Rohit Datta: I believe my wife is better than me

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Posted: 2011-03-04T05:26:25Z

Rohit Datta: I feel my wife is better than me

One of most popular contestant of STAR Plus' Wife Bina Life, the 37-year-old Rohit Datta feels the show was an eye opener and urges the rest of the men in the world to appreciate the women and their contribution in their lives. This Punjabi munda had fun and rediscovered himself  on the show,  he tells us.

You are one the most famous contestants on with about 4,000 likes. How do feel to know that so many people are supporting you?
It feels good and I feel humbled. I want to thank the people who have shown their love and appreciation for me. I would like to tell them to keep the love flowing [smiles]. Though, I haven't had time but the moment I do, I will surely read all comments about the show and me.

Who do you think is your closest competitor in this contest?
As we are in the last leg of this show, I feel everyone is a deserving contestant. Everyone has their highs and lows. I can't say that someone is better than me, nor do I think I am better than the rest. May the best man win.


Which was your favourite moment in the show?
There were quite a few. I felt like a fish out of water during the show, so when my wife returned, it was a relief. I felt like I was back in the water [laughs]. Secondly, it was fun to look after the whole gang of kids. Though, it was a tough task, I think the kids and I enjoyed it. Lastly, when my kids entered the fancy dress competition as Munnabhai and Circuit and rocked the show. I felt very emotional and very proud of them.

After participating in this show, is there a change in your attitude towards a homemaker's role in a family?
I have a better idea of a homemaker's role now. I still feel my wife is better than me. Today, I know I can handle home and kids. I have decided that once we go home I will cook at least once a week. I have decided we will eat out once a week too, so that my wife has a day off. Women never have a holiday in the purest form. They are always busy doing some chore or the other at home. I feel I have become more expressive than before. Now I will not shy away from praising my wife in public. I also won't ask her to make tea frequently as I used to earlier. During the show, I realized that a menial task like making a cup of tea can interrupt your flow of the big things you are doing -be it getting the kids ready, or cooking food. I am more appreciative of my wife and all that she does for our family.

What would you like to say to all the people who don't appreciate a homemaker's role in the family?
My message to the public via this show is that I hope they understand and appreciate the role of the women in their lives. People who think being a housewife is easy should realize that it might look easy but in reality is very tough. There's a saying -Jo tan lage, so tan jaane, which means you understand what someone else goes through only when you are in their shoe. Ladies of the house -be it your mother, sister or wife, need to be respected and understood.

When you entered the show, how did it feel handling the kitchen?
I had to bake a cake, make south Indian fare, which I will say I did with aplomb. It was an achievement for me. Today I don't feel scared of trying to make a new dish. This show has boosted my confidence.


How do you think your family, parents and other relatives reacted when they saw you managing the kitchen?
I am sure they were surprised and happy for me. I think I did a good job, so I am satisfied.

How would you sum up your journey to date?
Wife Bina Life has been a marvelous journey. It has been an eye opener and an unforgettable experience. I have lived every moment on the show. I am glad I came on the show and I am looking forward to going back home. I am not pondering over the final result of the show. In fact, I am feeling bad that this journey will end soon. I am lucky to have participated in Wife Bina Life.

What was your goal when you decided to take on the show?
I wasn't clear about what I expected or what was expected of me on Wife Bina Life when I joined. I guess destiny brought me here and I am glad it turned out to be a great challenge. The show's message to the public is brilliant and I am glad to be part of this noble cause. I want to reiterate that women should be given credit for managing our home. Don't undervalue their efforts. We men should respect and appreciate everything women in our lives do for us.

What was the toughest aspect of managing the kids?
Kids have high energy and if that isn't managed well, it turns into a negative attitude. As a parent, you need to channelize it well and focus on positive activities. That was the toughest part of managing the kids. One had to look after food, sleep, time pass, studies and then engaging activities as well. Yet after a bit, I got into the flow of things and everything came naturally to me.

Do you feel your bond with your children has grown stronger?
Yes. I think I have come closer to my younger son. My connect with my elder son was fine but that too has become better. Now, I feel the kids come to me with their problems or issues and not necessarily or always run to their mom.

You love sleeping and working out the most in your usual routine. So during the show, what did you get time for and what did you miss the most?

I managed to get sometime for workouts- half an hour a day but I lost track of my sleep quite earlier on the show. Other than taking care of the house and kids, we had tasks and eliminations too. After running around the clock, if I managed to get 6-8 hours of sleep – I would feel lucky. There have been days when I slept for just five hours.

You thought your family is the ideal family and perfect. Do you still think so?
Every person feels their family is ideal and perfect, and so do I. I feel we grew as a family and have come a long way. There is always scope for improvement. We bonded, shared, talked a lot and had fun.

Would you say you proved to be a responsible father on the show?
Absolutely. Yet, I think the kids would be a better judge of that.

Who was your biggest support?
My wife. When she wasn't with me, her love and support kept me going. Now that she is here. I feel more buoyant and confident.

Don't forget to watch Wife Bina Life every Sat-Sun at 9 pm only on on STAR Plus.


Kavita Awaasthi /Hill Road Media
Friday, March 04, 2011
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