Abhiya FF :Bliss of newlyweds 25th june pg 38(Page 28)

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Originally posted by mangona

ok plz update

baby i can't update. u have to be patient with me. it's tuesday, and we are 12 hours behind India. I am from u.s.
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Bliss of Newlyweds Chapter 9

The Tantrum, Man's alone time, and Freedom

Piya rubbed the lotion, and night moisturizer around her hand.  She was wearing a thin night gown. She could not reach her back. Abhay came for behind, and slowly messaged her neck. Piya! It felt so soothing, and relaxing. One touch of Abhay, and she would engulfed of happiness, and raw pure desire that was so strong. 

Piya (teasing Abhay)- Abhay! If you keep on messaging me like this, and every time touch me like this. I am sure going to be shameless, and mind is going to go dizzy, and I don't think I will able to keep my hands from public.

Abhay(amused)- Maybe I should do it more often. That way, instead of being shy whenever I want to romance you, you won't run away.

Piya: Yes! Mr. Raichand ! You are a quite distraction for this girl, and your right she will soon lose her control.  Piya slowly faced up her mind swirling with collect of thoughts that were R Rated. She felt little be perverted ,and shy. Abhay lifted her bridal style smirking, and gently put her on the bed. 

Abhay (pretending to his back to be hurt)- Ouch! You are quite heavy, and I think my whole spinal cord is damaged, and my whole body parts.

Piya (crossing her hands, and snorting at him)- Mr. Abhay Raichand! Are you saying your wife is fat?( pretending to cry)

Abhay(smirking)- Yes! Madam! With that baby ours due soon, I am sure. You are only a weak pregnant . You look like three months already.

Piya(crying) - My husband thinks I am fat. You ass! Blame the hormones, and the fact I am having a tiny version of you

Abhay( closing his ears, pretending not to hear)- Piya! My dear! I love you, and your prefect the way you are . But, love I just can't handle your mood swings sometimes. 

Piya- So your saying your wife is a burden. ! (touching her belly). Listen! My dear half vampire, and half human son. Please! Do not turn be like your father. 

Abhay- Who say we are having son? (sitting besides her)

Piya- No! We are not having a son.

Abhay- No! We are having a little baby girl. She will be spoiled, and daddy little princess (gently patting Piya's tummy, and resting his head Piya's belly)

Piya- No ! We are having a son, Like me. He will be like me.  He will be mini version

Abhay ( getting his head up)- So, You are implying our son will be gay, and a  homo sexual vampire . Who will love babies, pink loving, and  self obessed Malibu Barbie. Eww like his mum. No ! Way! We are having daughter, and it's clear and predicted

Piya (mocking him)- Since, when did you become a astrologer. And, no my son won't be a homo sexual. Don't you dare say anything against my son. And, he will be the most helpful, and well behaved behavior unlike his father who is arrogant,  rude vampire and gentleman. (pointing her fingers to him)

Abhay- No! Way ! I am arrogant, and rude. I saved you Miss. Piya , damsel in distress many time. So! You have give this sexy vampire credit. Look, at all this. I sure there a lot of chicks out there who want to be married to this hot stuff, and I am hot property (checking himself out)

Piya(fuming with anger)- Since, you love yourself, and complaining about your wife so much. You will be sleeping on the couch. And, I am vampires do need some sleep.

Abhay(protested, and shocked)- Love! I was kidding. And, You are my half, and it's just that a lot pregnancy hormone is kicking in, and it's just disheartening sometimes to see you like this. I love you.  Trying to kiss her. Piya hit his hand. 

Piya - Sugar coding me is not work with this time or that puppy dog face. You are gonna be a father soon. You act like 10 year child. I am sure you will love sleeping in the sofa without your Jaan.

Abhay (getting up)- So ! You wanna be that way. We have guest home you know.

Piya( holding back her laughter, and it was fun teasing around Abhay's though)- O ! I thought Vampires were supposed to be smart with 100 year old something. I thought u were aware my dear husband that all the guest room are being renovated, and will be ready tomorrow (acting to think)

Abhay grabbed his pillow, and his black berry. Piya was not Piya anymore. His sweet and innocent berry had transformed in to feisty chilly. He grabbed his pillow went to sleep on the sofa. His phone rang. It was Kabir. He picked it up

Abhay- Hey Bro! So you got kicked out too!!!!

Kabir (nodding)- Yes! Bro! Same here. What happen out your wife. They have become from a honey, and turned in to a Diane

Abhay(laughing)- Same here too! I thought pregnant women were not supposed to be this moody in one week pregnancy.

Kabir- Maybe Bro ! Because we are super naturals.

Abhay- So, What did you get kicked out for?

