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Wrote yet another OS. Boy! I'm obsessed with them. :P  In my version of AP, Piya hasn't thrown away the locket or done some of the other things lol.

Sorry for any mistakes, kindly ignore them. Comments and Likes are most welcome. Embarrassed

It was a cold silent night even for forest standards. She was standing there in the middle of it with cold night air softly blowing her hair. She had her eyes closed shut with tear streaked face. Wearing a bright cherry pink dress and gold heels, a complete contrast to the dark and gloomy surroundings, she looked oddly placed. Opposite her he stood looking miserable.  They had been standing there for barely five minutes but it seemed like an eternity had passed. Finally he spoke breaking the dark silence.

Abhay: Piya…listen I-
He was rudely cut off by Piya. She looked upto him and replied in an angry tone,
Piya: No Abhay. I don't want to hear any explanations. I had enough of them. And tonight was…


Her voice trailed off. She closed her eyes as she her mind raced back to the evening.

The party Mish had thrown for her, for getting the job at Siddharth's office. Everyone was there. Then Abhay went missing. Piya went to look for him. She thought she saw Siddharth in a room in the corner. She went closer only to discover Siddharth and Abhay deep in a heated argument. For a moment she was confused that what possibly they could be arguing about. She was about to go and interrupt them when she heard Siddharth call Abhay little brother. Brother? Confusion and questions surrounded her. And as she listened further the reality dawned upon her. Unable to take it all she ran from the place. Abhay sensing her ran to look for her.
And now they were they standing here.


Abhay: No Piya you have to listen. Whatever I did was a because of a reason. I had to protect you.

Piya: From what Abhay? Siddharth?...your own brother?

Abhay: You know?

Piya: Yes. I heard you two talking. But why Abhay why did you hide the truth from me? Why didn't you tell me before that he is your brother? What were you hiding Abhay?

Abhay: Piya I had to because I wanted to keep you out…away from our dark world.

Piya: But im already there Abhay.

Abhay: That's why I don't want you to get involve more. Please Piya this is for your own good. You don't understand. Sid is not what he appears to be like…he is dangerous.

Piya: Then make me understand.

Abhay: Piya (he sighs)

Piya: See this is what you always do. You always try to push me away. Whenever I try to come near, to be a part of your pain you always push me away.

Abhay looks with hurt in his eyes.

Piya: The only thing I ever wanted was to share your pain. To ease it out. To understand what you are going through. I could never bear to see the look of pain on your eyes. I always wished to erase it away. But…you always ended up pushing me away and hurting me more than before.

Abhay: I'm sorry Piya. I never wanted to hurt you. I…I always wanted your happiness.

Piya: My happiness? But don't you know my happiness lies with you.

Abhay: Piya I have told you countless times its not possible. That's why I always pushed you away from me.  Please…

(Moves closer and puts a hand on her shoulder.  Piya moves back. )

Piya: No Abhay. Not anymore. I'm not a toy. I'm a human and it hurts. It hurts when you push me away like that, drive me crazy with your mood swings, treat me like am nothing to you, insult me and hurt my ego. There is a limit to which I can bear.

I...I can't take it anymore.  (Breaks into tears.) More so because that means you never trusted me. I always thought that if no love, at least we share some bond. A bond of trust. But I was so wrong. Because if you had even slight trust in me you would have come and told me the truth long time ago. But no you always choose to keep it yourself.

I always did as you told me. (Reaches out and touches the locket given by Abhay.) I never questioned you. But you…You never had enough faith in me. You never saw me as more than a silly teenager. But not anymore Abhay…I will leave. Because I had enough of it.


With that she collapses down to the ground. Her soft sobs echoing in the forest.

Abhay looking down at her crying figure, himself loses control over his emotions. And he kneels down beside her.


Abhay: Piya…I am sorry. I know I have been a fool to do this. Please Piya. I have and I do trust you. You are the only one in this world whom I can actually trust with my heart that's why I don't want to lose you. I have lost once…don't want that to happen again. Please understand me. But now no more secrets; I promise. Just don't ever think of leaving me.


Piya looks up and watches his face intently. And all she see's in his eyes is care and affection for her.


Piya: Abhay…I wouldn't even dream of going away from you. I have chosen this path for myself. So whatever may come I'm ready to face it. I just want you to believe in me, trust me.


He gently touches her face and brings her closer.

Abhay: I do.

Piya smiles and places her forehead against his.

Piya (softly): I love you Abhay. And that's all that matters.

Abhay: I love you too Piya.


They sit there like that with blissful smile adorning their face, as a single tear escapes their eyes, they becoming one.

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Posted: 2011-03-06T12:58:05Z
It's beautiful yaar! Simply loved it! Plz do write more!! Hug
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Posted: 2011-03-06T13:35:47Z

It was bliss!!! Simply Beautiful Anu!!

Just like in your OS,I so want Piya to ease away all of Abhay's sufferings
and want both of them to be happy...
To see the bright warm glow on each of their faces with love in their hearts,
Uniting them as Soulmates...Forever
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Posted: 2011-03-06T13:37:34Z
Annnnuuuuu................ **hugs**

You just write beautifully. How beautifully you explained what we all wanted to actually happen in the show. I really wish to replace the actual script of the show with what you have written. It's amazing, simply amazing. 

Please do write your OS - they give us hope - at least I feel that way. 
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Posted: 2011-03-06T13:38:32Z
Please write more Anu,pretty please Embarrassed
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Posted: 2011-03-06T20:35:30Z
wow! It's awesome Anu. Lovely OS. I just loved it.
Keep writing such wonderful abhiya stories.
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Posted: 2011-03-06T21:39:18Z
hai anu,
its really wonderful..hope in the show too if it was like this it wud hav been toooooo gooooooooood...loved it this way...
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Posted: 2011-03-06T21:54:17Z
OH MY GOD..Ektaji...Please coem here & see what has been written..this is called awesome..!! Please take this sweet heart @sugaryanu with you..YOU WILL NEVER EVER REGRET..YOUR TRP WILL RISE SKY HIGH..!!

And this is for you @sugaryanu..!!HugHugHug
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