Anil Dhawan corners BEST driver

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Posted: 18 years ago

Anil Dhawan
Actor Anil Dhawan got into a scuffle with a BEST bus driver on the highway recently, on his way back from Charkop. We called the actor to find out what happened, "The BEST guys are always chasing cars and over-speeding, almost touching the car's bumper.

This particular guy was honking and trying to corner me to the extent that my car was about to crash into the divider." The actor, who usually drives to his sets, thinks rash and negligent driving is on the rise, especially by the state-owned BEST's bus drivers.

BEST trouble

This Pali Hill resident claims that during his journey from home to the sets, he comes across at least two errant drivers every day. Says Dhawan, "These drivers have complete disregard for traffic rules. I couldn't take it any more, so I whisked ahead that day and blasted the driver.

The ridiculous part was he kept arguing with me and I wanted to grab his collar and drag him down." The actor didn't give in to violence, but rues the fact that there are no stringent laws that can act as a deterrent to errant drivers. 

No comic capers

Dhawan rose to fame with Basu Chatterjee's Piya Ka Ghar (1972), opposite Jaya Bachchan, and has been a popular figure on TV shows. Presently, he is seen in India Calling (Star One) as the protagonist Chandni's father.

Talking about his other roles, the actor says, "I've shot a couple of episodes for Aruna Irani's next show, Dor. I'm again playing the lead actor's father. Two dailies take away 20 days from a month, and in the rest, I prefer doing cameos in films."

Dhawan is hardly seen in brother David's comic capers. "In David's films, there are hardly any roles that suit me; buffoonery doesn't go with my image," he says.

After a special appearance in Priyadarshan's Kyon Ki, Dhawan will play a cameo in Priyadarshan's yet untitled project. Adds Dhawan, "I'm also doing a few crossover films — a recent one being Love In England."