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 Finding your DESTINY..!!

      ok.. guys this is a story of our beloved Abhay and Piya.. who are both in different worlds.. look how they come together as one..!!   
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       Ok this is my first update... hope you guys like.. please do comment..!! 
      Piya was sitting in her hostel room quite exhausted by the college work.She was flashing through her mind about the day's events.Well things had not quite turned out well for our Piya.She seemed to be disturbed by something... as she rememebered the incident her cheeks to a dark shade of red as she went past the situation through her mind when she was with Abhay.The name was enough to speeden her heart beats.She always used to wonder how A-B-H-A-Y only a 5 little word can drive her so insane.
   She could see the incident very clearly she was helping the librainian in helping in arranging the books,and Abhay came there as the libranian had called for him to help Piya in arranging the books because everyone were busy in the working of the College Annual Function.The librainian excused herself as she had some other work to attend to leaving Piya and Abhay alone in the library.The minute she saw Abhay coming close to her with a bunch of books, her heart began to race fast,she had this overwhelming surge of nervousness shivering through her being. As he walked closer to her, he could sense her nervousness each step of his was creating in her body, but she was a magician no less. Watching her eyes waiting in anticipation for him, he found it so hard to stop himself from closing in to her, hugging her, pressing his hard lips on her soft, tender lips of hers... ah.!  He just drove away that thought and just walked briskly towards Piya. 
   She knew this was happening to her very commonly these days.. the sudden adrenaline rush she quite herself didnt know how to stop it. She gupled trying to swallow down the sensation as he stood next to her of about a distace less than 2cm. He was slowly arranging the books in the empty shack according to alphabetical order. He called on to Piya saying, " Pass on that book which is in your hands please.." Quite taken back by the distance between them slowly regaining control she managed to say a 'yes' and gave that book to his hands.He noticed her semi-concious state and asked,"Hey are u ok..?".Now she was back to normal at least her heart was beating in 80's.. she looked up to him lovingly and said,"Yes, im alright, just tired that's al..!"."Then you better take rest I can handle all this, you know that a vamp can do things way more faster than a fragile human like you right..?" he said winking.
    She just smiled,"No.. that's alright.. and humans are not that weak also" she said sticking her tongue out.. he just smirked seeing her childishness and said,"ok strong human..! bring all those books which is on the 3rd shelf of the last rack, i think its better if we shift the maths books here cause many students need them and it will be easier for them to take.. what do you think..?" pointing at the rack..."wow.. Abhay that's the longest sentence you've ever said..!" she said jockingly.Abhay remained unreactive about her comment, she frowned and walked to the last rack pulled a ladder, put her bag down..! 'oh ya.. i'll show him what a human can do!!' she thought to herself proudly as she climbed.She slowly climbed and took all the books carefully they were all pretty old, all the books there had a thin sheet of dust, by inhaling this it made Piya sneeze'achooo' and with she lost balance on her ladder. She tried to grip herself but quite the opposite happened.. her leg stepped on her own skirt and skidded and 'thud' she was about to fall when she felt the strong arms of her knight in shining armour around her thin figure holding her before she felt the ground.


                          She opened her eyes to meet Abhay's angry gaze at her.. "You surely showed me what humans like you can do..!" he spat.He was angry because she was not being careful. But Piya was taken aback by the anger.. as she looked at him innocently she noticed that her gaze made his anger melt even faster than an icecream..! 'oh god what do you do to me Piya' he thought to himself.
   He put her down carefully but still his hands were on her waist as she was dusting herself and she sneezed again two or three more times.She was alright now but his hands never left her.She looked up to him.. his eyes were full of passion,love.. 'wooow, he seriuosly need some mood control pills too much mood changing..!' she thought at the back of her head. Slowly removing one hand of her waist he caught her milky white hand and was about to kiss it and Piya suddenly exclaimed."No don't kiss me.. my hands are dusty..!" he just smiled at her response and said "hmm... ok go wash youself.. it'll be better to taste you than the dust" smirking.The words made her heart beat so fast that she thought that her rib cage will defintely break open.. it sent shivers down her spine. He noticed that she was blushing immensely with her head down and said whispered,"Go Piya wash your hands and come BACK".Her heart was dancing for each word he uttered, completely taken over by passion.Then a book suddenly fell from the rack and broke their intense gaze. She recollected herself and slowly walking over to the fallen book she said,"Ah.. i'll wash my hands after I finish my work Abhay.. we've to complete arranging the books by evening right..?" she uttered still shivering. As she lifted her head to see Abhay, he was already arranging the books.. "Dont just stand there.. bring those books here" he said bossily. 'god he needs a psychatirist' she thought as she brought over the books. Then by evening the work was over.. they had completed the whole work in silence.. it was 5 past 6..  she looked at the library and was very happy about how beautiful it was looking now.. with books neatly arranged..!! she sighed and gave a broad smile, "We did it Abhay" she said. He was already at the door and said a "yea watever" and walked on.
     "humph...!!" she said and barged out too.. but not before she switched off all the lights and everthing. She immediately went to the washroom and washed her hands off using the Dettol bottle there. She looked up and smiled at her own reflection before running to find Abhay...



