Who was right, Kumbhakarn or Vibhishan ??

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Who do u think was right in their decision to side with good/bad?

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Vibhishan ji's choice was the right one
Kumbhakarn was right to side with his brother Ravan
i cant decide
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Posted: 2011-03-17T13:13:48Z
Do u all think Vibhishan ji was right to side with Ramji, or Kumbhakarn was right to side with Ravan? Who was wrong and who was right, if any ??Embarrassed
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Posted: 2011-03-17T15:26:23Z
For me I think both were right in their own places...let me explain.

Vibhishanji didn't leave Raavan's side voluntarily, he was insulted and kicked out and then his mother advised him what to do. Kumbhkaran also gave valid arguments why he chose to fight on Raavan's behalf even though he knew his brother was wrong in kidnapping Sita Maiyya...it was a 'dharm sankat' as he termed it, where no one path is fully right or fully wrong. He chose to fulfill his duty towards his brother in that way and Vibhishanji chose to fulfill his duty towards his entire family in the other way. I think if Vibhishanji was not kicked out then he would have stayed and tried to bring Raavan onto the right path repeatedly and tirelessly.

Now if you ask me what path I would have chosen then it definitely would be Vibhishanji's because God is all merciful and loving to those who surrender fully unto him. There's a shlok from Srimad Bhagavad Gita that tells this beautifully:

Sarva Dharmaan Parityajya Mamekam Sharanam Vraja
Aham tva sarva papebhyo moksha ishyami ma shuchaha

O Arjun, you relinquish all dharmas and surrender unto me. I shall deliver you from all the sins. Grieve not!

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Posted: 2011-03-17T16:05:03Z
I would definitely side with Vibhishan, but as Vedo put it so beautifully, Kumghakarn was in a dharam sankat. Neither of them were wrong. But technically, we are only bound by the word of god and no other attachments. So I would have to say Vibhishan.
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Posted: 2011-03-17T21:55:47Z
Wonderful post Vedo.Clap Agreeing word to word with you. Mina you could also keep the option 'both were right'. My vote would go hundreds and thousands times to Vibhishan (I can write a huge essay to support him against his critics as most members of R-SK CCs and of Orkut over here know Smile) but that option would have created slight difficulty in mind for choosing. I would say in terms of overall long term nature and ideology in choice of path of life, Vibhishan was righteous and in that particular situation of war, both were right in their own way since one was kicked out and the other one was begged for support after the war had already started. One surrendered to God and the other became God himself of someone who surrendered to him.

Having said that, I will still say that Ravan's surrender to Kumbhkarna was not a complete surrender. It was an egoistic surrender and he also was rude and rough by saying "Go back to sleep if you want to" (So Kumbhkarna was not expelled but just disappointingly and moderately insulted or disrespected in terms of his opinion not taken or not countered sincerely and humbly). So Kumbhkarna didn't stretch himself upto his limit to convince Ravan identifying that to be his tireless duty (which also could have brought his expulsion in the same way) and was driven away in emotional blackmailing and attachment with brother over there and he himself surrendered then to his elder brother's stubborn expectation. Just the critical issue over here in Kumbhkarna's favour is that the war had already started (which in case of Vibhishan didn't - but the enemy had already started marching towards Lanka with the intention of war anyway) and how far weight can be given to that and how far that fact should be treated differently for both is a question mark.
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Posted: 2011-03-21T12:53:15Z
woww, nice posts everyone !!Clap
sorry Shivang bhaiyya, i should have added both option also, but now it's not letting me change it !!Cry
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Posted: 2011-03-22T00:39:49Z
Arre no problem Mina. As I said in my case, it would have only created difficulty of choosing initially. I would have still gone for the 1st option anyhow. This poll is much needed one in any mythological forum as it justifies the stance of a devotee and draws a very fine line between duty and attachment. And wow!!! 100% voting in favour of Vibhishan.Clap Had there been a single comment against him, I would have brought all my contents posted on Orkut and CCs over here immediately.LOL But it doesn't seem to be needed here. Edited by ShivangBuch - 2011-03-22T02:38:38Z
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Posted: 2011-03-22T03:41:13Z
Now I would choose Vibhishan because supporting the sinners is also a sin. Just because our brother or someone does a sin; we cannot consider that it is not a sin. It is better to keep away from a sinner; whoever it may be.
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Posted: 2011-03-22T04:13:14Z
Interesting topic Mina!!!
I agree in Vibhishana's situation, what he did was absolutely right. I'm not against him or his actions. But, he did desert his brother (and protector, for the elder brother is the equivalent of a father) in his time of need. He realized Ravana was going to sink anyway and deserted him. Agreed, he surrendered to God and did the right thing and that he was kicked out and stuff, but i still feel he could have stayed on in Lanka even though he was not welcome. 
Kumbhakarna also realized the great folly that Ravana had committed, yet decided to perish on the battlefield in support of his brother knowing full well that he could not be untrue to the salt he had eaten. ( I think this situation is akin to that of Karna and his dilemna. I think Karna and Kumbhakarna, both behaved in the same manner.) 

No offence meant. Am just trying to examine both sides. Am not supporting or opposing any side.

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