Enternal Flames Abhiya FF New Updated pg 40

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Character Sketch
Abhay: The dark , mysterious, the hot stuff and the most popular guy in college. He is the hot property.

Piya: An orphan born and raised in U.S. She was left by her father ata young age. She was adopted by De Crowyn Family. Although they were not rich before, Piya's sister is the richest person in the world after going through so many struggles. She does not know Arnab Dobriyal is her father. She has a fascination of photography. Currently, resides in U.S.She comes Dehradhun, India for the first time in 10 years as a foreign exchange student.She is heir to the multi billion dollar industries.The wealthiest heiress in the world.

Aaliya De Crowyn-Born and raised in U.S. She and Piya met each other  in orphanage. Her mother was the bread winner of the family. Her mother works with UNICEF program . That's how they came to adapt Piya. She loves Piya as her own sister, and could sacrifice anything for happiness. She wanted Piya to have a bright future, and a prodigy who has made a fortune. The richest woman in the world. She is only 19.

Rose De Crowyn- Loves both her girls to death. 

Panchi- Piya's biological sister

Misha- She is Piya's  besfren in Mount College

Arnav- On his business trip in U.S., he met Sugandh. Married her , but left her.

Madhu- She is mother of Panchi, Misha mother.Knows Arnav Affair, and has forgiven him. 

Kabir- He is Misha's bestfren , and loves her secretly

Ruhi Angad- The most adorable couple of college

T- Mistakens Piya as being a poor girl, only later to repent it

Chandeena- The powerful elder of vampire clan and Abhay's parent

Sid- One who is protective of his family , and falls for Panchi later. 
Ben Anderson- A werewolf Misha's love interest
Alex Anderson- Aaliya's ex's and one of the member of the vampire supreme elder.

Tell me if u like the character sketch or not. I will have chap uploaded my tomorrow. Embarrassed

Here Piya is rich, and is heir to her sister fortunes. Aliyah loves her sister to death.They might be adopted but share one heck of strong bond.Ever since Piya has been a little girl she has been having nightmares, and sees a strange figure in her dreams. She feels connected to Dehradhun when she first see the city's image. She comes to Dehradhun to finds answer to her dreams, and that's where she runs in to Abhay.
Please tell if u like the concept or not. 
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Enternal Flame is a FF that is very dear to me. I love writing this FF. 
Born and raised in U.S, Piya has been seeing a strange figure in her dream. Piya lost her mother at a young age, and her father left abandoned her. Piya comes to Dehradhun because she feels a connection towards it. The town is excited to welcome Piya because now is she is Crowyn one of the richest family in the world whom adopted her when she was little . Her foster sister, and mother love her as her own. Piya is heiress to the mutlibillion empire to her sister fortunes. Piya's sister Aliyah loves her her sister to death.Their mum struggles to give Piya and Aliyah a good life. But Aliyah being a prodigy has emerged as one of the successful business woman at the tender age of 19, and her sister Piya is heiress to most of her fortunes. Piya comes to Dehradhun to seek answers to her quest , and meets Abhay in his gangs. They became frens, and fall in love. But, Abhay later distance himself realizing he is risking his family to be with Piya. Will Piya be able to assure Abhay that they can be together?Abhay feels a strong connection, and feels that he as known her for ages. Will Abhay, and Piya's love e conquer all the enemies that want to get them? Abhay has done something so horrible. Will Piya will able to forgive him for that? Will Piya accept him when she finds out his truth?
Stick around and let's take a new Journey of Abhiya
Here are all the Chappy Updated Index
Chapter 1(It's below)LOL

