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Posted: 2011-04-02T00:46:08Z
Okay, now after writing poems and one shots I've decided to start a FF. Those who have read my Maneet/Taanu FF's know I'm notorious for writing many chapters and then discontinuing the story. LOL Lekin Abhiya is so captivating I think this one will last for a long time-if you all are interested that is.

My FF is inspired from the rock song 'Dil Dil Hai' from SKM. Don't worry, Abhay and Pia are not going to try to murder each other seven times here. ROFL Basically it's a Abhiya love story(no prizes for guessing LOL) with other couples too. Smile

Character Sketch

Mount College is a prestigious academy where you can get in only if you are one of the two 1)Rich 2)Exceptionally talented. The country's finest send their children here to learn how to face the big bad world with intelligence and skill. Which is why Pia is an outcast. True, she is exceptionally talented and intelligent, but she is hardly your typical rich girl. She is an orphan, quiet by nature, friendly, but wary of the world in general. 

Kabir is the college Casanova. The only girl who he views as a friend, and as someone with brains is his best friend Misha. Misha is spunky and is good at giving it back to those who irritate her, but unfortunately, her mortal enemy Shaurya is not one of them. Angad and Ruhi along with the geeky Shankar complete the gang. Sid and Panchi are the college's most popular teachers-and the ones who catch the gang in all their masti. 

And finally Abhay. All girls die on him and all boys want to be like him, but he is just like Pia. Which is why he finds her so intriguing-he'd thought he'd never find anyone like her-literally.

But little does everyone know-except a few of course-that the college is teeming with supernatural creatures. And while so far they have kept their existence a secret, Pia's arrival tends to make all hell break loose in what was just your normal vampire world...

Okay, so far it's not that original but I promise to make you enjoy it as much as you can...

Do comment!! Smile
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Index. Cool

Chapter 1-pg 2
Chapter 2-pg 3
chapter 3-pg 4
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Posted: 2011-04-02T01:01:55Z
Hey tats pretty cool..add me to ur pm list.
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Posted: 2011-04-02T01:03:30Z
hey sketch sounds good so go ahead and write and m lookin forward to it
and whnevr u update send me pm
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Posted: 2011-04-02T01:42:52Z
Sounds cool!!! Hoping for the best to come up with the first part.... All the best!!
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Posted: 2011-04-02T04:01:35Z
Nice Character Sketch.. Carry on.. Add me 2 ur pm list plz..lolz.
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Posted: 2011-04-02T05:42:48Z
good start... please cntinue soon
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Posted: 2011-04-02T08:28:43Z
Awesome start. :D i remember you used to write for PKYEK creativity corner, right? :D add me to the PM list... and, erm, one question, will misha have her own track in this ff? 'coz i'm tired of reading ffs which only revolve around abhiya. :-P
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