Kabir- Misha, has gained a little bit of weight. She was trying a outfit tomorrow. I just spited out the truth, and said she looked fat. And, it would be bad to wear it because her belly swollen since our babies are not special breed. She took out a pan from kitchen, and made her loyal bandhers (Angad) bribing him, and Ruhi that I was being a awful husband, and crying.  She had mum, and dad everybody on her side. Dude, me kya koru. Please ! Help Me! I am sure you wife only kicked you out because you did something. Piya! Is too sweet.

Abhay(held his stomach tightly, and laughed lightly trying not to wake Piya up)- Dude! I have a advice, whenever women ask you something . Just! Let them hear what they want. It's just better to put our macho men pride aside, and worship them. Same happened with Piya. 

Kabir ( biting his fingers) - Maybe ! You are right dude. I am gotta go. The Devil has landed near my hiding spot.

Misha coming , and seeing Kabir- Misha screaming Kabir name

 Misha - Kabir- Kabir! Where are you?

Kabir(coming out of his hiding spot)- I am here my rasmalai

Misha- Kabir! Stop ! Calling me rasmalai! (smiling wickedly, she had a plan). I want some ice cream with every flavor

Kabir- It's midnight. I am sure there are other flavors selection you will like from the freezer. Want me to get it.

Misha( sulking)- No! I want ice cream, and some enchiladas right now. 

Kabir- I will tell the chef to make it. 

Misha( putting her leg forth out, and acting like a child)- No! I want a ice cream first, and then I want you to make enchiladas. Your baby is hungry. Kabir drove Misha to the ice - cream station.  The ice- cream was about be closed for the night. But, Kabir rushed to it, and requested to give his pregnant wife some ice - cream. The owner dipped all the flavor in the cone, and handed it to him.

Kabir handed the ice cream to Misha. Misha ate the ice cream ,and licked every part of it.  Kabir starred in a horror. 

Misha (done with her ice cream)- I am lucky ! Have  such a nice hubby. Love you pupu ! And,  your son too. Now, You have enchiladas to make. Let's go. I want some enchiladas. (twinkling her eyes)

Kabir (skeptically)- Sure ! You are lucky, and Yes Madam! 

Later , when they try to make enchiladas. He watched you tube videos and made it. He tasted it. Misha was already sleeping like lamb. He kissed her forehead, and turned off the light. 

Piya woke up the ray of sunshine. She had to apologize to Abhay she thought. What she had said against him was wrong, and immoral. She should have thrown temper at him. She felt guilty. Quickly taking a shower, she went to wake Abhay up. Abhay heard Piya's footstep, and the morning fragrance. Damn! He did not know if he could pull this trick off, and she was so damn irrestiable in the morning in thought.  

Piya seeing Abhay's sleeping stopped. He looked like a angel to her, and damn he look sexy as always (she thought). She quickly shook all the water out front of it, and make a dash. But, before she could Abhay quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. 

Piya genuinely apologized to Abhay.

Piya- Abhay! I am so sorry for what happened. Abhay puts his hand around her mouth not letting her speak.

Abhay- I am sorry Piya too. I decided to play along with a little bit, and something came out of my mouth which I should never have. I deserved this punishment love, and true I can a be a little bit broody sometimes.

Piya- Abhay! No need to apologize. Besides, I love you sometimes for joking, and acting like a child with me. It's fun (pinching his nose)

Piya inched her lips towards Abhay. But , Haseena was there

Haseena( Errmmmhhh)
Piya flushed with embrassment

Piya- Mum! I was cleaning his shirt. See! Some stains

Haseena (amused)- I am sure Piya! It's a lip stain of yours. Your children romance all you want, but I think it would better some things happened behind close doors. The servants have started to gossip, and it's been the talk of the house among them. 

Piya- Yes! Mum !Nothing will like this ever happen

Haseena- Thank You! Piya! Anyway, Abhay won't be going to the office today. Chand wants him to do shopping for the baby. And, the party tonight will have only your parents, Misha ,Kabir, and our family. If you don't mind because people might question you don't look a week pregnant, but 5 weeks. And, we can't disclose the pregnancy to the public.

Piya, and Abhay nodded in agreement,and went to their room.

Abhay closing the door tightly

Abhay- Mum ! Is right , you know. We need to have a Do Not Disturb Sign!

Piya ( turning red)- No! We don't . You do. A sign saying Guilty of  (stumping) , slowly moving to the bathroom . Mr. Raichand, If you know the answer please join me in the rest room. Abhay locked the door. And, embraced Piya.

At the Mall

Abhiya met Misha, and Kabir at the mall. Misha was a eating out of a huge plate some enchiladas. Piya stared at her blankly, and pulled her aside.

Piya- Why are eating in public Mish? You are eating like a home less person.

Misha- Shush! I am hungry! And, you being preggo with me should know. I don't . I get hungry. My fetus craves a lot of food.