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

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Chapter 1...
Every since Piya was a child, she had been seeing  a stranger figure in her dream. He would appear , and disappear. 
The Dream(By the Lake)
The stranger Piya dream often came once a month. Every month Piya would see a strange figure who would approach to communicate her subconscious mind. Piya had never told her dreams to anyone besides her family members. She had gone through the world's best therapist , but therapy had never worked. She had stop going to therapy and had decided to seek the answer to her problem by herself. Piya had seen the image of Deheradhun, on her college catalog . Her university was hosting a foreign exchange Program in Saint Mount College,Dehradhun, India. She felt a strange connection to a the city.She had decided she was going to spend a year abroad studying.Her mum, and sis would freak to let her fly away half across the world. Piya felt lucky to have a mum , and a sis who cared so much for her. They never let her feel like a stranger or she was adpoted. They had welcomed her with  open arms, and had taken a orphan like her in. Her sister had already graduated from college, and was a prodigy. She had work day and night with sweats to take her company's where it was at today's height. Aaliyah was like fierce tiger when it came to her. She was very sensitive to about her. If anybody pointed a finger at Piya, she would bring her lioness side to her, and would make sure that person would be punished. She treated her like her little child. 
At the lake(The Dream)
Stranger: So you have told your sis, and mum! you are leaving across half way around the world
Piya: I don't how to. 
Stranger: Tell her slowly, and twist the it a little bit. your sis loves you a lot. She will says yes. Your mother will say yes too, but you will have a difficult time convincing her(your sis). 
Piya laughed: I know! She is like a  lioness trying to protect her cub when it comes to me.
Stranger: She loves you Piya! She is your soul sister. She nearly lost you once in an accident. She cannot bear the thought of losing you, and ur mother too. 
Piya: I am so lucky! Amn't I? After mumma died, I thought I would never find a loving family, and I wanted to belong somewhere. They took me in, and now Aaliyah wants assure I have everything
Stranger: She wants to have everything she did not have growing up. She wants you and  your mother happy.
Piya: Why do you always tend to guide me, and ease me
Stranger; Because Piya we are connected, and the answers you are seeking you will find your answer soon.Slowly, the spirit(the figure disappeared)
Piya jerked off from her sleep. Piya did not know whether to be frightened by the strange figure in her dream or let it come to every once a month.She drank a glass of water. 
The next day ( De Crowyn Mansion, Princeton ,New Jersey)
Piya: Good Morning ! Mum! She walked in hugging her mum
Rose: Good Morning Beta! Have Breakfast!
Piya sat down.
Bulter: Miss Piya! What would like for breakfast today
Piya: U know the drill Samuel
Samuel: The usual Miss . Piya aahhh!! George has memorized your menu. I am going to be right back
Rose: Have you told Aliyah about the exchange program yet?
Piya: Mum ! I don't know how to tell dhi. U know her!
Rose: I know! I will talk to her. 
Aliyah walked in with her suitcase,  as usual her bodyguards, and secretaries, and her managers,.
Aliyah: Good Morning ! Piya and Mum. As soon as Aaliyah she sat down , she began her busy schedule, and her day with her labtop, blackberry, and her android . 
Piya: Dhi! You know the drill no work during Family time
Aliyah: I just have this check if this investment went exactly where it's supposed to go. She signaled her secretaries and her employees to have breakfast with her. 
Piya: When was the last time you went out on date? You are only 19 and your acting like a old lady. Look at Mum! At least in spite of being old , she knows how to relax. 
Rose: Piya! I am only 50,and not that old. There are still young guys who would be willing to go out with this sexy mum.Most, don't even believe I am mum of 2.
Aliyah: Mum not Again ! Anyway you are telling me of dating. How about you missy who keeps on denying every guy who asks you out? U even denied you best fren Ben
Piya: Best fren is something , but I don't feel a connection to them. For some reason, I don't feel a spark there, and my heart does not point them towards them. I feel I have somebody waiting for me dhi
Aliyah: Anyway! Ok! I won't pressure you!
Piya: It's not me who needs dating , and you have not seen Vincent in months. 
Aliyah: Please ! Piya let's not talk about him! I just want to concentrate on other things.
Piya: Same here dhi! And , I know Mr. Right is some where.
Alliyah: Speaking of somewhere Missy! When were you going reveal me of your plan to spend a year abroad in India?
Piya: Dhi! I was going too. Save it! 
Alliyah: One condition you can go. If you go along with Mum, and your a staying in a house instead  a hostel. I already brought a house over there. 
Piya: Thanks Dhi! Piya said excitingly,and giggling like a school girl 
Rose: I am going to India! Yeipee! We are gonna have a gala time
Piya said hesitantly. Where mum meant, meant embarrassment in front of frens.
The butler, and the maids brought their breakfast.After the breakfast was finished, Piya left for her university to sign in the final agreement of the program. Piya loved her lamborgini. She was sure going to miss home and her college. But she could not wait the adventures that lied in India for her.
At the Princeton University

At the Princeton University
Piya parked her Lamborghini in the parking lot.The spring semester of college was over, and now it was time for Piya to start fresh in another college. She was sure going to miss her baby. She loved her  even though she did not want. But, she could not help but love her car. Her sis had said, she would transfer Piya's car by ship. Piya rather had decided to buy a simple, not to showoff car in India. Aliyah had agreed that would be better. Piya went to look for her frens. Her gang Rosa, Britney, Matt, Ben, and Anthony were in cafeteria. Ben came running and swiped his arms around Piya. Piya knew Ben's feeling for her. But, she always loved him as a fren nothing more. They had been fren since they were kids. Ben an aspiring future doc had tagged her along to this university. She sure was grateful to have him in her life. 
Ben- So! You are going whizzing of to some foreign land without informing your best fren. 
Piya: I am sorry, but it came of all so sudden. And it's not some foreign land. My family came from there.
Rose approached, and hugged her.
Rose: You mean your evil, and controlling bitch sister gave you the permission. Praise the lord! Hallelujahs!!! being sarcastic. But, chica you have to allow me to visit. Britney came and agreed for the same thing.
Anthony- She might have evil sis, but the she is one heck of cracking time ticking bomb
Matt- Shut up! She is just protective for lil sis. You know last time Piya was miraculously saved somehow. She went insane, and she loves her sis to death. Matt trying to reason. Everyone knew he a huge thing for her sis
Piya: Thanks Matty! She said giving him kiss on the cheek.
Ben- So ! I have one night to spent with my favorite girl before she dozed to off to 7 seven seas. Let's do one thing. Let's all hangout at my apartment.
Rosa: Is you apartment clean? The last time I checked it looked like circus her hands on her hips.
Anthony grabbed his girlfren (Rosa), and planted a kiss. And , assured all the boys had cleaned the apartment.
Later that day, Piya and her whole ganged hung out. Watching movies, and fighting with each other . Before she left, she gave a bear hug to her frens. She sure was going to miss them. Piya could not anticipate what journey and new adventures lied her ahead.
Thanks guys for the support. Piya here is going to leaving for India in the next chappy. Abhay's intro will happen too. Cant' wait. LOL

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Its lovely..plzzz do continue..:)
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I Liked It Great FF Dear. Please Do Write More.
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really really good plez update and add me to ur om list omg pia is rich thats the first  xxx
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Its really very interesting and continue plz.
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Originally posted by Tahani01

really really good plez update and add me to ur om list omg pia is rich thats the first  xxx
i am tried of being a poor, she is rich here. She is even richer than abhay here. She is like a heir to a fortune
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