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Character Sketch




An orphan, but a way too intelligent girl. She knows how to live life according to her own whims.

(plays leading character in the story.)




The mysterious college craze. Lives a life in his own nutshell till Piya cracks him open and lets him lives a life in the open air yet again

(plays leading character in the story)




Not at all the average arch-nemesis. He's just a problem till he becomes a threat. An old vampire who is capable of wiping off anyone against him off this earth.

(plays villain in this story, but won't be actually shown till late.)


Panchhi, Misha and Kabeer


Piya's best friends but won't provide much help in the main plot.

(these play recurring characters..(Sorry guys but my story-line won't allow them to fit in as main characters))




An experienced teenager who has lived through centuries but finally leaves his pack of werewolves to join Abhay-Piya in their quest.

(plays supporting main but wont be introduced till late)




An English witch who'll later on become Piya's good friend. She will also tell Abhay-Piya a secret which will change their lives forever.

(plays supporting main but wont be introduced till late)

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Plz continue..lvd d intro..:)add me 2 ur pm list..Edited by honey_bunch - 2011-04-21T10:09:26Z
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thats relly very intresting

plz ud soon

m dieing to read further

plz add me in ur pm list
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nice character sketch!!
do continue soon!!
can u please add me to the pm list?
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"How did you do that Abhay?" Piya asked in disbelief.

                         "What I didn't do anything. The driver hitted the brakes" Abhay answered.

"I'm not stupid Abhay.  I got a 100 in physics. The retardation of the auto wasn't enough to make it stop in such a short distance. You stopped it and the force you applied to stop it was large enough to create a dent in the minivan's bonnet which is surprisingly not humane."

               "Yes you are not stupid. Stopping a guy who has just saved ur life and arguing him in the middle of a highway about his humanity, waiting for an even more major accident is surprisingly not stupid."

              Abhay's advice was instantly taken by Piya who left the two-lane immediately. After a few seconds Piya was off the road but Abhay wasn't. He was gone.




             "I sware Misha. It was Abhay who stopped it."

            "No, don't you start it again Piya. That guy is not some sort of life-saver type. It looks like to me that he can drink somebody's blood , but saving someone's blood. You are screwed Piya."

             T comes in the classroom.

         "Look, a girl who was yet again saved by her superhero 'Abhay-Man'." T laughs with her 'chamchiyaan'. "When will you stop seeking everybody's attention, charity case."

         "This time I agree with T, Piya." interrupted Kabeer. "Abhay's not a superhero, He infact could be a Dracula."

          "Oh really Kabeer. He is at least man enough to make me his girlfriend rather than this charity case." taunted T.

         "You f-ing bimbo. Do not dare say anything bad about Piya." Shouted Misha.

"Leave her, Mish. So anyway guys don't believe me but I'm clear with what I saw."

          "I believe you Piya,,,,ohh...Abhay.. he is so good . What a body he has ,, just like a superhero. I know he can easily stop a van."

         "Thanks Ruhi."



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Continue sooon n plaese please add me to ur pm list
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Nice Intro Dear.. Gr8 Start.. Continue Soon.. Add me 2 ur pm list..lolz.
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T is such a bimbo


cont further
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