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update soon!!!!
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Originally posted by tanya.dsouza

update soon!!!!
     thanks.. i ve updated... check it out... n tel me how it is..!! Smile
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            Well guys i ve updated a second part.. hope u guys like it.. n pls comment.. n press the like button if u ve enjoyed readin.. thnks..!                     

       She went running after to find Abhay, he was really good with the disappearing act and all.After all she thought she owes him a 'thanks' for helping her out in arranging all those books, she could have never done it alone.!  She went racing to Abhay who was standing quite amused at all the decoration for the fest, it was very pretty, there were large wooden carved boards with slogans written in a very creative way.. and many stalls were put up for charity.. the college campus was well arranged..! He was standing simply, he knew she was there and just without even turning back just walked away to a classroom as the ground was teeming with college kids with tons of work. So he just decided to leave later and so he went in.. followed by Piya of course. She was furious when he just ignored her.. annoyingly he said,"tum mere peeche kyun chali aati ho.?" in a irritated voice. 'OK.. what have i done..!' he thought as he saw Piya fuming. Piya just needed some harsh inspiration to get herself pumped up into a active volcanic lava.! And so she erupted as she began, " Excuse me.. mujhe koi shauk nahi hai tumare peeche bhagne ka.. tum ek second ko bhi mat sochna ki mein us time wali 'kiss' ke liye pooch rahi hu.. dont you even think that i.." she stopped mid-way and looked up at Abhay who was looking at her amused, realising what she had told, she had this surge again 'idiot, you had to spill the beans.. look what you've done ' she thought as she began to walk back followed by Abhay who was walking towards her. Her heart began to beat faster and faster with every step of his, she knew this time she had just pushed too far she and her 'na jaane' what words. She was backed up against a wall with him away of a distance of about less than 3cm approx. He laid his hands on the wall and stooped low on her.. "Say that again" he said in husky voice while he was still amused by her words, which brought goosebumps on her skin. 
      His eyes were serious but yet there were gentle.. she bit her lower lip for an attempt to stop herself from wimpering as she found it so hard to breathe.. with him so close to her.. his auroma.. inhaling that heavenly scent, she felt dizzy..! He was looking at her with love now, entertained by her actions.. he wondered whether she feels the same nervousness he feels all the time he is around her. He was thinking that if he had a heart full of human filled emotions.. it would have blasted by now.. all his emotions which were dormant seemed to be raised when she was there.. her presence was enough for him, her enticing aura, he loved the love she looked at him... in short they both just looved each other..!!


    Abhay slowly went closer to her.. Piya was shivering ,he caught her shoulders, and he insantly went  closer and closer, when he was at distance that their tip of their lips slightly touched, Piya was shivering even more, she blown away with his touch, he seemed to be cooling her by pressing her shoulders even harder now ,slowly began to rub his lips on hers as he pressed her shoulders. Piya's body was warm now.. her temperature had gone up a few degrees.. and the heat was caused by his presence. Piya's eyes remained close, as he kissed her soft lips, ever so slowly.. the action was causing an explosion of pleasure in both their bodies.. and they longed for more. Piya gained her senses of what was happening and instantly clinged her hands to his neck deepening the kiss.. quite enticed with the new feeling Piya caught hold of his soft hair and began to dug her nails into the scalp.. even as he bit her she couldnt feel the pain as she seemed to be enjoying the sensation, both of them seemed to be immersed by the action and none realised the around world.. not that someone was watching them but they seemed to forget everything and get lost in each other's loving embraces.
     Tring.. tring.. it rang for the umpteenth time.. but Piya seemed to be lost in her own world of fantisies.. we cant blame her ears for being deaf cause her mind was not working at that moment.!
After ten minutes or so there was loud banging on her room door.. finally her dreaming had removed the blockages from the hearing centre.. thank god..! It was Misha at the door.. and Piya was confused what Misha was doing at this hour.. not that she didnt want her to come or something but it was already 9...

