Behenein 27th April Written Update

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Posted: 13 years ago
Jay is shocked to find Nisha with her wrist slashed. He tries to revive her and finds a letter she wrote to Mihir. Smriti is shocked when she finds out that Nisha loves Mihir.  Jay confronts Mihir. Purva gets offended when Jay blames Mihir for Nisha's condition. She intervenes and reminds everyone that they need to look after Nisha right now. Later, Jay apologises to Mihir for his rudeness. Purva pacifies Jay. Nisha regains consciousness but faints again in a few moments. Aakashi and Shamaldas miss each other. They reminisce about happier moments they shared together. Aakashi trips and Shamal catches her just in time. They share a moment but Aakashi walks away. Nisha regains consciousness. Jay tells her that Purva looked after her all night. She apologises to everyone. Purva insists that she stay with her for a few days.