Mytho Sudoku!!CHALLENGE#4&5 ON|Rule#4 CHANGED !!

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Well actually while reading the newspaper i generally play this game ... WinkWink
(oh well i mentioned this just to let u all know that I DO READ newspaper LOLLOL)
nd today when i was playing i thought of creating a similar game using the pics from mytho serials or the pics of Gods instead of numbers ! Big smileBig smileBig smile
I guess most of u will be familiar with the game .. for those who dont know the game ...plzz go throught the following :
1. You have to fill the squares in the grid so that each row,column and each of the 2X3 Box ( means the boxes made using the RED line ) contains all the Pictures (or the numbers allotted to the pictures).Means one pic or the number allotted to it can be arranged in a row...column or the 2X3box more than once .. Some boxes are already filled in the Challenge ... u have to arrange the pics or the corresponding number accordingly.
2. For every Sudoku game i'll assign numbers 1to6 to the pictures either from the mytho shows or devotional pics.The number allotted to the pic will be mentioned in the same post where i post the Challenge... As there are a few people in the forum who are not into siggy making so it'll be difficult for them to remake the sudoku with the pics... they can use the numbers allotted ..
3. How togive the Solution for the game???
Well ... u r free toanswer they way u want ...
## if u want... u can paste the pics which i'll post, in the correct arrangement on the Sudoku main challenge pic..
## u can use the alphabetical codes given to the rows n columns..for example .. the 1st column in the 1st challenge is coded as "A" similarly 2nd 3rd till 6th column r named as "B" , "C" till "F"...Also .. Rows r named accordingly from "G" to "L" .....u can give ans. like :
For[J,A] - 1... ( this means for the box in Row J and Column A solution is number 1 or the pic whose number is 1)
U have to pm your solution to me ... every challenge will be active till i get the correct solution or minimum for one day ... result will be declared the next day before posting new challenge !
I hope i didnt confuse u !
for any doubt/queries ... simply PM me ! Wink
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Posted: 2011-03-17T03:10:47Z


ShivangBuch - 300 points
AishuJSKfan - 100 points
...PARiNA... - 100 points 
** Challenge #1 Winner(s) : AishuJSKfan & ShivangBuch 
** Challenge #2 Winner(s) : ShivangBuch & ...PARiNA... 
** Challenge #3 Winner :             ShivangBuch    
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Posted: 2011-03-17T03:11:24Z

In this challenge i used the Male leads from the main mytho shows being discussed here on our forum... WinkWinkWink
Here r the Codes for the pics i have used :
#1 -   Ram from RS Ramayan
#2 -   Krishna from BRC MB
#3 -   Shani Devi from AS Mahima Shani Dev Ki
#4 -   Ram from AS Ramayan
#5 -   Krishna from MS JSK
#6 -   Krishna from RS SK
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Posted: 2011-03-17T06:32:56Z

These cells are certain solutions. Then multiple solutions due to permutations & combinations by trial & error more than once.

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Posted: 2011-03-17T06:44:28Z
Maths Sir ki Jai ho! Jai ho! Jai ho!
Heheheeeee....lekin sare ans. Likho na... Incomplete ans. Ki marking nahi hogi.... :P :P
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Posted: 2011-03-17T06:50:29Z
Ha ha ha. Jay to sada examiner saahebaa ki hi hogi.Big smile But solutions are multiple. So how can one confirm one's to be the right solution? Should I put any numbers now satisfying the conditions? Any one possible solution out of different solutions? Edited by ShivangBuch - 2011-03-17T06:51:09Z
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Posted: 2011-03-17T06:58:02Z
Yes of course!
There can be multiple solutions...
So just post ur combination ensuring that the conditions r being met!
Waiae bhaiya any suggestiob to improve dis game..i mean can we make it more simpler for those who dont know this game?? I tried my level best in explaining the rules but still lag raha hai sab confuse na ho jaye...
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Posted: 2011-03-17T07:39:25Z
Tab to ye lo. Kaam aasaan ho gaya. Smile




Here is one solution.Smile I have made it clerically simpler by removing the typing requirement of , and [] LOL. Mentally simpler banane ka suggestion bhi mai hi sochun? Tab to yaar mere hall of fame banne ke incidents kam ho jaayenge. LOL Chalo ek to tarika ye hai ki members mere answer ka logical flow closely watch kare. The way I processed my solution step by step. Uske liye ek piece of paper par row aur column bana kar question utar de. Two lines I have left in between are left where I had to guess for one particular cell out of multiple numbers. It happened twice and then the solution was ready. 

Waise game ko simpler nahi par more difficult banane ka ek idea hai. More difficult for myself and easier for those who have watched all these mythos. Instead of encoding lead character's picture of a mytho, simply give codes to mytho serials themselves (say for example in chronological order of their original telecast). And then instead of having 6 Arun Govil pictures, use 6 different characters of RS Ramayan (In fact 6 for final solution only which you may give - not 6 actually required in your question but just 2 - because in your original question, there are two pictures from RS Ramayan). This way, people's knowledge about serials will also be tested simultaneously. If you give more numbers yourself to begin with, that will make it easier one way to find the solution but that will make it tougher the other way in recognizing the serial (Since you would have included in the question more i.e. 3-4 pictures from one serial making it more confusing). More interesting the game will become when you put pictures of very short lived and unimportant  or less famous characters (Like Prahast/Atikay/Bharadwaj/Shatanand/Shuk)LOL. Or if you don't want to make it too much difficult, you can use moderately famous/lengthy/leading roles like Angad/Sugreev/Vashishth/Vishwamitra in place of 2 Arun Govil. For JSK, you can put blind dadima for example. From SK, you can put Chanur/Banasur/Yogmaya/Lalita. From AS R also similar to what I explained for RS R. From MB, you can put Shantanu/Pandu/Shalya/Virat/Drupad etc. 

You may swap Om Namah Shivay and Mahima Shani Dev ki with each other if you find less characters in the latter because former is also discussed in the forum a lot often.
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