Why isnt my cake cooking properly?

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Posted: 2011-04-26T02:21:50Z

i was wondering if anyone can help me?

i am new to baking, i have a huge desire to bake, however when i bake any type of cake the outside starts to burn before the middle bit is even cooked Cry. its really frustrating.

can sum1 please tell me what i am doing wrong?

Thank You x
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Posted: 2011-04-26T02:53:46Z
Hey, yeah I know exactly what you mean. It used to happen to me, but then I realised that is because either the gas mark is too high, or you've not put enough baking soda or self-raising flour in the cake mixture.
When there isn't sufficient amount of flour or baking soda, it tends to not rise therefore starts to burn from the top.
However sometimes even if the ingredients are correct, it may be because you over cooked it or as I mentioned before, the heat is too much. But sometimes the cake rises very much and then goes down again as it is being overcooked.. Also make sure the eggs and sugar etc are also at a right amount, as too much can cause the inside of the cake to cook slower.

Hope you understood...and I hope I helped :)

Faiza xx

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Posted: 2011-04-26T04:01:48Z
thank you

that could be it, i dont have a measuring scale i just guess the ingredients. thata properly where i am going wrong..
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Posted: 2011-05-05T19:43:33Z
Its most probably becuz of the wrong oven temperature. Normally u shud keep ur oven between 300 to 350 degrees celsius.
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Posted: 2011-05-10T02:55:40Z
Originally posted by mesmerized

thank you

that could be it, i dont have a measuring scale i just guess the ingredients. thata properly where i am going wrong..

That's exactly what you're doing wrong... guessing the ingredients works pretty well when you're cooking but when you bake, you need to follow the recipe to a T... unless you want to substitute some things with others which is all right :)
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Posted: 2011-05-11T13:25:56Z
That's generally because:
a) The ingredients were not measured properly.
b) They were not mixed properly.
c) The batter wasn't put in evenly.
d) Most importantly, the heating isn't even - since your outside's burning first, I think it is because either you are putting in too much batter, or your mold is too high (a problem when you use those normal rectangular ovens).
Try dividing the batter into two parts and baking them in separate dishes. Ideally, you should leave a few inches space at the top for the batter to rise.
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