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Nice update
Thanx for the PM

Thanks and u r most welcome.Smile
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hey atulya96, u know wat ur writing is so cool, i mean i dat luved it, simple bt cool Clap

Thank u dear. I'm glad u like my writing. It really means a lot. Thanks yet again.Smile
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    Sorry for the late update guys, I had to study for my exams!! But I'm giving a longer than usual update as a compensation.Wink Hope  You all will like it and please press the like button and leave a lot of comments as it inspires me to write more and better. Smile                           
                        Update 8

                "And tell me more about the futuristic vision".
                "Oh that, Well you see that we vampires had originated from a bat. But though we have very sharp eyes they are still as human, so how do we navigate through deep forests in dark nights? Actually we can have a very clear  3D ultrasound image of the area which helps us do that.. That we get from bats ,, You see bats navigate through ultrasonic waves. But there's on addition in me. I can always see what's happening in front of me either by simple vision or the ultrasound as well as another image runs through my mind which shows me near future of anything, anyone I want or of simply the area in front of me if I don't wanna see anything. Aand yes the time of my near future vision can be from 1 sec to 30. its just that near."
                "Wow, my boyfriend's an astrologer."
                "Yesss…. And my astrology saved you from the minivan, the falling branch, the cliff, dear Danish and many times more which even my vampire brain isn't able to remember now."
                 "Don't show off. I am ur girlfriend , Its ur duty dude. Don't boast for showing very less leniency in your duty."
                 "Okay mam".
                 "And yes" said Piya quickly picking up the cloth bag she had brought for Abhay <You see it's not a plastic bag, the author of this story, which means me, is very GREEN.>
                 "You will wear this for party, nd no ifs-buts."
                Abhay took it least bothering to even look into it. Piya would sure leave and then he would go in the party wearing black but then his vampire brain told him that Piya won't leave as the party was due in half an hour. Abhay Raichand broke a cold sweat for the 1st time in 200 years.
                "ohh man" xclaimed Piya even before Abhay looked into future not daring to see the clothes in reality. " I've brought clothes for you but not for me. I'll get late for party even if you go to bring it."
                But Haseena came to her rescue.
                "Hello Piya" she said in her soothing voice. "See I have brought you a dress." she continued extending the bag in her hand to Piya. "I hope you like it."
                 "There's no hope for me to not like it" told Piya. "Thanks Aunty, I was in a great need for this, and aren't you going to the Dobriyal's party.
                "Yes we will, Piya. But after you kids."
                Abhay smiled at Haseena and in the course he totally forgot about the shopping bag. Five minutes later he sensed that something was going to happen which hadn't happened in centuries.

                The whole party(I mean all the college students and the Dobriyals) was staring at Abhay and Piya(because she was with him). Abhay himself was feeling ridiculous in the red satin shirt he was wearing along with darkest blue jeans and jacket.
                 "I told you na Misha, I will make him wear red," Piya said to Misha who was standing nearby.
                 "I too did tell u something!!." grinned Misha.
                 "It was then that Piya really noticed the colour of the dress Haseena had given her-'pitch BLACK'.


                   "Then what are the ways to end him then?" asked Piya. The talk was serious.
                   "Two ways, fire being the first one, though Chand doubts that it would be any more effective. He has heard that he has outlived many fire hazards since then. He has thus developed a suspision that the blaze the castle has made him resistant to fire."
                   "So then???"
                   "Then remains the legendary weapon which obviously is not a myth, but a hard reality."
                   "And by hard reality, you mean???"
                   "Hard reality means it has never been formed. I say formed because the parts of the weapon gets teleported itself to different nooks and corners of the worldas it is said and the starting clue lies in the main head-quarters of the Sinceres as well as the first part and the clues found with it leading to the next one. Yet it is said that once it was used but it caused the destruction of the whole supernatural world except for one werewolf and one vampire who used it together."
                    "Which means??" asked Piya.
                    "It means that if u want to kill someone with this weapon then kill him with one right shot or otherwise every supernatural on earth dies except for the using it and the newly formed clues once again along with the parts will get redistributed around the world.
                    "And if a human uses it??"
                    "He can't use, the human himself will burst if he as much as touches it."
                    "So, what's our plan??"
                    "We will get you translocatd and find the weapon parts or turn you."
                    "And what do you mean by turn... No...Not at all, no turning me till marriage when I'm 25 which means six years from now."
                    "You have so many problems, looks like you want to die."
                    "If I die, I'll ensure that you get the same fate, so that we meet in heaven."
                    "You will have to move Piya, atleast for 3 months."
                    "This sounds better than years."
                    "Thank God you accepted something finally."
                    "But you said Vicky's staying here for years??" questioned Piya.
                    "No, he'll get your lingering scent now, it's sure so, we will be running throughout the world for the weapon parts."
                    "You mean an around the world adventurous, frightening chase with a vampire boyfriend. Sounds really cool!!!"
                    "We are leaving day after tomorrow." told Abhay.
                    "Day after tomorrow!!!" shrieked Piya.
                    "Yes till tomorrow noon think of a fabulous idea so that we can get away for three months."
                    "Now you are talking!."
                    "Yes." winked Abhay.    


