~~Anand Sagar's "RAMAYAN" AT#1~~

Posted: 2011-03-09T09:46:12Z
Episode One
Summary (taken straight from youtubeLOL):

King Dasrath and his army receive a tumultuous welcome in Ayodhya on their victory in a battle with neighbouring kingdom. Dasraths subjects hail him with cries of praise and adulation. His three queens express their relief and joy on his victorious return.

The triumphant soldiers are welcomed back by their families. Their wives apply auspicious Vermillion tilaks on the foreheads of the men as a mark of respect and celebration on their safe and successful return. Their children touch their feet respectfully.

King Dastrath is happy to see the reunion and observe the warmth of the soldiers families. He overhears a little boy telling his father that he too would like to go to the battlefield with his father to protect him. His parents hug him with pride. The childs concern for his father touches a sensitive chord in Dasraths heart.

In his palace he muses over the childs words. Daasrath is in the ancestors room in the palace. He looks at the statues of his ancestors and his eyes turn moist as the thought gnaws him that he is childless and there is no son in his life to feel proud of him and take on the mantle of royal responsibilities. He wonders what would have happened had he been killed in the battle.I have no son to continue Raghuvansh lineage he tells the ancestors quietly in a choked voice. The three Queens enter the chamber and Dasrath shares his sad thoughts with them. Sage Vashisht arrives at this point and the all knowing sage tells Dasrath no to despair. He advises him to perform the putra kamyeshti yagya and tells him that only Rishi Shring will be able to perform the yagya.

King Dasrath leaves for Rishi Shring ashram hopefully. He waits outside patiently as the Rishi is meditating inside. Two days and nights pass and Dasrath continues to wait in the conviction that the Rishi will listen to his plea. Finally he gets his audience with the Rishi. A divine voice has addressed Rishi Shring and instructed him to perform the Putra Kameshthi yagya in dasraths palace
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Posted: 2011-03-09T09:50:55Z
My thoughts on the episode - I really liked how Ramayan started, it was a unique place to begin, since most movies and shows based on Ramayan start in Vaikunth.Star It was sweet to see the soldiers being given importance in the show, and the way Dashrathji craves for a son when he sees the children was soooo emotional.Broken Heart The Rajmatas' introduction were also cuteee, but the lady who played Kaikeyi seemed a bit forced in her action.Ermm She smiled too much, but Sangeeta Kapure and Rajni Chandra were good.Clap
Plsss tell me what u all think !!Big smileEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2011-03-09T14:34:37Z
Wow, so great that you opened this thread Mina! I myself haven't watched a lot of this show but have seen bits. Yeah, I agree that the way they started is very unique and creative and it totally shows Dashrath's feelings about not having a son. I liked how the intro was set up.
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Posted: 2011-03-09T22:20:45Z
Hi Mina!!!
Even I have the DVD set and I absolutely love the cover and design!!!
I love the first epi, the way they show the palace, queens and the king...

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Posted: 2011-03-10T05:51:30Z
The first episode was good and when I saw it (in telugu dubbed), I felt it looked promising. At first glance, I too did not like Kaikeyi much but felt she improved from the vanvaas episodes on....the only thing is, I wish the Rajmatas had been given looser, higher clothing, as their blouses seemed too tight and low sometimes. Otherwise, this episode was good.
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Posted: 2011-03-10T07:04:10Z
I have watched Ramayan from the very first episode and just loved the beginning. Even after such a big victory; Raja Dasharath was sad about not having children. The perfect way to begin Ramayan; because Ayodhya was a happy place and the people also were happy. But the king was sad because he didn't have an heir. Loved the episode.
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Posted: 2011-03-10T07:21:33Z
good start !!
liked the show the min i saw the promo ... Debi and Guru were amazing.

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