Would you watch an RS sequel?

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Would you watch a sequel to Rakt Sambandh?

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Posted: 12 years ago
After the final episode, it has almost a 'Gone w/ the Wind' ending to it that would justify a sequel.  For starters
  • Neeraj & Sandhya were put on a vrath since their wedding, which has yet to be lifted.  In a sequel, it would be worth exposing GB or at least making it okay for them to share their bedroom.
  • Anjali is reformed, but goes to jail.  The family promises to prove to the world that it was an accident.  That would be worthwhile showing in a sequel
  • Anmol went to Pune and also became the MD of one of the Virani companies - it would be nice to see whether he justifies that confidence
  • GB goes back to her sasural, or gets re-married
  • Sandhya gets reconciled w/ Sarita & Purvi as well, while Anjali becomes competant in housework so that all the bahu duties ain't just expected of Sandhya alone
  • Finally, @ various points, let Raj/Purvi, Neerdhya and Anjmol have kids of their own
This is just in Sandhya's family.  If the sequel includes the other sisters, here are some ideas as well
  • Shradhya left the house finally - but I'd hate to see her suffer as a single mom.  Preferably, show her not pregnant, and show her visit either Shreya or Savita.  Have her move back into her father's house, and start a new life from there, including maybe a new guy & marriage
  • Let Shreya have Neerdhya over @ their place, as promised, and show Shreya pregnant
  • Show Sakshi's daycare being successful, and maybe employ Shradhya there
  • DK - since he co-operated, show Sandhya prove to Neeraj that she's not vindictive by bailing him out and giving him the Jagirdar assets that she has.  Let DK lead the family from that point
  • Conclude the serial by getting a re-union of all the Savratkar sisters & their extended families @ the Savratkar house - Jayita, Adisa, Mohreya, Neerdhya, their families & Shradhya.  Maybe make the occasion Shradhya's 2nd wedding.
Only thing about such a sequel - host it on another channel, not Imagine TV
Posted: 12 years ago
Okay, there have been discussions in various places about the end of the serial, including one suggesting petitioning Imagine TV or the production house to produce a sequel.

We've discussed the pros & cons of having a sequel, so I'm not trying to re-hash that here.  What I am interested in is that if a sequel to Rakt Sambandh did surface, would that be something you'd watch?  I listed simple yes- no answers above, but you can qualify that w/ any conditions of your choice, such as
  • Same/different actors
  • Same/different channel
  • Same/different style
  • All sisters/only Sandhya
  • Same story w/ different cast
  • Different story w/ same cast (like KMH2)
  • Same story in another language (allowing for changes in the original script)
  • Other similarities/variations
The idea here is not to petition Imagine TV or anybody to create a sequel, but just to find out whether it's something you'd watch in the first place were it to happen.  Or would you rather just leave it altogether, and instead follow your favorite actor to their next project?

Finally, all the best to the entire cast of Rakt Sambandh - Naman, Sriti, Dhruv, Vishal, Himanshi, Sayantani, Sachin & everyone else Thumbs Up
Posted: 12 years ago
so RS form is not locked yet?Wacko

well, i don't mind watching RS2 but i'm not interested in a petition. it's useless to cry over spilt milkDisapprove 

but... if RS2 is to be made then it would be better to make it with the same star cast but with a different story.  i've seen many serials ending with many questions unanswered so it's already a habit for me to watch things like that... so i don't think i would want a continuation of the story of RS1 though there are open ends & loopholesErmm

as you've listed out many conditions...
well, sriti has to be in it for sureHug i don't mind the rest of the cast changingEvil SmileLOL i'll be following only sriti coz i like her since the Jyoti days. oh god when will she come back in another serial...Unhappy 
but  just like sudha & sandhya were different, i hope her next character would be equally challenging & fun to watch...i mean something different coz now i expect sriti to do different from the othersDay Dreaming this doesn't mean that i hate the other stars of RS...it's just that i love sriti more....she's mindblowing!!!Thumbs Up

if sriti comes back on Imagine then... will i watch her??? 
well, if my love for her is stronger than my anger for the channel then definitely yes otherwise no...time will tellConfused

but the director can also repeat the same star cast of RS & make another serial with a different story & give it a different name. it's not necessary that it has to be a sequel to RS or it should be named RS2...Ermm

btw if RS2 is made as a continuation of RS just like a leap having different star cast then i'm definitely not interestedSleepy

so...my vote goes to Dunno/Can't sayWinkLOLLOL
Edited by vik rocks - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
i think different story but cast should stay same and den i'd defo watch it if they have good tracks. wuld neva leave rakt sambhand!         i wuld du anyfing to get RS back. whats to watch on imagine. oda drams are shit!
Posted: 12 years ago
They have beaten this horse for too long anyway. I would not watch. In large part because the story writers completely lacked focus. Side plots were introduced and never finished, while new side plots got started. 

So I would not watch because I believe the directors are third-rate. I am happy to save my time
Posted: 12 years ago
I would watch it if it was a carry on from the previous storyline (to some extent) and still had the same actors :)
Posted: 12 years ago
hey vrish and others y dnt we seriously petition imagine tv on this  for a different story with same cast Tongue ..... i want  sriti ,dhruv , kavita kapoor and vishal puri ,i dnt care about others LOL ...imagine shows except bavd and kmh2 are doing well at the moment so there can be a slight chance that our request will be taken into account Tongue ...why dnt we try...
Edited by --jas-- - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago

Not Imagine TV.  They've screwed this serial real bad.  Your idea of a different story w/ either Naman or Dhruv as Sriti's partner is not a bad one (but Dhruv is going into movies, so he won't be available for this)  But whatever the case or scenario, I don't want Sriti to remain an 'Imagine child' - I want her to be adopted by another channel, be it Colors, Starplus or whatever.

And I have no FB a/c, and no plans to have one.  I just mentioned it in the other thread so that members who were clamoring for a sequel knew where to go.  Personally, I'm w/ Vik here - if they show a sequel w/ Sriti and others, I may watch, but I'm not campaigning for one, despite my staring this thread and pulling the other one to the top.

As long as this forum ain't locked, I'm open for discussions here LOL
Edited by _Vrish_ - 12 years ago

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