Dil Dance Dosti - Episode 1-6

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Posted: 2011-04-23T12:12:43Z

Episode 1-6 Main Points:

  • Kria wants to go to the club
  • When Reyanch bumps into her, and goes staright in she acts like his friend and sneaks in with the girls she is with
  • Reyanch and his group dance, and break some things around
  • Kria and her girlfreinds yell at him
  • His group laghs saying that Kria cant show them how to dance
  • Kria thinks to herself on what to do, because her mom will not allow her to dance
  • Kria makes a small dance move, and the owner has Kria and Ray arrested
  • At the police station Kria is begging the police to let her go because she did nothing wrong
  • Her mom arrives. Kria is scared and wonder if her mom might cancel her Mumbai trip
  • Kria goes home and finds out her mom is comming to Mumbai with her
  • Kria tries to make her mom stay home, but she deosnt listen
  • Kria sees a dance poster. She says she hops her mom does not find out she came to Mumbai to stay close to dance.
  • In the new college at Mumbai, Kria bumps into Neha, who becomes her friends and explains to her about the Dazzlers and Weakling thing
  • Because Kria is a weakling, she is picked on a lot
  • While waiting on the line, Ray comes and skips. She gets mad and then realizes it is the same guy from the club
  • Ray talks to her privatly and explains to her his reputation
  • In the lunchroom, Sharon, the cool happening Dazzler comes and finds Kria in her seat. Sharon yells at her, and tells her to back off
  • Sharon says she will teach Kria a lesson
  • Kria is watching the guys play basketball, when a few girls call her Benji
  • She goes and yells at the and realizes her ipod is missing
  • Ray has found her ipod, but does not know who it is
  • Sharon is telling Ray they must win the footloose nationwide dance compition. he is busy listening to the ipod. Sharon gets mad and they rehearse
  • Kria and Neha are Ipod searching when Kria hears the ipod music from the Reharsal hall. She goes in. Sharon insults her and tells her to leave.
  • Kria pushes her out of her way and takes her ipod.
  • Sharon graps her hand and asks her "what the hell are you doing"
  • Kria says the ipod is hers and she will decisde who gets to listen to it.
  • As she walks away, sharon says "LS ho, LS raho"
  • Kria asks her what this LS crap is. She asks if she know her ABC, and she should get a book if she hasnt. Then, she can happily put a Dazzle sticker in that!
  • Kria walks out, neha follows.
  • Ray is thinking about Kria. She thinks to himself that even though she is a Weakling, their is something about her
  • At home, Kria tells her mom everything. Her mom convinces her that everything will be fine. Kria goes to school with a new attitude the next day.
  • While walking in the halls the next day, someone throughs water in Kria's face. A few Dazzlers start to give "we are ready" signals.
  • Kria walks into class and asks why everyone is dressed weird
  • Sharon says its funny costume day. They make her dress as a mummy, and everyone else gets back into normal attire. Ray comes in looking confused
  • Teacher comes in, yells at Kria for such prank
  • Kria runs out. Ray follows, but teacher stops him
  • She runs into the reharsal hall and starts talking to Gautham Prasads pciture about how sad she is. She cries.
  • Sharons friends come in and tell her that Sharon is Gauthams daughter
  • The next day, when walking, kids though bunch of tissue paper at her. Ray helps her.
  • Ray realizes that this may turn to be a prob for Kria and he goes. Ray's friend says something to make Kria thing that is was Ray's idea to mess with her.
  • He tries to stop Kria and apoligize, but Rays friend will not let him.
  • Neha buys tickets to dance audition for her and Kria. When they get their, a weakling goes to wish Sharon luck, and Sharon insults him. Kria see's all this. Episode ended with her face.


*Sorry for any missed info, and spelling errors.

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thanks!!!! Smile
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