AbhiyaFF:Love can touch just one time and last for a lifetime FF ENDED

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Hey guys this is Shalini here with a new FF...

...Love Can Touch Just One Time And Last Forever...
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Abhay-the good vampire who hides his passionate nature from all.

Pia:the sweet innocent lady madly in love with abhay.

Alisha:abhay's vampire sister.

Sid:abhay's step brother.a heartless evil vampire.

Zaara:sid's crime partner.

Maithli:a heartless woman who shatters abhay later.

Raen:a normal guy madly in love with pia.

Misha: pia's friend and raen's secret admirer.

Panchi:misha's sister.crazy about sid.

Tess:most arrogant and rude lady of mount college.

Angad and Ruhi: a sweet but foolish couple.

Arnab and Madhu:misha n panchi's mom n dad.

Chaand and Haseena:a vampire couple.

Chapter one.

Pia slowly opened her eyes which were paining badly.She was still in a world of confusion.She was semi conscious.She tried to make out where she was.Her eyes met the same familiar paintings and vase.She moved her face slightly which seemed to be lying on something unusually soft.To her total surprise she found herself lying with someone.Her head was lying on that someone's chest while her hair was spread out on his black vest. Her hand was on his heart and he was holding her shoulder and caressing her forehead softly.She immediately tried to detach herself and find out who he was but thanks to her headache she couldn't do anything.Her body was numb totally.She felt only her eyes were alive.Neither could she move her hand nor could lift her head.But something about his touch and scent told Pia that she knew him the best.She raised her eyes to find a pair of passionate blue eyes staring at her.His flawless face illuminated in the moonlight looked so scared as if you've lost your beloved.She weakly uttered,"Abhay".
A wave of pain hit her and she became semi conscious.
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hi . loved your ff . The chapter one was too small. Next time please make it large......Smile
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Chapter two.

Pia seemed to be roaming in an endless maze. She frantically tried to recall. Yes it finally hit her. She had been accused of carrying chits to the exam hall. Abhay had fought for her. Yes he had tore his paper for her. Sid her boss saved her and asked for dinner. They had been dining in a luxurious hotel. She asked him about true love for Panchi's sake. He held her hand to predict her love life. All had been seeming to go perfect when her darting green eyes fell on Abhay's face which had a look of betrayal. She had immediately jerked her hand back. She saw him leaving.

She had followed him to the woods screaming for him to stop and listen to her once. He did stop but insulted her for being a heartless s**t. She heard him insult her even more. He left angrily and she stood there dumbstruck,crying uncontrollably.

A flashlight hit her. It was Raen. He took her to a party. Both got drunk as she wasn't thinking straight and yes it finally hit her. Raen had hit the car into a tree and it fell on a chunk of rock hanging in between nothingness. After that it was all totally blank.
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Originally posted by Gaya3Devi

<font color="#FF0066">hi . loved your ff . The chapter one was too small. Next time please make it large......Smile</font>

awww i'm so happy that u liked it.thanx.
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Nice Characters n a very Gr8 Start.. 2 updates in a day dat's amazing.. Do continue soon.. n add me 2 ur pm list plz.. Pm me as n when u update d next part..lol..
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i think ur name is shalini..right?do one thing..along with the title include FF..otherwise many may not note tat a new FF is up..when i saw ch2/pg1 i clicked the link..otherwise i wud not hav dropped by..so include that..then make index in the 1st page of ur updates..try to write a little lengthy updates..as v readers r greedy it is not enough if u give just abt 500 to 1000 words..v need 4 to 5 pages minimun in MS word..so work on it n give us a lengthy update..update is good.dont make abhay push pia immediately once she comes back to her senses..wud love some abhiya moments..
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Posted: 2011-03-20T12:01:10Z
Hey Nice one dear..Keep up the great FF..God Bless willbe waiting..awww..you all are so talented & awesome language hold yaar..!! Too good..
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