Abhay-Piya FF- Let the destiny unfold uptd pg137(Page 115)

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nyc update katie ...wanna c some romnace nw 
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wow seems grt I so loved it.I m eager 2 know how Abhay will save his lil beloved frm tala.Plzz continueEmbarrassed
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Awesome update! I really hope Abhay reaches Piya soon and saves her! Looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile
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All d updates were awsm.i hope nothng bad happen to abhiya.sry fr d late rply fr previous update
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Great part...thnx for d pm
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hey ... G8 amazing update plz cont soon 
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wao amzing part.
superb plz cnt soon.
luv u
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                                                           Chapter 37

Abhay glared at the note many times before he went bak home.. As Abhay left the place.. someone stepped out of the shadows.. smirking.. "He is truly an idiot..!" a voice thundered through the woods.. follwed by loud howls in the area.. the shadow laughed loud and evil, "Now let's see who can stop me.. the game begins.."
                                                    Abhay was still in a state of shock and horror.. he did not want any harm to come upon Piya.. he called Piya cause he felt that this was just a trap for him to read the message.. and he was right.. "Hello.." Piya's voice ringed from the other side of the phone.. "Um.. in the hostel where else..?!.. you sound a bit worried is everything ok..???" Piya asked immediately when she heard his rushed breath.. "Yea.. im fine.. I um.. was just thinking about you.. well can we meet like right now.??"


                                                   Piya turned to Abhay pouting.. it was indeed a boring class.. it was Zoology... Piya could feel er eyes getting droopy by the second.. the teacher was talking about ome crap story which was more or les like a lullaby to all the students in clas.. Abhay was hell irritated.. he had learned them all..  'Oh give it a rest woman..'he thought in his mind as she continued with her story.. Piya slowly mae the way to Abhay' place at the lat bench and sat next to him.. "Abhay..." he moaned... "Hm.." Abhay answered by pressing her hand.. Piya slept on the desk while put a hand on her head, soothing her hair a she slept peacefully.. the next hour was math.. it was quite normal..
                                                   The lunch bell rang and all the tuents ruhed to the canteen.. only Piya and Abhay remained in class.. Piya was still finishing the sum given by the teacher.. "Oh.. give it a rest.. NERD..!!" Abhay said pulling her leg (not literally).. "Shut up.. Abhay.." Piya made an angry face.. as she rushed through the sum and was done in no time.. she packed up her books and wa about to leave the class.. when Abhay caught her hand as he stood, pulled her back.. making Piya crush onto his hard chest.. this generated butterflies in her tummy.. Abhay bent low.. his lips near her ear.. "Have lunch with me.." he whispered huskily which churned Piya's tummy upside down.. she wanted to answer and but all she did was let out a moan.. when Abhay bit her ear gently.. he slipped his hand  over her waist and squeezed lightly which made Piya arch back into Abhay's chest.. placing her head on the crook of his neck..
                                              "Abhay.." she let out another moan.. her moans were making it hard for Abhay not to lose control.. gathering his energy.. he quickly zipped to the door and closed it shut.. and did the same to the windows.. "No one is disturbing us.. " Abhay said winking.. "What??? no.. what are you talking about Abhay.. in clasroom.. no way..!!" Piya blushed as she rushed with words playing on her lips.. "Wel.. ah what's wrong.? arent you just having your lunch..?" Abhay asked innocently.. which made Piya grind her teeth together.. n let out a low snarl... "You'll pay for this.. " he said glaring mischeivously at him.. " Al ready for that now.. " he said opening his arm wide open.. asking for Piya to get seated on his warm comfy lap.. Piya shied.. but eventually dragged herself to Abhay with her shivering legs.. no matter what.. this man always made her shiver..!
                                                 Piya opened up the burger she had saved for lunch.. and began munching it down as Abhay stared at her.. Piya's back was against his chest.. and his hands were wrapped around her waist securely.. "Poor you.. you should really taste it.. its yummy..!" she said as she took in another bite.. Abhay treasured her small cute talks as she looked irresistible as ever to him at the moment.. he move forward and kissed her hair.. her cheeks.. her shoulders as his hands roamed over waist pulling her in tighter.. Piya dropped the burger on the table as she felt the sensations kicking her harmones to over time.. she began breathing heavily.. and just melted in his arms..
                                                 "Piya.." Abhay called out to her as he turned her body towards his.. facing his.. he cupped her cheeks.. "Everything about you is the world for me.. i love you.. i love you so much..!!!" Abhay with a passion thick voice as Piya lovingly stare back with her brown orbs blinking back the tears of happiness she felt.. she felt his lips hover over hers as sucked gently at her lips, making her blood rush to her cheeks.. her arms ran over his shoulders pushing him further to deepen the kiss..


                                              "Wel.. i ah.. dont think i should be in contact with you anymore..!"

                   ok guys.. wel i l be updating frequently as i got holidays yippiee..!!!!!!!! pls do hit the 'like' button if u liked it.. and do comment.. thnks..!!

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