Enternal Flames Abhiya FF New Updated pg 40(Page 27)

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eyternal yearning Inject me sweetly coming soon in hour

 coming soonn editing in . i a microsoft. i have a8hrsjetlagsopleasebepatientwithme
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 love u syria
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Eternal Flame Chapt 9

After the concert was over, Piya thanked all the artist that flew with busy tours, and had come here. Some of them were they clients, and Aliyah had to pay buck to each one of them to come. Piya announcing on the mikes, and crowds cheering . 

Piya: Thanks girlies for coming here! The rooms are ready, and please follow Bahadhur.  He will lead you the way to your room.  Farah suddenly came from behind. 

Farah: The surprise is not done yet. The other surprise is going to be tomorrow. Piya , here has an angel voice, and is a fantastic singer. She is singing for us at the dance opening competition tomorrow. So, Ladies, and Gentleman! Please applaud, and wish our hostess a good luck. 

The world crowd burst in cheers, and applause. Some requested Piya to sing, but she declined. And, Farah promised them she would sing tomorrow. Piya signed on that, but hit Farah lightly on the shoulders,

Piya(fuming with anger)-  Who told you do this? Mum?

Farah(smiling mischievously, and giving a thumbs to Misha)-   Misha! She saw you sing secretly few days ago. (whispering) And, besides Da! Will sure love it

Piya(Flushed with embracement)- How do you know? 

Farah- Do u think I am some Malibu Barbie? Come on it's obvious (furrowing her eyebrows)

Piya (pushed Farah outside)- Don't tell anyone.

Farah- Are you kidding? Why I would I say anything. Besides, it's so adorable . Lonely moon night, and secret meeting.  (Farah chuckling)

Misha(annoyed)- What are you both talking about? And , Are you trying to steal my new BFF?

Piya - We are just talking about some girly stuff, and since you are not interested. Any way , Let's bounce.

Farah, and Misha followed her instructions. Ruhi was busy sampling with  designers perfumes, and ordering the designers new clothes.

Misha (teasing Ruhi)- Piya! Don't give this duffus a lot of clothes . Look! She is already robbing you.

Piya(hit her shoulders)- Shut up Mish

Ruhi(feeling bad)- Piya! Am I taking too much? They are just so cute. And, you are so rich. I am sure you can buy more, and sister is a fashonista I am sure she wills send more.

Piya(smiling)- Of course , I don't mind. I think my closest looks more like a store. I am fine. And, Farah why don't u take some, and you too Mish.

Misha( raising both of her hands)- O hell no! No thanks! I am turning my self in a self , obessed bimbo.

Piya- You are implying that we are bimbos. (pointing to them)

Misha- Farah, here is smart. She has both. And, our gangs might not like each other, but she has often helped me cheat in exams. And, you my dear. Come on, You are from Princeton University, and our topper right now. Only Ruhi is a bimbo.

Ruhi(feeling hurt)- Hey! Not Fair!

Farah (putting her arms around Ruhi shoulders)- Don't listen to Misha. You are just perfect the way you are. And, You have such excellent fashion. Could help me rob all the designer purses, and remaining clothes Piya has bought for us. Piya, I am robbing your whole house, so Don't tell your sis it was me. 

Piya- No! I won't (laughing lightly)

Misha- Speaking of Dear sissy, When is she coming? My fat sissy is flying over the house she is going to be here in a month. She is coming here early.

Piya- She will be here soon. And when she comes, she will make an entry .

When Farah heard it, She was shocked. It felt someone had punched her stomach. Piya did not her sis was a one of the most powerful witch. Farah had no problem her against her sis, but Maya did. John had a history with Aaliyah. O God! What was going to happen when the whole bomb shell would drop. She shook the thought out of her mind. She would deal with it when the time came. And, What would Alliyah do when she found out that her dear little sissy was dating her enemy? Alliyah did not hate Abhay, but she only hoped the sour war between Maya would not interfere relationship between Abhay, and Piya. She had finally seen Abhay happy in such a long time. His first love had betrayed him. 

Farah accumulated her thoughts, and distracted herself with the clothes. Most clothes had been already taken by the Mount College girls . They had swarmed it like a flock of geese. But, Piya's being so darn rich had more. Damn! Farah! Thought. Aliyah sure did love her sis so much that she did not mind spoiling her. And, Piya was polar opposite of a rich heiress. She was kind, and not an inch of Maithali. Abhay was right. They both were different.  Thank! God! The bitch had been locked in a coffin for good she thought. Farah grabbed all the clothes, before she ran out.

Farah, Misha, Piya, and Misha were sleeping one room. 

