ff: vampire knights ch 13(page 23)

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abhy:a pure blood vampire who belongs to a royal family of vampires n he is leading a group of vampires to protect human race from bad vampires.

pia:a sweet kind heart rich girl.
kabir:a good vampire bt of his on mind who totaly dislike vampires.cz he was a human n bited by a bad vampire n his family got killed by that bad vampire when he was 10. n kabir is adopted by pia's father.n arnab knows his truth
chand:king of vampires. he is father of abhy.
haseena:mother of abhy
arnab:pia's father.n a principal of mount collage in which human n vampires both get educated without revealing the truth of vampires.
T:a rich spoil arrogant vampire. n she in abhy's group n is secretly in lv with abhy
rohi:an ediot girl who belives in lv n w8ing for her Mr.right to come n hold her into his arms
angat:rohi twin brother with nut head
panchi:she is a vampire working for abhy
mesha:a girl who belongs to a middle class family.n she is pia's bstfrnd
shaury:a member of abhy's group. n a fun lvng vampire.n girls r jst crazzy abt him
shankar:a vampire who is so selfcentered n a helping hand of abhy
vampire hunter: a humman who has athourity to kill vampires who attack humans
i'll introduce remaing characters with time. if like it press like button n do cmnts.only then i m gona write it further...
         ch :1
scene (pia in jungle of dehradon at midnight)
pia:i m such an ediot.i should take care of my things. DAMN! i lost it. dad is right i m so irresponssible.
     she was finding her necklace who belongs to her mother who died whn she was 4
she dont have her memories
     jst this necklace...
her eyes caught sight of her mother necklace,lying near a tree
a sigh of relief...
 pia: Ahh... there it is
she went there
       picked it up
turned back
      her eyes filled with fear
jst like a nightmare
never saw those red eyes before
blood dripping from mouth
    she felt her heart beat stopped
muffled cry
helpless pia
   she tried to control herself
 only she can save herself in this drab place no one was there  to help her
vampire approched her
 she bend down and picked up a stick from ground
n hit on his head so she'll get a time to run away
 bt it didnt effect him much
she tried to run
bt he didnt let her
he attacked her with his sharp nails
it scratched her arm badly
she call out for help
he tried to attack again
bt smone grab his hand
that man put his hand on the forehead of that vampire
n something strange happend to him
his eyes popped
body stretched
he fades away
in wind like sand
 pia was astounded
her life saver gave his hand to her before she give her hand to him
a voice came from behind
      a familier voice ''PIA''
she looked back it was kabir
n whn she turnd around to thank her life saver
    he was gone
left pia thinking abt him
    scene( pia is on bed,arnab n kabir r standing near)
arnab:r u ok??
pia:ya dady i m f9 (smiling)
kabir:i told u not to go there that place is for those damn bloody suckers
pia:ok.now dont get angry.v hv to go collage tomorrow n i dont wana get late on our 1st day.gudnite u both should go now
kabir:whtever (angrily)
arnab:ok my sweet pie
      scene(kabir is standing next to mirror, shirtless ShockedShockedShockedShocked  his shirt was in his hand)
he was staring at his shirt
 these blood spots
blood of pia
i cant belive her blood lusts me
i m losing control over myself
 how i m gona control myself?????
i have to save her from myself
  scene(pia is lying on her bed thinking abt that stranger)
thousands of Qs aroused in her mind
who was he??
was he a vampire??
y he didnt stop??
y did he left without saying anything??
wht m i doing??
y m i thinking abt him??
pia jst stop thinking abt him.tomorrow u'll have to deal with a bunch of blood suckers...
(she smiled n turned off the lights)
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guys dont b kanjos n rly

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Nice introduction and plz update soon.
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thanx kisi ek na to rly kia Smile 
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woah i loved it pls do pm me when you update ...i mean its a new concept i loves it
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I loved the reference to vampire knight manga / anime ; i think kaname & abhay are alike purebloods :) :) & soon piya wil b a pureblood too Smile Smilebtw i hate zero who is crazy vamp in vkEdited by aubreykarew - 2011-04-23T07:35:09Z
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ya i also lv it bt i like kaneme atitude. bt i m not gona make pia pure blood vamp n i like zero more SmileSmile
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nice chapter HeartSmile
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