FF-ishq hua(part 7 page 24)

Posted: 2011-04-16T08:01:08Z
hey guys,
   this is my 3rd FF and first FF in this forum,plzz check it outWink
a very dangerous warewolf who has come to attack and kill piya...he is full of mysteries,powerful and for killing piya he will do acting of loving her,sometimes...rarely gets into human imotions,he has a kind heart too
was a very sweet and innocent girl,but now is a vampire,she is an orphan and loves her family very much who adopted her and is in search of her sisters who she got separated in childhood...and she will come to search them in mount college and will get abhay there,and will fall in love with him
a very sweet and a cute girl,gor separated from her sisters in childhood and now is a detective,she is with sid,he is her best friend,she shares everything with him and is in search of her sisters
an orphan like panchi,is also a detective,panchi is her best friend and now he is happy with her and never wants to loose her,he wants nothing in his life,he got everything,a great friend and a best profession
a college going boy,nice,attractive,flirty,a very good friend,kind hearted,sometimes rude,don't believe in love
she is not the one she looks like,that's it for her,the rest u will get to know aheadTongue
a naughty girl,little tomboyish but still sensitive,kabir is her best friend and she likes him too,good in studies but likes to do all boys kind of things like playing video games,basketball,batminton and most favourite thing to play pranks on others
a guy with attitude,full of confidance ,he thinks he is the best and others r nothing in front of him,he is sometimes sweet,only some times when he is in mood,otherwise,he is total evilEvil Smile..his dad is trustee of mount college and so he is really very proudTongue
so this story is about these main leads,other characters will also come afterwards but these r the main leads...
it's about loving each other beyond the limitsEmbarrassed
Warning-for your safety plzz keep your hand on your heart to prevent heart attack while reading this ff as it is full of crazy things coz i am writing this ffROFLROFLROFL
and after my warning also if u want pm at my every update so plzz let me know,i will add u to my buddy list
thank u for reading this much,i hope u liked it,part one will be up soonWink
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Posted: 2011-04-16T08:06:37Z
Very nice concept and a different introduction. Update soon and plz add me to u'r pm list.
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Posted: 2011-04-16T08:09:42Z
sounds interesting and for once abhay is not a vampire but is a warevolf sound very coo plez add me to ur pm list thanx
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Posted: 2011-04-16T08:46:19Z
a very nice cocept nikki(ur name i guess sry if its not urs)
add me as well
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Posted: 2011-04-16T10:18:44Z
loved the character sketch Wink
sounds interestingLOL
add me too your pm listWink coz i like crazy thingsLOL
update soonSmile
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Posted: 2011-04-16T10:26:48Z
very nyc FF..........plz PM me....
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Posted: 2011-04-16T10:33:36Z
Lukin' eagerly 4wrd 4 ths FF.....!!!! Big smile Edited by SwtHrt2011 - 2011-04-16T10:34:34Z
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Posted: 2011-04-16T10:38:51Z
nice oneThumbs UpThumbs Up

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