Atwani Sahani recall Wife Bina Life exp.

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Posted: 2011-03-07T07:51:52Z

Athwani, Sahani recall Wife Bina Life experience

Wife Bina Life has been a life changing experience for all the husbands who participated in it, as they got the opportunity to renew and strengthen their bond with their spouse and children.

They also realised how much effort their wives put in to manage the household. We caught up with two of the most popular participants -Mr. Vijay Athwani and Mr. Sanjay Sahani, who were eliminated last weekend. Here they recall their journey and share their best and worst moments on the show.


How was the experience of managing three kids at once?

It was difficult especially because they belonged to three different age groups. Dhruv is seven, Vidhi is ten and Shashank is thirteen years old. Each of them threw different kind of tantrums and had different requirements. I had a tough time but sailed through.

With what did you struggle with the most?

My intention was to be friends with the kids and perhaps that's why I did not have to struggle much. The kids are well behaved but Dhruv did trouble me a bit, initially. He locked himself inside the house when all of us went out, so that was a difficult situation.

Now are you confident of plaiting your daughter's hair?

[smiles] Yes, now I am confident about plaiting Vidhi's hair. She is happy too when I do it.

You had never made tea in the past 15 years, what is your proud accomplishment in this show?

Besides making tea, which I did, I learnt to prepare proper meal. Besides that, I feel now I understand my wife better. I appreciate the small and big things she does for us. I participated in this show for fun but I never expected it to turn into a big deal. Wife Bina Life has taught me loads about my family and life and has made me more mature.

Can you manage the household now, if your wife isn't at home?

Sure. I am now confident of managing the household after my experience in Wife Bina Life.

The children thought you were a strict father and you didn't have a great bond with them. Has their perception of you changed?

The perception of the kids has definitely changed a lot. I have now become much closer to them. We share, we talk, we laugh and we play together too.

What will you carry back with you from the WBL experience?

I learnt that I should respect my wife as managing the household is not an easy task. I think every husband should appreciate what his wife or women in his house accomplish everyday.

What were your best and worst moments on the show?

The best moment on the show was decorating the room for Pooja's welcome. The worst moment was to wash vessels as it was really difficult (laughs).

When did you miss your wife the most?

I missed my wife everyday. The moment I used to get up, the one thing, I used to miss the most was the bed-tea that she serves me every morning. Everyday began with thinking of her.

How will you contribute in your household chores now?

I will help her with shopping, selecting clothes and also doing household work.

What did you learn about your kids that you didn't know earlier?

I learnt that kids are sensitive and that smallest of issues can trigger mood swings and varied responses, which isn't good for their development. That is the one major thing I learnt. It is important to be friends with your child, to enable overall development and a healthy groW*H.


You used to get angry with your wife when she was late because of some chores. What do you think of such delays now?

[Smiles] I now feel that the delay is justified. I think that she manages the household in the right way.

Was it tough to manage your temper and not scold Akshat?

Initially, it was difficult to control my temper but once we bonded and worked through few days, we came closer and it was easier. I don't think it was tough to control my temper.

What was the smartest trick you used on the show to get Akshat to do what you wanted?  

According to me, the best tactic I used was hiding his toys and not allowing him to watch his favourite movies. That always worked.

Do you feel your bond with your child has grown stronger?

Our bond has undoubtedly become thousand times stronger after this show. I am thankful to Wife Bina Life for this opportunity that brought us closer as a family.

Were you able to maintain your standard of cleanliness- as you do in your regular life?

Yes, I did manage to maintain my standard of cleanliness to a certain extent.

How did it feel to be the Papa Of The Week?

Being Papa of the week was awesome. It was a big surprise for me and winning the title really felt good.

What was the most emotional moment for you?

The most emotional moment which I mentioned on the show too, was when I saw Akshat having a good time with his friends.

What will you carry back with you from the WBL experience?

I learnt to be patient because of this show. I also renewed my relationship with my son which is my biggest achievement on the show.

What were your best and worst moments on the show?

Best moment is difficult to choose but I would say winning the title of Papa of the week. Worst moment was when Akshat's friends came over. The initial half an hour of managing them was very tough.

When did you miss your wife the most?

I missed her on many occasions and can't pinpoint just one. I realised how tough it is to take care of guests which my wife does so well. She makes it seem effortless. Within no time, she serves everyone which after being on the show I realised is a very tough thing to do.

How will you contribute in your household chores now?

I will help my wife in whatever way I can. Right from chopping vegetables to washing clothes in the machine, I will continue to help her.

What did you learn about your kids that you didn't know earlier?

I learnt that it is important to have a good and strong relationship with your child.

Natasha Coutinho/Hill Road Media
Monday, March 07, 2011
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