Ruhi (spoke first)-  Wow! Piya! You room is like from a fairy tale. You have a such a big tv. Your make up . OMG! You have everything. Thanks , Piya for all the clothes, and make up. I will try to make my room the same way. Piya! You are so lucky to be so rich. 

Piya - Thanks Ruhi! And, your welcome.   Ruhi further explored every inch of her room. The huge closest, bathroom, tv, her shoes, and bags. Ruhi felt sleepy, and crashed in Piya's bed. Misha, Piya, and Farah gathered around the room, and changed in to their pjs. Watching Ruhi they laughed. Ruhi was busy snoring. They laid out the sleeping bags on the floor. Piya's phone rang. And, it was her sis.

Farah: Who is it?

Piya- It's my sis.

Misha(grabbed the phone forcefully)- Your Excellency, Please come to Dehradhun fast , my sissy here worships you here.

Aliyah- If you give it Piya, You might have a chance to meet to Piya (laughing).

Misha- Yes! Madam!

Piya (on the phone)- Hello! Thanks for the awesome slumber arrangement. Mum told me.

Aliyah- Come on! I can do that much for my little sissy. Anyway, I am here to tell you some good news. I hope you are eager to see me soon

Piya( excited like a little child) - You mean your coming here , India.

Farah was just worried.

Aliyah- No Deary! I am gonna be in Greece in for few days. And, I bought a small villa in Athens. So'''''.

Piya (baffled)- So'.! You brought another property. Congrats! Sis

Aliyah- Piya !Listen! Thanks., I bought it few days ago, and renovated it. It's near the coast, and it came with a huge yacht. So, my work will be finished in few hours And, I am gonna relax. Besides, I will be able to work ,and travel at the same with the all new technologies. And, I invited all your friends. All are coming.  And, bring all your friends. Panchi, Misha, Farah, and ur new B.f.

Piya- Didi! No one knows. Come on dude !

Aliyah- I am sure Misha will keep her mouth shut, and Panchi will too. Come on ! You don't want to meet your big sissy. And, no mum is not coming. She knows.

Piya- Ok Didi , Anywhere benny and u are there. I will be there! How many people I can bring? When is it?

Aliyah- Your break that is coming up soon. It will be 1 weeks all of us. And, you can bring as much people you want. The Jet is in Mumbai. Call Hal!ok!

Piya- Thanks Dhi! Finally, your are taking time in a such a long time. Maybe a week , it's enough for me. I will surely do that. Love u sis. Thanks! And, I am so excited to see you Benny, Rosa, and the whole gang. Btw , Is Matt still making a move on you?

Aliyah(embrassed)- Sush! No! He is like my brother. And, I am sure Ben will rejoice seeing you with him.

Piya- Benny ! He has only called me once , since we came here. ! Don't name that jerk. Anyway, what about Jack?

Aliyah- Thank God! Your ex Bf Jack is not gonna come. He is injured at some hospital.

Piya- Jack is hurt. O poor baby! I am gonna call him

Aliyah- O NO! Madam! I think it would be better if you waited for a while

Piya- Ok! Bye, My frens here will surely kill for me . If keep them waiting.

Aliyah- Bye! 

Piya hung of the phone. 

Farah: Your sis is coming ? Inquiring curiously

Piya- No! Farah sighed in relief

Piya (twinkling her eyes, and excited)- Actually, she invited us to for a week in the Mediterranean. 

Misha( looking confused)- Where in Mediterranean? 

Piya-  Greece! Silly! Anyway, she said I could invite anybody I could want. It's for a week. And, we are getting a week break soon. So, I thought You, Farah, Panchi, Ruhi, are all going to go. It's gonna be fun. Aliyah bought a house near the coast. We can go scuba diving, and will be spending time in a private yacht. 

Misha - Babes! I love you! Thank, you! Are you kidding , All you have to do is ask? Love you for that. Finally, I can go overseas, and my conguz mum and dad will have nothing to say. Piya! Can I kiss you on the lips for giving me such a good news. One week with out parents = No more lectures, and Misha don't do this , don't do that. I don't mind fat birdie coming with me.

Piya- Ewww! Mish! No thank you for the kiss! So what say Farah?

Farah- Of course Piya! I am gonna come . I always wanted to see you sis. 
(hugging her . She was concerned about Abhay that's why she had said Yes). Can I bring Dhruv? (twinkling her eyes)

Piya- Of course you can. And, I am gonna go . Piya's phone beeped . It was Abhay

(Meet Me outside)

Piya excused herself. And, Farah sprayed some sleeping dust on Misha. Revealing Abhay, and Piya relationship was too risky she knew. 