Piya( ok fine)- But, are you gonna be able to hold your self through the shopping . (asking her concernely)

Misha nodded. Through out the shopping, Piya, and Abhay got in to argument . But, they finally settled to buy both gender clothes. Kabir, and Misha agreed finally for a baby boy. And, they both bought boy's clothes. When they were done shopping, Piya, Abhay's and the whole gang hands were full. Abhay escorted Piya out, and carried most of the bag. Under, Piya's insistence, he let her carry one or 2. Piya, Misha, Abhay, and Kabir had bought so much stuff that they had bankrupted the whole store out of supplies. When the lunch hour arrived, Piya, and Misha ate Chinese, Italian,and Mexican. Most of the people stared them wondering why two pregnant women had to have that much dosage of food.

The Party(Later Chappy)

Later Misha, Kabir, Ruhi , Angad, Madhu , and Arnav, and some dear friends of Raichand joined them. The celebration was in full swing. Haseena had decorated the whole mansion. She had not let Piya aid her. She stood up the podium.Misha, and Piya had been concealed on the back, not to let both girls parents suspect what the good news was. They want to surprise them.

Haseena (announcing on the mike): Ladies, and Gentleman! We are here to announce that Mr. and Mrs Dobriyals are all going to be Nana, Nani, and Dada, and Dadi. Please! Congraulte our sons, and daughter. We have too happiness at once. And, Mr. Rathod, and Misses Rathore can join in too. Soon, both of our houses will have a small prince, and princess running around. So! Please congratulate the happy couple, and enjoy the party.

Madhu and Arnav were astonished. Slowly, Piya, and Misha came behind the curtains they were being hidden. Misha, and Madhu asked for her blessing. Madhu, and Arnav could not be happier for their little girls. Madhu kissed both of their foreheads, and congratulated them. Arnav only had tears in his eyes, and finally gathered up the courage to speak to both his daughters. Kabir, and Abhay came from behind.

Arnav- I am so blessed by God to have such wonderful son in laws, and now my baby girls have gave me the happiest news. I am gonna be a grand father.Thank You! Beta! For the News.

Abhay, Piya, Misha, and Kabir thanked Arnav. Madhu gifted them a small bracelets. Madhu handing them bracelet

Madhu (tieing the bracelet)- These bracelets will protect you from all the dangers. You both are heading towards mother hood which is one of the greatest gift , and time in a woman's life.

Misha, and Piya both hugged Madhu. Chand, and Haseena came behind. Madhu, and Arnav congratulated them too. Both the in laws engulfed each other in love. And, all the people at the party came to congratulate them one by one. It was  day full of happiness in Raichand's house.  And, best of all her sis in law (Rumi ) was coming along with her boyfren tomorrow.

Precap , Piya's and Misha's Plan to torture their husbands, more hormones, Abhay, and the guys decide to get together to have a boys night out. To have depressed father to want some piece, and quiet. And , stop listening to nursey rhymes, and talking baby talks. Rumi, and Ben finally. Abhay's goes hystrecial. , and in order to break Rumi, and Ben up Sid, and Abhay will have a bachelor party. And, also Panchi, and Sid story how they will come to adopt a baby boy. sorry, this update is not long as other ones. And, other updates won't be uploaded today.Tomorrow it will be inject me sweetly. Instead of uploading all ff in one day. I will be updating one chappy for each ff. Bec , uploading all ff in one for me is more . confusion. Next one is long, and ur have to hold ur horse and read.. Next one, I will make it so long in such a length it will take a while for you to read. As for inject me sweetly, it will be uploaded by today night or tomorrow. And, also one more thing I am sorry if this chappy is horrible.Cry

It's just that I have so much in mind with my personal life, and it's interfering with my writing. I just need time.Ouch Next one promise will be hilarious with the secret boys night out, and Abhay and Kabir taking time and reading pregnancy books. Abhay will act like a mother, and so will Kabir. And , they will make Piya, and Misha join yoga club, and also pregnancy excercise class which goes wrong. Basically, it will be hillarious

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wow ur doing gr8 wd prego women mood swings  poor kabir and abay troublesome hubby 
wen wil u update ur other ffs esp inject me sweetly ,prophecy,eternal love
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Originally posted by mangona

wow ur doing gr8 wd prego women mood swings  poor kabir and abay troublesome hubby 
wen wil u update ur other ffs esp inject me sweetly ,prophecy,eternal love

plz don't be mad will make it up to u, and people i have not responded to their comments, I will do that too in time.
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Originally posted by syria2014

Originally posted by mangona

wow ur doing gr8 wd prego women mood swings  poor kabir and abay troublesome hubby 
wen wil u update ur other ffs esp inject me sweetly ,prophecy,eternal love

plz don't be mad will make it up to u, and people i have not responded to their comments, I will do that too in time.
thank u syria its jxt that they r so wonderful i jxt want 2 read more more and more 
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hey syria...
nice update...
don't worry...ur doing a fab job...writing so many FF's is a difficult job but u r doing it so well...
abhay n kabir r in great trouble...lol
waiting for ur other FF's...
plz upload them ASAP...
continue soon
take care
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