- Of course not beta.! You are my good bacha. You are my sweet beautiful bacha.
Misha- More like a hippo beta. She looks like she is about blowup
Panchi- Mum!
Madhu( shut all u both). We have a guest (pointing at them)
Piya fleed her to room from her family madness. Her mother would never terminate matchmaking her. Piya changed in her regular clothes. From tomorrow on! No more Mum, and her arrangement.
 The guy who was supposed to come see her was sitting in the dining room.
MadhuExucse me Beta! (smiling at the guy) (whispering to Piya)
Madhu(gritting her teeth)- What are you wearing?
Piya: Normal clothes! (pointing at them)
Madhu- Normal, this is what u call normal. Where is the sari I laid out for you infront of your closest.
 Piya : Mum! This is not And, I don't need to dress in traditonal. One guy was enough for the day.
Madhu- I forgot about shadhi .com . I will register you today. Mean while, check this guy out.
Madhu forced Piya to sit by the table.
Manmeet introudced her. And, she did the same.
Manmeet- How do you today?
Piya quickly texted her secetary Lydia.  (smiling mischeviously). While waiting for Lydia to arrive, she chatted with Manmeet acting like dumb, and prentending to listen to him.
Lydia showed up quickly on the order of her boss. Piya went ahead, and kissed Lydia on the cheeks.
Madhu nearly fainted. Piya holded Lydia's hand.
Manmeet nearly had a heartattack.
Piya , and Lydia sat beside them.
Piya: Meet my girlfreind!
Manmeet- Girlfreind!  (shocked)
Piya: Yes, I am one proud lesbo. Have any problem . I am sure you will love both of us. Madhu fainted. And, Misha did not try to intervene. Panchi was just dumbfounded, and fannig her fainted mother. Manmeet excused himself for the bathroom, and jumped through the window. Arnav said nothing.
 Later, when Madhu had regained conscious. Arnav assured Piya did this to just get rid of the guy. Madhu left from room assuring Piya she would not give up. As soon as everyone were asleep. Piya packed her suitcase, and her got her passport. She threw her suitcase from her window, and climbed the tree leaving her house. She stayed with Lydia for the night. In the morning, they both took a flight to Italy.
On the flight
 Piya was trying to sleep, but a familiar smell would not let her.
Piya:  Lydia! What's the smell?
Lydia: It's the garlic. We need garlics to protect ourselves from vampires. And, I have a cross for us, and OM for you since you are a hindu.
Piya: EWWW ! Lydia! How did you manage to get those through the customs?(grumbling)
Lydia : I sneaked in (excitidely, and they did not catch me)
Piya: Lydia! You turned out to be dumber than me.
Lydia leaving from the bathroom. On hearing some guys talking about vampires, Lydia got excitied, and decided to inform her boss. But, Piya had already slept. Lydia went back, and took a photo. She was excitied that she had caught a break.
Piya, and Lydia landed in Italy. Their chauffeur took them to their hotel.
Piya picked her mother's phone.
Piya (snorting)- Tell me Mum! What do you want to say. Yes, I am in Italy.
Madhu- Good! Bec I found a perfect guy for you according to your test in Italy on
Piya - O God Mum! No! I am not going
Madhu- Listen nah! Beta! He stays in Rome, and already wants to meet you. And, if you got to see him. I promise to stop matchmaking for you. And, concentrate on Misha.
Misha- Hell No! (shouting on the phone). Babes! Help Me!
Piya- Mum ! Leave Mish alone. And, Fine. Before Misha could talk on the phone, Madhu hung up.
Later to get the mystery guy out of the way, she dressed in traditinoal outfit and left. She informed Lydia she would be back soon.
At the restaurant
Piya decided to intimate Salaam namaste scene. Her mum had said the guy would be wearing black. She spotted the guy.
Piya: Holy Cow! He was hot. (it was sad , she was break his heart. But she had to do it. )
Piya releaxed herself.
She went to introduce herself
Abhay thinking the person she was supposed to meet.
Abhay - Sit Down! Please ! Can I get you something
Piya: Can I have margetta, and get me the finest wine . Make it fast.
Abhay ordered nothing confused why the searcher was ordering drink in the morning. That even a witch.
Piya ordered the drink after drink. And, balbbered not giving a chance for Abhay to talk.
Piya- So my mother sent you nah! Look ! . I am all the package. You ain't worthing nothing. I am a lesbian . Get it ! I have fiance. My days starts out like this. You wanna get married, and then lets. We can go party all night along with my girlfreind. I am sure you will love supporting both ofus. And, my parents already love. Since, my mum already. I am not religious let me clear that. I smoke too. This is so good you will be married to me. I can show you a good time. Maybe we will have crackhead babies. She went to blabber only to end up leaving Abhay to be irritatied.
Abhay left.
Lydia came running in.
Piya (pondering why the hell was her secretary here)-  Boss! Your future fiance called. He said he could not make it today. Why are you drunk in the morning. And, who where you talking too?
Piya - You are lying he is here? Piya was shocked to see there was no one.
Lydia(concernily)- You are too drunk boss. We need to get home.
Piya (drunk no)- I am not drunk. I am completely stable. ( Tell me the how the research going ?trying to stand up, and laughing.