                    "Again an assembly! I had better joined a primary school, they do less assemblies than this college," Misha said frustrated.
                    "Yes yaar, has anything been stolen yet again,"agreed Kabir.
                    "What are you saying guys? I love assemblies," said Piya.
                    "I'm not surprised. A girl who can love Abhay can love anything," taunted Kabir.
                    "You must drink some honey before talking to me. You only blurt out poison when you talk about Abhay," said Piya.
                    "Yes Kabir. Abhay's not that bad," agreed Misha.
                    "Yeah, right. How can Abhay be bad? He's Piya's superman afterall!!," said Kabir.

                    "Students," announced the Principal, "I'm very proud to announce that our college has been chosen by the U.N. amongst many of the top colleges in India for a three month trip around the world for sight-seeing and getting aquinted with the most well preserved biosphere reserves for the first year students in every nation..."
                    "Dude," Misha said to Piya, "The college is giving an around the world trip for students. I hope..."
                    "...and thus the two most brilliant students of the first year of our college have been chosen for this trip..."
                    "...gaya mera chance!," exclaimed Misha, "those two students must be you and Abhay, the most brilliant students!!"
                    "...and as most of you are aware that the two most brilliant first year students are Abhay Raichand and Piyashree Jaiswal!!"
                    "I wish I was brilliant enough yaar," sighed Kabir, "but then too kya faayda, I'm in the third year. Damn!!"
                    "Very funny Kabir," Piya said rolling her eyes.


                   "Three months...Abhay...and me!!! Does he think I'm dumb and I won't be able to understand??I'm sure this idea is Abhay's. Mr. Raichand ki pahunch bahut unchi hogi yaar!! Well, I'm not complaining, quite cool plan!!"


                   "Pack up these."
                   "Shut up Abhay, I know that your mom has given me these dresses, jeans and tops to wear and blend in around the world but sorry I'm not really so much interested in black. Tell me something, doesn't your skin burn when you wear black. Haseena aunty wears a new set of clothes almost everyday but it looks like she's wearing the same sweat-soaked clothes. Don't you think I'm gonna wear this crap."
                   "Okay dear, don't get your temper sky-rocketing. I can practically hear the increased pressure of blood in your veins."
                   Piya started packing her clothes as she heard the footsteps of her warden recognising her by the noise of her flip-flops.
                   "Abhay warden..." Piya swivelled around to face Abhay but Abhay was already gone. His vampire senses were faster than Piya's mind.
                   "Piya," reached the warden," The shining star of Mount College! Well, everybody has gone off to sleep but I guess your packing is not finished yet. Take this coffee." She said handing Piya a thermos. But Piya slightly tensed about Abhay did not receive it her best so the thermos made a fall to the floor and a shettering sound inside told that the coffee was not really drinkable now.
                   "I'm so sorry Mam," apologised Piya, "I don't know how I dropped it."
                   "Don't worry Piya," comforted the warden, "That was just a thermos flask and ther's always some space for girls like you Piya and moreover, today you really have a good excuse for not getting a shout from me for this. I'll make some more coffee for you."
                   "No Mam, don't worry about that. You can go to sleep. I'll clean up this mess and make myself some coffee."
                   The warden smiled and went away as Abhay reappeared. "Really nervous, Piya!!" he taunted.
                   Piya stood there for a second and then smiled wickedly, "Now Abhay, aren't you going to help me?"
                   Minutes later Piya was in the kitchen preparing herself a coffee.
                   Suddenly Abhay flashed behind her and knocked on her neck to surprise her. But even to his surprise the chain on her neck broke and flew towards the open gas fire.
                   "Nooo!!!" screamed Piya, "My mom's locket!!"
                   "The locket which flew towards the fire recocheted back by itself almost when a centimeter away from the flame and changed its route towards the basin only to be caught in mid air by Abhay.
                   "Wooh!! That was close!," exclaimed Piya in relief. "Anyways do you have any other powers Abhay, something like tele-kinesis because the locket cannot bounce back by itself in mid air from the gas to the basin. You are still not telling me something!"
                   "Sorry Piya but I don't have anything to tell because I didn't do it. I do have certain powers but I too cannot apply force from a distance. I am a vampire, not a psychic. Did you do it??"
                   "I'm a human Abhay, just a human. I don't have powers even like yours. How am I supposed to do that??"
                   "Good point, Piya!"


That's it for today I'll update the next part soon... Do leave ur comments.Big smile

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great update dear
fab work

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Awesome chap dear liked it :)
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Nice update dear!!! Btw, how were ur exams??
Update soon...
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Awesome update Dear.. Abhay wearing Red..lol.. Loved Abhiya.. So abt d ending part..does piya hav ny power..I mean d locket thing..Abhay said he didnt do it.. So then was it Piya.. Eagerly waiting for d next part.. Carry on..thanx for d pm..lol.
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hey nicw update.I love this pia & Abhay.Pia is cool hahLOL
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