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             Chapter 3 
           Misha came blasting through with anger," Hey, tume kya hoga hi hai.. mein kab se tumko call kar rahi ho..? bahere ho kya..?", "No, Misha i didnt hear properly, I was thinking about something.. Sorry.! " blushing as she remembered about the incident. "Accha, ab samaj min aaya, kai to us Abhay ne hi tumare kaano mein phool rak diya hoga isliye tum bahere ho gaye ho..? to kya chal raha hai boss.? bata bhi do varna tumari life emraan hashmi ke films ke jaise ho jaayenge.. u know sad endings..! so what did he do..? " she asked  curiosly punching her arm in Piya's stomach and raising her eyebrows.. "What Misha..!! aisa kuch nahi hai... tumara dimag to teek hai na.. mein us sadu ke baare mein kyun soochongi..!", "Accha chodo.." she said annoyingly and continued," tum to nahi kehnewali.. to mein yahaan par apna time kyun barbaad karoon..! so actually i wanted to tell you that you have to be in college by 8 ok.. you've got take care of a stall right.? so you have make all the arrangements.. i wanted to tell you in college.. but i didnt find and then i called but madam had gone deaf.. so that's why i had to come...!" she told.. Piya nodded and said, " Thanks Mish..", "Ok.. Piya gotto go.. varna meri mom meri gala phod degi..! k then bye..! see you tommorow babe.! " ," Bye Misha, careful" with that she simply smiled and began to walk back down to her bike. She waved a final goodbye at the window, and Piya went on to the bed.. to get some rest.. 'what a hectic day it was..!' she blushed as she touched her lips.. she had kissed him.. tasted him... her mouth in his.. she couldnt believe this.. it all sounded or felt to her no less than a fairy tale.. mesmerised in her thoughts she drifted off to sleep..!! 
   Next day at college.. Piya was there by 8 wearing a gypsy skirt with floral designs and tight T with a shawl on as usual...  different stlyish rings and bands.. accesories which were quite popular with the youth were hung upon in Piya's stall... 'now that will make a good charity amount' she thought as she was decorating the stall with the large boards for advertisement which she had made earlier. Everyone was at their stalls.. T had her 'kissing' stall which was totally a... i dont know what..!!  and Misha had teamed up with Ruhi for some fun game stall... Bhavana had set up a floral stall.. She wondered what Abhay must have done.. hmm..?? 
    He came around at 10, he was not incharge of any stall, he was just given the responsibilty to look after the stalls and keep them checked. Just look out.. that was his job.. carrying on his job assigned to him.. his look came to a deadly stop when he saw Piya, she was looking pretty as always. But since their moment yesterday.. he was finding it hard to stay away from her. So irresistible she looked. trying to control his burning passion he just stood there gazing at her.. but that feeling didnt last long cause it was soon washed away with annoyance T the Miss Irritation found her way to Abhay's broad shoulders. She kept clinging on him ,"You know Abhay, you should come to my stall, i mean i can give you free kisses.. and i know you're just dying for them" He didnt respond, he was really irritated he just rolled his eyes. She continued uttering nonsense," Oh.. you dont want this beauty queen to kiss you in front of everyone.. dont worry 'we can kiss somewhere more private'" she said stressing her last words which caught Piya's attention.. she looked up to see that it was T gripping on to Abhay's shoulders.. Her Abhay..! She was burning with jealousy.. that kiss had just increased their love for each other.. just added to their never-ending love..! gah.! She was angry and began to figitate with her skirt.. Abhay could feel the sudden rush in Piya's body.. it was like she was fire.. 'Great.. my fiesty girl friend.. i need ice..!! ' he thought smirking. He didnt want to make her more upset cause he had this feeling that she was gonna explode any time.! So he slipped off T's arm arrongantly and made his out from there. The action cooled down Piya a bit..! Then she asked Kavya to look after the stall for her and said that she'll be back soon..and with that she went to find Abhay.. 
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awesome update... thanxx for d PM..... :] :] plzzz update soon Smile
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yay i was d first to comment!!!! Clap Party
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nyce parts continue soon
thnkz for the pm
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