Is The GourmetPot Charcoal Ceramic Grill Good?

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Posted: 2011-05-02T19:05:16Z
Is The GourmetPot Charcoal Ceramic Grill--A Good Fit For You on Summer BBQ?

If you love to grill, you've more than likely seen the GourmetPot Charcoal Ceramic Grill. It's a ceramic barbeque grill which can be used as a bbq grill, smoker and also an outdoor oven. It's so adaptable you'll be able to make anything from hamburgers and steaks and other traditional bbq grill foods to desserts, bread and also pizza. 

Probably the largest distinction is the overall look of the grill. GourmetPot Charcoal Ceramic grill is well, firm and shaped like a big egg. The egg shape appeared to be created (on purpose) to provide the power to help you control and maintain the heat in the bbq grill a lot better than other grills.

The second biggest distinction is the material the grill is made of. Instead of being made with metal, the GourmetPot has thick ceramic walls. Ceramic is noticeably more sturdy in comparison with other materials, which means the GourmetPot will last longer than other grills and smokers, it can be used all year (even with freezing temperatures). It is also less dangerous than other grills, particularly when there are children running around, since the ceramic exterior stays cooler than regular metal barbecue grills plus you always cook with the lid down, so you won't have to be concerned with flare-ups.

Now, the GourmetPot does have a few negatives in comparison with other grills. For instance, it isn't an inexpensive grill. You can expect to spend approximately $559 to get a large Charcoal Ceramic grill. In addition, you have to use lump wood charcoal, which isn't always readily available and is usually a bit more expensive than traditional charcoal briquettes. The GourmetPot also has a smaller grilling surface area when compared with many gas grills, which means you'll want a back-up grill if you're entertaining a number of people.

Having said that, the overall flexibility of the GourmetPot, the ability to grill or smoke as well as the amazing results you get (the GourmetPot is very forgiving, even for newbie cooks) are worthy of the price tag. If you're a barbeque lover and you also do a lot of smoking in addition to grilling you will really enjoy the quality and the results you will get when cooking on the GourmetPot.
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Posted: 2011-05-22T11:20:38Z
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