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Originally posted by blossom1234

great update sanjuClap
sorry i am too lazy to write everything about the updateROFL
but plzz understand my feelings
it was awesome
i loved itHug
thanx alot nikkySmileHug
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Originally posted by KriYa_life

Sanjna.. Wonderful Update. Loved Mish.. Aww.. Abhi & Mishu scene was wonderful, Especially the Punch. I bet this Arjun is gonna create a lot of trouble. Loved AbhIya. Feeling sad for Natty.. Neha-Abhay convo was good. Well done dear & Congo on becoming Rockerz. Keep Rocking always.
thanx alot 4 likin abhisha and ya arjun is gpin to craete lots of problem... thanx and i wish soon u also rockWink
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love confession whose ...abhiya!!!Day Dreaming
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Posted: 8 years ago
Wonderful FF...
FInally i'm up to date with ur FF and I hope i'll keep it up.

I luv Piya most here though I like here everywhere...

Update even soon and even bigger,

Luv, Atulya
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Misha's room

Abhi: aaah jungli bhootni

Some voices come form outside

Pia: misha what happen are you alright.

Misha: oh no natty part-2(grabs abhi)

Abhi: what  the hell is going on(still holding his stomache)

Misha: (takes him to washroom) shutup gadhe. Gadhe are meant to follow orders.

Abhi: (looking at misha's eyes) but they are allowed to do dhenchu dhenchu.

Misha: (punches him again) but you are forgetting that you are my official gadhe and now my punching bag. Gadhe are meant to follow orders.

Misha bolts the washroom door and pia enters in the room.

Abhi: iraada kya hai

Before abhi can say something she shows him her elbow and he remembers punching bag line

Abhi: I don't knw is bhootni ke saamne mere band kyun baj jati hai

Pia: (worriedly) misha misha where are you?

Misha: WT* I am in washroom.

Pia: what are you doing. You need to be in bed. You are not well.

Misha: pia I am dancing on munni badnaam' have u returned ur borrowed mind.. what the hell we do in bath room I am taking shower.

Pia: no I have not returned my mind but from where did u grabbed this sense of humour. You take shower once in 3 days and that too after torture of massi.

Abhi starts laughing and misha puts shower on and throws him in shower area.

Misha: now both of u are torturing me and I am not going to leave y''

Pia: both

Misha: (shit pia) miss question maate  you and nautanki aur kaun

Pia: (sits down) okay I am waiting for you come fast

Misha: (oh no I cant come out till you don't go out)

Abhi: do u have clothes. As I cant out in wet clothes

Misha: (shouts) cant u see I am busy

Pia: misha what happen is there somebody

Misha:  I will go mad)

Abhi: you are already mad

Pia: misha are you alright

Misha: pia u go and I will take some time

Pia: but you never takes so much time

Misha: pia I am going to kill you. How dared you to take my place and I am question hour not you.

Pia: okay I am leaving . byee

Misha: (angrily) byeee

Pia leaves the room and misha sighs. And then she looks at abhi who was fighting with shower curtains  to come out of the shower area and misha tries to help him out.

And during this she also gets wet.

Misha: uff I guess today is my worst day and you if you dared to tell my shower secret to anyone then I will torture you like'.. like '.. like'

Abhi: like jungli bhootni

Misha: ya right

Then misha starts walking out but her leg slips but abhi catches her and saves her by holding her from waist. They keep looking into each others eye.

Misha- leave me

Abhi leaves her and she fell on floor.

Misha- I just want to throw ice cold water to throw on you

Then misha turns to go and due to her witch power by magic abhi is splashed with ice-cold water

Abhi: what the hell. Are you mad

Misha turns and see abhi and gets surprise

Misha: but I did nothing

Abhi: yup every mad says like this that he is not mad.

Misha: shutup gadhe and out from here before again I have to speak thousand more lies.

Den abhi climbs down the room abd walks out from the house and known black car comes and opens the door

Abhi: (shocked) bhai aao? How do u know'

Kabeer: come and sit down

Abhi sit in th car and feels guilty

Kabeer: (smilingly) so you love dis chick

Abhi: who chick? Bhai you knw I dnt believ in love.

Kabeer: everybody says like that and I am heppy 4 u and moreover I like that chick for you.

Abhi: bhai you are real time crazy, I tell you

Living room, misha's house

Pia comes down from misha's room and there natty and neha are discssing and abhay was thinking somethimg while pulling pages of magzine. Pia go and sits besides abhay

Pia: abhay misha is alright now and you must be tired now as you are in journew since morning

Neha: yes bhai  u need to leave(giving him indication that he needs to drink blood) and in any case I am here

Abhay: okay I am leaving and in any problem call me

Pia: okay I will come out to leave you

Abhay: (ignoring her) no I will go myself

Abhay leaves from there and pia feels bad and neha tries to divert her attention wid her talks but with no use

Next day in college

Pia,  neha and misha goes together and they see some notice on noticeboard.

Misha: hey wait wait there is some trip announcement

Pia: which trip misha?

Misha: it is camping trip to dilpathar. I am so gonna enjoy it

Neha goes blank as if she have see some nightmare and pia gives her a jerk to bring her reality

Pia: neha are you alright

Neha: ya I am completely fine. Lets go to class

Then pia goes to class and sees abhay sitting . she goes and stands near by him

Pia: (angrily) why didn't you picked up your phone?

Abhay: I was busy

Pia: abhay I know you are ignoring me.

Abhay: believe me its better for you and I am saving you from future pain.

The misha comes running there

Misha: (shouting excitedely) pia pia pia. I have deposited tour money. We are going there. Its going to be so much fum. Rock climbing, camping and all adventure sports. (den she looks at abhay) hey abhay you are also going na?

Abhay: you are talking about?

Misha: dilapathar. College has organised camping trip there. Ohh what I am asking u will defo go as pia is goin there.

Den misha starts leaving from there

Abhay: but misha you people'.

Misha: (while runnig) byee I will catch you later

Abhay: pia listen to me you are not going there

Pia(shocked) what? Why?  And  you know I cant say no to misha

Abhay: pia why don't you undersatnd? Leave it now I have to find solution

Abhay gets up and strt moving

Pia: solution to what abhay

Abhay pays no attention to her


Neha confronts panchi

Abhiya talk to each other on phone and are releived after talking to each other

p.s- sorry guys for late update as i ws busy with my exams and now i will also reply to all of you indviduallySmile. I am so sorry

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yay!! i got the frst spot!!

*shows tongue to rooh*

and for u madame sana... itne dino baad update and itna chotta?AngryOuchAngry hopefully in this week we get2 more minimum updates from ur end.. warna tumhara murder mein khud karoongi!!

and getting bk to the update!! it was just worth all the wait.. lagta hai tht ur papers have gone too good, and this showed hw light ur mind was

abhisha wer hilarious!!!
hw much do they fight... sexy with hilarious.. their chemistry is awesomelicious.. and i so wish to see abhisha in the serialnow.. hopefully ur idea has been taken by the cvs, and theyve got kw.. warna unka toh band bajega..
abhisha moment ko ruin karne tum piya ko kyun laayi... and hw much mish hits and kicks him!! love reading bout them!! they r just a beautiful pair :P
am so so so glad tht mish is a witch now!! and lol.. her frst magic had to be special... i never knew it wld be so special.. lol..
tht too on abhi.. :P
here the song fits very well, thande thande pani se, nahana chahiyeee. :P
and now they r going bk to dilpatthar?? kyun??
it was small, but i quite liked it..
cont soon!!
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