Piya searched for Abhay outside the garden. Abhay sneaked behind her, and blindfolded her with his hands. 

Piya- Abhay! 

Abhay- How did you know it was me?

Piya: I always do, and it's my intuition that just knows.

Abhay: Piya! I have to ask you a question (looking irritated)

Piya 's (mouth gasped)- Farah told you right. Farah is so getting this. She began to walk away. Abhay grabbed her, pinned her against the wall. 

Abhay: Piya! Tell me the truth? Am I your first love? And, who is Jack? How many guys you have dated? Piya, I care about you a lot. You make me complete. To me your my first, and last. Piya, Please don't play games with me. You are tormenting me.

Piya could see the pain in Abhay's eyes. Piya was fun was turned in to sour. She felt guilty now. 

Piya(cupped Abhay's Face)- Listen to me Abhay! Jack might have been my ex, or there might have been guys in my life in the past, but they never ranked above you. You enlighten me Abhay. Other guy, I was never serious about them. Even If, I did go out with some guys, they have never meant to me so much as much you have. You are my first Love Abhay Raichand. And, Jack was just a guy who I went out with for a month. It felt awkward. Whenever I did, I always felt something missing in our relationship, and they were never Mr. Perfect. You are my Mr. Perfect. From the moment we have met, I feel there is something in our relationship Abhay that us binded us, and I feel everything I wanted in a relationship I think all my wished have been fulfilled.Abhay there is a force which I can't explain like a magnet which just pulls me towards you. And, my love for you has grown so much, I don't think I can live with out you. You are my life, my soulmate, my other half, and my addiction.I am ready to die you for Abhay. I am sorry , I played around today. (with tears in her eyes)

Abhay wiped the tears by kissing it, and before she could speak could further he stopped her by putting his hands around her lips. He hugged her tightly, and slowly inched her face towards his. And, kissed her hungrily with desires, and passion. 

Later, Abhay, and Piya cuddled together in a blanket looking at the stars. 

Piya (lying on Abhay's chest)- Abhay! I have to ask you something. I am concerned , and I want you to come . I am just confused

Abhay ( with concern got up)- What is it Piya? Is there something wrong? What ails you my love?

Piya- It's just that my sis wants to meet you. 

Abhay(oh shit) he thought. Aliyah did not hate him. But, what would be her reaction when she would know it was Abhay who  was the man her sister loved. How would she handle it? Would he create rift between them. Abhay ( mind was swirling around with questions. 

Piya ( seeing Abhay lost) - Abhay!It's ok. If you don't want to come.You can meet her some another time. I have to go. I promised her, but I will miss you a lot.

Abhay decided to take the risk of meeting her sister. All he hoped was Maya would not show up, and what about his truth ? Who he was ? Would Piya accept him. He decided not to think about it, and live in the moment

Abhay- No Piya How can I decline such a generous invitation?

Piya( twinkling her eyes)- So, you will go? Yes! !!!! And, I have a surprise for you tomorrow. At the dance opening competition. 

Abhay- I forgot you had a slumber party, and you should be spending time with your girlfriends. This what happens Miss. Crowyn when I am with you. The whole just vanishes. Anyway, I have to leave . He said getting up

Piya- Duh! I forgot too. I have Farah, and Misha waiting. The only thing I am concerned Abhay is how are going to keep Misha, and Panchi's mouth shut. My sisters. 

Abhay- Don't worry I will have something figure out. He said winking.

Abhay began to leave towards the gate.

Piya( snorting, staggering her feet)- Mr. Raichand! You are forgetting something. 

Abhay (amused)- I was kidding. How can I forget not kiss you good bye my love? He quickly planted a hard kiss on her lips, and left. Piya heats were all red, and but one thing from yesterday that she still had been lingering on Piya's mind on  was How on Earth Abhay had saved her? She had thought about it at all from all the distractions, and Abhay. She decided to put it off for a while, and mind more clues to build her theory. And, just enjoy life. 

At Secret Location

A black cloaked messenger came behind. 

Megha, and Maya had been watching Abhay, and Piya. 

The messenger - Mistress! They both were cuddling, and talking about some trip to Greece. So far what I have heard, Piya's and her gang member are leaving Greek on Sunday of next week. And, Abhay is going with them too.

Maya- The bitch, and her gang sis are going to survive long. We are going too. 

Megha- No Leave it! We need focus, and our powers here. Piya has a spirit guiding her. We need to stay here. Abhay shall be mine, and Piya shall disappear from his life. Just Give me sometime. And, let the sister enjoy their last days. Aliyah is too powerful anyway. I need time to match my powers with hers.Also, we have Abhay's enemies on our side. They agreed to ruin Abhay' life, and spare him . Bec after that bitch Piya dies, He shall be my lover. Maya nodded in agreement.

