ff:piya finds out about sid:ch 1

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Posted: 2011-03-13T06:28:28Z
this is my first try at fan fiction so please bear with me.

  i couldnt believe it,how could abhay do it,i know abhay was rude most of the times and was very violent with with ms shanaya but how could he have killed two girls.i know his being a vampire was a obvious ansswer but i failed to believe it even now when the police had confirmed that it was abhay who had done it,they had proof they said but my heart said otherwise.the man who helped  me in exposing danish,the man who saved me time and time again could nt have done it,how is it possible i thought.
"i told you to stay away frm him long time ago piya"said kabir." i knew there was sumthing creepy about him",he said.
" i dont want to talk about it" i said."fine piya if u dont want to believe it is your problem but facts are facts" said he.
i ran from there.i didnt want to believe it no matter what people said i knew that abhay had done nothing wrong. i dashed into misha while running and she could see that i was losing it.she didnt say anything but let me run away from there,away from that place,away from all that hostility the college had against abhay.she didnt say anything but her silence said everything.she knew that he was not that bad as he seemed to others.she supported me in my belief that abhay was innocent and that was what i needed.
the college was planning a social boycoot of abhay and everyone had to follow it and anyone  who went against it would be boycotted.i knew i had to act fast i had to find out the truth by hook or by crook.
i went to the jail to meet him
the police told e to stay from him.he was dangerous they said, but i ignored them and requested them to allow me to meet him.they glared at me and let me go.i know what they must have been thinking what a big fool i am but i dint care.they took me to his cell
there he sat on that cold  and dirty ledge with his facie in his hands. when he heard the cell door opening he looked up with a expression of bewilderment then love and finally  a serious and dissapointed look as if hurt that i came to such a place,that i failed to heed to his warnings to stay away from him.the police officer warned me that i only had twenty monutes and left.
i turned to face him.even in this dirty and horrible place he looked divine.i took a deep breath to control myself and then broke the silence between us."hwo are u abhay"i said."what are you doin here piya i warned you to stay away from me and my life"he said glaring at me.
it hurt badly but i continued"i came here to know the trurh abhay"
"didnt you read the newspaper or watch the news, i am sure by now the whole city knows"he said acidicly.
"i dont believe in such things .i came here to find out the truth not what the newspapers have to say"i said 
"well then you are wasting your time" abhy said
"i know you are innocent abhay why are you lying ,i know you havent killed those girls"i persisted.
"i hope you havent forgotten what ia m piya.well if you have then let me reminnd you iam a blood - sucking monster, a vampire."he said that as if i already didnt know.
"no need of a reminder abhay"no person would ever forget that transformation of his.it was a sight one could never remove from one's head." i just acme here to tell you that no matterwhat others say about you i trust you"i said hoping that he would tell me the truth atleast now.
his eyes faltered showing a hint of happiness that i was there for him but then  his face hardened again.i wanted to ask him tot rust me and tell me the truth but i could see frm his face that he wouldnt do so.
i left him there  and a few minutes later i was outside the police station searching for a auto or taxi to take me to siddharth,my boss, to help  me in getting some proof that abhay was innocent
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Posted: 2011-03-13T07:03:09Z
luv d ff.
plz plz add me to ur pm list.
plz cnt wid nxt part soon.
luv u
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Posted: 2011-03-15T07:36:29Z
Originally posted by karantakiar

luv d ff.
plz plz add me to ur pm list.
plz cnt wid nxt part soon.
luv u
thank you so much ill upload it as soon as possible
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Posted: 2011-03-15T08:14:53Z
its nice.........Smile
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