Sheshji's Lakshman or Balrama?

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Posted: 2011-03-28T06:48:34Z
Hey guys! Embarrassed  

So I created this poll becasue I want to know your views on the different avatars of Sheshji, that is as Lakshman and Balrama. Whose life was more exemplary for you? Which one of them do you have more love for? And why? Big smile
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Posted: 2011-03-28T06:53:53Z
There seems to be a problem cos I added Lakshman's name to the poll but it didn't show up and now I can't edit it! Cry
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Posted: 2011-03-28T07:48:50Z
Now since there is no Lakshman; I can't vote. I like Sheshji as Lakshman who always obeyed Ram. Balram like Duryodhan and so I don't like that aspect in him.
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Posted: 2011-03-28T08:40:20Z
Originally posted by Vedo

There seems to be a problem cos I added Lakshman's name to the poll but it didn't show up and now I can't edit it! Cry

can we start another one ??
i like lakshman more but like to go with  "both"
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Posted: 2011-03-28T14:29:12Z
I also like both.
Before, I used to like Lakshman because I did not know much about Balram and the character of Lakshman was always more darling and beloved to me, he was truly the ideal younger brother. But recently I have begun to know more about Balram and I have grown to love and respect him too.
Yes, he did like Duryodhan, but why should that be a wrong thing? Balram was an impartial teacher and he valued skill above all else. He liked the student who had more skill and was more dedicated to his studies, and that was Duryodhan. But because he would never support evil over good, and yet he could never verse his favorite student, he remained neutral in the war. Balram always supported Krishna and even though he was Krishna's elder brother, he respected him like Lakshman respected Ram.
So yeah, I cannot choose.Big smile To me, while Ram and Krishna were different in personalities in their avatars, Balram and Lakshman remained the same. Both were dedicated, served the Lord throughout their life, and always become righteously angry whenever the Lord was insulted by others.
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Posted: 2011-03-28T17:13:45Z
I can not choose. Both were very dedicated to their God.
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Posted: 2011-03-29T04:45:42Z
I like both of them equally. But, i like Lakshmana a shade more, i guess. Probably because he was more disciplined and always supported his elder brother. Balarama was indisciplined and lethargic at times. No offence meant, those are just my views!!!

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Posted: 2011-03-29T08:11:04Z
I respect Balaram, but I love Lakshman! Lakshman is my dearest character in Ramayan, so I am for him! I think his great sacrifice & silent pain for love can't be found in Balaram. It's just my opinion!
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