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Chapter 21.

          Sid Leaving The Country.

Pia Ran To Her Room. How Could I Fall For A Vampire. Someone Who Is Already Dead. I Thought He Loved Me. But No I was Begin Lied Too.

I Never Want To See Him Again. She Went To Take A Shower. And Changed Her Clothes.

Wearing A White and Red Top. With Black Pants. and Black Heels with Her S Chain. She Went Outside.

Why Should I Leave My Home and College? I Need Answers Siddhant You Will Talk To Me.

She Walked All The College Garden And Saw Sid Coming. They Both Crashed Into Each Other. With Sid Holding On To Her.

Pia Was Very Angry. She Pulled Herself Up. Now What You Say Next Sid?

Sid Very Carefully Took Pia To The Fountain and They Sat Down.

Pia Alright I Will You Everything Do You Want To Know?

Are You a Vampire? Yes Iam.

Will You Ever Hurt Me? No I Wont.

She Is Suprised? Really? Sid Was Getting Mad.

Why Would I Hurt You Pia? I Love You Too Much To Lose You.
He Told Her.

Ok Sid I Belive You. and You Can Trust Me. I Wont Tell Anyone That Your A Vampire. They Hugged Each Other.

Ok So Tell Me About Your Family?
He Became Quite As Soon As Pia Mentioned His Famliy. But He Knew That He Cant Lie To Her Anymore.

Pia You already Met My Brother Abhay. Right?
Yes I Did. His Very Nice And Caring.

Pia Got It. She Got Up Quickly. OMG Your Famliy Is The
Raichands. He Nodded. Bingo. Yes You Got My Love. He Said.

But Too Bad My Famliy Doesnt
Trust Me.

Why Not? Hmm Something Happened And Cant Win Them Over.

Pia Took
His Hand? Don't Worry Siddhant Your Not Alone Anymore Iam With You. I Will Help You Take Back Your

Like I Did With The Dobriyals. and We Are Very Happy. Misha Panchi and

Sid Finally Confessed His Feeling For Her. I Cant Stay Away From You Anymore I Love

They Hugged. I Love To You Too Sid.
Then He Kissed Her On Her Lips.

Pia Felt
Giddy. She Smlied Wow. Ok Thats Was Very Nice Siddhant Raichand.

But I Have To Go Now.
See You Later. She Ran Away Blushing. and Smiling.

He Watched Her Go, Looked At The Moon.
Finally Things Are Looking Up.

Pia You and I Will Always Be Together.

Sid Was Not
Aware Of A Hidden Danger He Must Now Face.

The Vampire Hunter Had Arrivied.
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Because Of The Vampire Hunter Sid Must Leave For England.
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As Promised My Dear Readers Here's The Update. Iam Wrtiting Chapters 22, 23, and 24. Alots Things Will In These Three Chapters.
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Chapter 22.

           The Arrival Of The Vampire Hunter and WereWolves.

It Was A Cold Chilly Day At Mount College. As The Students Prepared For Their Final Exams.

Misha, Ruhi, Kabir Pia, Abhay, And T Were Taking A PreTest.
Which Misha Yelled Out. Oh God Pia Why Are The Teachers Have To Give Us These Boring PreTests. T Laughed, What Happened Misha Didnt Study. Scared You Going To Fail.

Misha Yelled Back, Oh Shut Up Before I Come There And Break Your Nails.

Before Misha and T Were About To Go It. The Teacher Came. and Both Became Quit.

Pia Took Her Test. But Couldnt Stop Blushing. Kabir Noticed. Pia Are Ok?? Your Face Is Red. Yeah Iam Fine Thanks For Asking.

The Test Conti The Hole Day. Then The Bell Rang For Lunch.

Abhay Met Pia Outside. They Introdued Themselves. Abhay Then Told Her To Stay Away From Siddhant. As His Not Good. He Left.

Pia Was Left Wonding What Abhay Meant.

Precap: Pia and Sid Met During Break. Pia Is Feeling Dizzy Cause Of The Heat.
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Chapter 23.

       WereWolves Attack Pia.

Pia Was Wonding What Abhay Meant. When She Felt Dizzy. From The Heat.

She Was About To Faint. The Sid Caught Her. Pia Are You Ok?? Yeah Sid Iam Fine. I Just Need To Drink Water.

No Pia Water Isnt Enough You Need To Rest Too. And He Carefully Picked Her And Took To The Nurse's Office.

The Nurse Told Her To Rest. and Siddhant Sat Down On The Bed Next Her. Hugged Her and Kissed Her Forehead.

Nothing Will Happen To You Pia. I Will Sure Of That. He Then Closed His Eyes And That A WereWolf Will Attack Pia.

He Then Felt Very Angry. His Eyes Turned Blue.
How Dare A Dam WereWolf Even Think Of Trying Pia.

Meri Pia Will Be Safe. He Then Kidnaps Her. and Takes Out Of Mount College.

Only To In More Danger. Cause The WereWolf Was Waiting Make His Move And Kill Pia.

They Got Spotted Then The Wolf Ran Towards Them.

Growling and Yelling. He Attacked Sid and Fell Down. Then So Was About Bite Pia. He Scatched Her.

Siddhant Lost It. And He Lunged At The WereWolf. Attacking Him.

I Dont CARE IF I DIE. Sid Yelled Back. But Pia Is My Life. I Love Her.

You Will Not Harm Her.
Pia Got Up And Saw The WereWolf. She Got Scared. But Soon As She Saw Sid, She Run To Him.

They Faced The Angry Wolf Together.
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Chapter 24.

                  Siddhant Kills The WereWolf.

They Faced The Angry Mad WereWolf Together. Don't Worry Pia I Wont Let This Scum Touch You.

I Will Kill Him. Pia Looked The Creature, He Was Very Big. Had Claws and Sharp Teeth.

But Siddhant Just Look At Him. How Will You Kill Him. I Read That WereWolves Can Vampires.

Yes Pia Thats True. They Can. But I have Got Something That Will Finish Off For Good. He Pulled A Gun. And Loaded Three Silver Bullets In The Gun.

Pia Looked Amazed. Is That? Yes Love You Guessed Right. This Is A Silver Gun. Which I Have UpLoaded Three Silver Thus Ending This WereWolf Story Once And For All.

He Pointed The Gun At The Creature, One Two Three Say Good Night Baby. He Fired All Three Shots. And The Creature Died.

Siddhant Then Hugged His Love Pia Closely.
If Something Were To Happen To Pia I Would Surely Lose It.

Pia Sweety Smiled At Him. Hmm Really?? She Leaned Closely And Wispered Sweet Nothings In His Ears. I Love You Siddhant Very Much. You Are Mine and Iam Yours Forever.

No Precap.

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great...i love it but why did abhay said so?Confused
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Thanks ilove 99. Abhay Hates His Brother Sid. Cause He Tried To Kill Him And Maithali. His Only Warning Pia.
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