Maya: Abhay is going to himself break up with Piya. I am make sure of it. Before you even get time. You stay here, I will follow them.

The Raichand Mansion
Abhay entered his mansion humming tunes. He had felt so happy . Megha was sitting in the couch posed, and graceful.

Abhay brust with anger.

Abhay: What the f**k are you doing here? Get out of the house right now.

Megha- Mine! Mine! Is that way to talk to the woman you love? (rising, and touching his cheek)

Abhay- I never loved you. You are the one who is obsessed with me. (snorting)

Megha(hissing)- You only love bitches . This one will betray you like the other one did. Come to me, and admit your defeat. 

Abhay- She is not the same. 

Megha (smirking)- All the best to you then. Let's see how powerful this love is. When I

Abhay grabbed her neck, and pushed her against the wall/

Abhay( snarling his fangs)- You won't do anything to her. Leave her the f**k alone. She has done you any harm. And, if you ever try to pull some ur disgusting trick. You will be dead. I have never killed a woman, but you shall be my first.

Megha (getting up) - Let's see! In time! Good luck ! With her sis! Megha disappeared. Abhay only hoped that nothing dangerous would happen, and the meeting with Piya's sis would go well.

The Next Day at the College.

After a whole excruciating month of college, the whole college was off for a two weeks breaks. Piya felt gitty, and excited. She had a surprise for Abhay. And, today was the dance comp 

At the Dance Competion

The whole college had gathered for the competition between the couples before they went off on their break. P

Piya nervously stood on the back stage, crossing her fingers. 

Farah being the announcer made the announcement. The whole college was gathered up to see what the opening surprise was.  Abhay was sitting in the front row. And, Farah had made sure Abhay was not with Piya, and sitting in the front row. The whole crowd cheered, and the curtains were raised. Piya nervously walked up the stage. This was her surprise for Abhay to put her feeling in a song, and tell him how she felt. 

Abhay just watched her curiously. He had handed a guitar to him, but she had never sang in front of him. 

Piya slowly walked to the stage, and sat on the chair. Rose could not be more prouder, and had tear on her eyes .

Piya: This is for my mum Aliyah, and somebody especial. John, and Dhruv teased Abhay. Abhay was pink red. John hearing Aliyah name stirred. And, felt uneasy. And, quickly shook Aliyah's thought out of his head. Piya sang Taylor Swift song Mine, and her own song she had written.  Later, Abhay, and Piya performed . The whole judges agreed they were the winner with their undeniable chemistry, and the way they dance spoke magnitude of volume.  Abhay Piya won the first Prize. And, Piya later invited John and Maya to the Greece trip.  He politely declined, and Maya was not there. He knew meeting Aliyah would only bring pain (the woman once he loved). Misha could not be happier her management skills had been put the test, and everyone thanked her for a superb management. Abhay pulled Piya aside on the whole hustle, and bustle

Piya: Abhay ! What are you doing? People will see us.

Abhay: I don't give a shit. So , Madam could sing, and did not think it was important to tell her bf of her talent.

Piya (embrassed)-  I am sorry Abhay! I was going, but Farah said it was nice way to show my feeling for you. 

Abhay: You did. Thank you for the most amazing gift. The song you wrote was beautiful, and captivating. And, your voice was like angel descended from heaven .I love you Piya! He pulled her from where she was standing, and kissed her. 

So Who is for Aliyah ? Team John or Alex? Aliyah is the rift between Kabir's gang, and Abhay's. And, Misha will soon be headed for doom. Ben who is in love with Piya is now gonna fall for Misha, and Kabir is also in love with her? Who will Misha choose? And, Piya's ex Jack is a evil vampire lord. Could be teaming up with Maya, and Megha. And, What did Metz' do to betray Abhay? Or did She?Wink. And, what the mystery behind the Piya's dream figure, and who could it be? And , also what did Abhay do anger a werewolf chief? There are many more twist. You will find about each one as we go along. 

Most Impo

What will be the reaction of Aliyah seeing it's Abhay who her sis is dating? What will Megha , and Maya might be planning to break Abhiya, and Does Greece Trip mean end to Abhay's And Piya's relationship end?IS Piya going to Dump Abhay?

i hoped  enjoyed reading this chappy as much I had fun writing itEmbarrassed

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hey is it complete or there is still some more. It sounds interesting so far. So everybody is going to Greece. wow. Hope to have some romantic Abhiya moments there.

oh dont break them up please
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not yet over right?
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Originally posted by renuka1997

not yet over right?

not yet over there is so much moreWink
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