Lydia- I will tell you boss, but right now let's get you to hosptial.
Piya: No! No! You are gonna tell me right now.  I won't leave until you tell me (shouting)
Lydia( trying not cause embrassment)- supporting her boss.
Lydia (whispering)-About her latest her research. Fine! Let's go Piya crashed . And, Lydia took her to the hotel.
The morning(Metting of Abhiya offical)
 Piya woke to a big hangover.
Lydia brought her a hot tea.
Lydia: Boss ! Do you remembering what I told you yesterday. (handing her the tead)
Piya-Thanks Lydia! I feel like a idiot now for getting drunk , and exposing myself to a strange guy. Yeah! You said something about research
Lydia (holding back her laugher)- I found a perfect lead to find vampires for our research.
Piya: This is not some wrong research your are pulling right. Last time, remember where we ended because of your research.
Lydia (chirping brightly)- Nah! Boss! Infact, I saw those people from the airplanes at our hotel. They are almost leaving.
Seeing Lydia enthusiastic plea, Piya decided to give it a try.
Lydia led her to follow some cold trail of the four men at the hotel.
Piya: Are you sure these are the people we are supposed to be following? It's been freaking hour,and we have not had one solid lead.
Lydia: I am confident boss. Let's follow them .
Piya, and Lydia ended up following the gang . When they reached a dark alley, the four guys gang vanished.
Piya : Where are the guys? And , where have u brought us Lydia?
Lydia (Peterfied, clutching to her bag)- Maybe there secret meeting location
Piya : This is what happens when I follow your lead (scowling at her )
Lorenzo the head of the gang leader came, and showed himself.
Lorenzo: You have come the right place my lovies. We are from Mafia, and harmless.
Lydia: (Maffiaa) stumping
Lorenzo touching Piya's face.
Lorenzo: My! My! What beauty we have here. It shall be nice to empower our dull life with such a radiant beauty. She shall enlighten out life . She will become mine mistress
Piya stumped on his feet hard, and he cried in pain. She next punched in his d***,and Lydia with her bags did the same. They ran , other two guys picking at themselves, and running. Finally, they were able to make other 2 lose their trace by  hiding. Suddenly, Piya bumped in to Abhay.
Piya ( the dark Alley can't see much)- And, finally sees Abhay.
Piya- O f**k! You are the guy from that restaurant. Please ! I am sorry for what happened. Please ! Help!
Abhay: Serves right for a such a spoiled, and shamless brat.
Piya: What the hell did you call me? I don't need your help.
Come on Lydia, Piya. Piya draged Lydia before she had the chance to run. Piya stopped to catch a fresh of air, but but the 2 guys had seen them. They were caught.
Guy 1: Missed us sweet hearts!
Piya: Look! I will injure both of you (Lydia hiding behind Piya)
Guy# 2- You same tactic won't work with us. Now where we?
Suddenly ,Abhay came behind .
Abhay: I think you were on the verge of living. The other 2 remebering gang members joined them . (the mafia members)
Lorenzo- Make US ! Lorenzo coming from behind.
Abhay(smirking)- Sure ! Abhay . One guys after another came after Abhay! Abhay's was one blow was enough. And, the four guys laid top of each other bruised nearly to be admittied to hospital.
Piya fainted along with Lydia on what had just happned. Abhay caught Piya before she fell.
Abhay valet joined him , and his freind. He saw the 4 guys, and praised Abhay.
Valet: Your excellecy who are these ladies?
Abhay: None of your concern! Take them to our house. I will take this one, and you take the other one.
Joe: Seem you have taken pity or fancy for a human? Can't figure out. And, you knocked some 4 men out for her. She is def a fancy. (patting his shoulders)
Abhay (hissing)- Shut! up dude! Me taking fancy for a human never . Plus, this one talks to much, and is annoying.
Joe: Fine ! Bro! But she looks pure innocent.
Abhay: Pure innocent( carrying Piya's body), Hell No! When I met her on the restaurant. She mistook for some (some arranged matrimony guy). She got drunk, and would not shut up. Such annoying chatting box (spitting box)
Joe: We shall see when the lady wakes herself off. Now, let's going before police come , and question us. Abhay obeyed Joe's directions.
Valet: Yes! He bowed, and followed his order.
 I will make it more funny next time. Piya, and Abhay will have a tussle. Piya here is lively, and a chatter box. she will annoy abhay a lot. LOL. Hope u like it. After this , Piya is all happy go lucky. .
Anyway, hope u like it. Next time, it's all about our couple.
My other ff will be uploaded tomorrow. Don't ever fall in love, and Paths towards redemption.  Then, i will the new ff, just waiting for responses.Tongue
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Originally posted by mangona

is it complete
not yet piya still had to land in italy, and will end isome troubles. abhay will be irrittiaed just waitLOL
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Will comment in a bit
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awsum i loved it,..,Smilen which new ff r u talking about...
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amazing sweets.
too gud.
luvly part.
plz cnt wid nxt part soon.
luv u
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wah chaterbix funny lovely do continue
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         loooved.. Piya is awesome in this ff.. lol.. she kept talking and talking and talkin.. wud love to  Abhay's expression to that.. awesome update syria..!!! cont soon.. thnx for the update..! 
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