Sid-Panchhi OS - You are stronger than that...

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Smilehey guys!! ok so here is my first attempt at an OS! I love Sid-Panchhi so its on them....please keep in mind that the panchhi in my story knows of Sid being a vampire....anyway all of it will become clear once you read my OS....i know its a little long, but please do read and comment!! i would really appreciate the encouragement, seeing as it is my first OS... here goes nothing...enjoy!






[Panchhi  is in Sid's office, desperately looking for something]

Panchhi  – Where is that goddamn file!! ( Rummaging through some papers furiously) 

(Thinking)-Great! Now Siddharth is really gonna be baring his fangs at me! Literally!! I mean it was already awkward enough between us since I came to know of his 'vampirism'. Urgh…even the memory of it makes me sick! Walking in on a vampire drinking out of a blood bag with his fangs poking out covered in blood can really do it to you! Trust me, I would know….Anyway, after a long period of yelling, screaming, running, calming down, explaining and understanding, did I finally learn of the whole deal behind 'vegetarian vampires'…yeah whatever!! But what still confuses me, is why I believed him so easily…I mean despite every single shocking thing I heard about 'vampires'(not least of which was the news of Abhay too being one! Wow wasn't that a shocker!), I still readily believed him and his 'I don't hunt humans' speech ! Why?  I guess a huge part of me wanted to believe that Sid is good, wanted to believe that Sid would never hurt a human, wanted to believe that there was still some goodness left in the man I seem to be so desparately falling for….

NO PANCHHI SNAP OUT OF IT! You are sooo not gonna  fall in love with a Casanova! Womanizer! And oh, I almost forgot, Vampire! Just get your act together and find that stupid file if you don't want to be Sid's dinner!

[Door opens, Sid walks in. He looks tired and haggard, with dark shadows around his hungry eyes. Hearing the door open, Panchhi whips around.]

Panchhi – 'Morning Sir!

(Thinking) – Wow, he looks pretty….umm…hungry?...Crap, wouldn't wanna  piss him off today..

Sid(with a lot less of a swagger than usual) - good morning Panchhi.

Panchhi (nonchalantly)– Rough day huh?(turning around with her back facing Sid, not wanting to let Sid see her expression) Not been eating well?

Sid ( A little embarrassed)- Ya…been busy with office work and stuff..didnt get time to hunt.

Panchhi (shuddering at the word 'hunt') – Hmm….

[Panchhi gets busy with looking for the file again, while Sid just stands there, looking at her back, in deep thought]

Sid(thinking) – So….she seems to be taking this vampire thing pretty well….good for her…. But why am I so happy that she doesn't hate me? Her liking or disliking me should not even matter! Yet all I can feel is so light and relieved that she doesn't hate me…Do I want her to like me?...God! What is the matter with me!! Am I not supposed to be this heartless beast! Then how can I suddenly be falling for Panchhi!! And that too Panchhi! Not even my usual type of girl! (Suddenly realizing that he was staring at her) Damn it Siddharth stop staring at her! If she turned around and saw your expression right now she would probably freak out!

Sid  (looking away and clearing his throat loudly) – Umm, so is that file I asked for ready?

Panchhi- Yes Sir, one moment, it was right here yesterday … where could it have possibly… Oh, found it!( Pulling a purple file out of a huge bundle of  folders) Here you go.

[Just as Siddharth pulls the file from Panchhi's hand, Panchhi lets out a small whimper]

Panchhi – O crap, paper cut!...

[ In less than two seconds, the atmosphere of the room changes. Sid immediately tenses up, the smell of sweet blood lingering in his nose. Panchhi too stops fretting over her finger as she looks up to find herself trapped in a room with a hungry, blood-crazed vampire]

Panchhi (looking straight into Sid's reddening eyes, whispering to herself) -  oh no…..

Before she knew it, Sid had lunged right at her and she was backed up hard against the wall. She was terrified beyond words. Her whole mind and body was screaming at her to run, but she stood rooted to the spot with fear. Not that it would have done any good trying to run away from him. Humans really don't stand a chance against vampires you know…

Sid (with his face an inch away from Panchhi's terrified one) (in a raspy tone)–  Mmm… Panchhi…..

Panchhi (with her hands balled up into fists, locked by Sid on either side, to hide her finger and stop the bleeding) (crying silently)  - Sid, please….you can't do this Sid…you just can't….

Sid (moving his face into Panchhi's neck and hair, breathing in her scent fully, his animal side taking over) – But I CAN, Panchhi…I can and I will…

Panchhi (whimpering) – Please Sid…remember you don't hurt humans right….and you would never hurt me Sid, would you?

Sid – (hiding his face in her hair, but his expression is torn)  (barely in a whisper) – I lied.

Panchhi (not crying anymore, but confused) – What?!

Sid- (Pulling his head out of her hair for a moment and looking her directly in the eyes) – That's right, I LIED. You know that girl who was murdered in the jungle? That was me! (Turns her head slightly and starts gently kissing her neck from her ear all the way down to her collar bone, hunger and desperation obvious in his kisses)

Panchhi (Shocked at his words and silent for a while. Then in a determined, but small voice) – It doesn't matter. I love you…

Sid ( so shocked to hear that that he comes out of his beast mode for a second and looks at her incredulously)- You know that I am a vampire, you know that I have killed people even, you know that im about to kill you now…and you say that 'It doesn't matter' ?!!

Panchhi (scared, but determined) – yes, it doesn't matter. (whispering now) And I know that you love me too…

Sid – (Hiding his pain, and going back to nuzzling her neck and ear, lying through his teeth) – Well, then you thought wrong, didn't you!  I.DON'T.LOVE.YOU.

Panchhi (Now far past the stage of fear, with resignation and in a calm voice) – I don't believe that. (Now talking like she was discussing the weather) You know I met Abhay the other day…

Sid ( his lips still trailing kisses on panchhi's neck, but his curiosity heightened at the sudden change of topic) – And what did my baby brother have to say?

Panchhi (in a monotone) – he told me to stay away from you. He said that you were dangerous and that you were not trustworthy…

Sid – Mmm….

Panchhi – don't you want to know what I said?

Sid – Mmm…maybe not… (still nuzzling her hair, his fangs already protruding now)

Panchhi – I still want to tell you…

Sid  - mmm… ok. Tell me. (he starts running his fingers down her neck, feeling the heat and warmth of her skin)

Panchhi (her heart racing, barely coherently, whispering) – I told him…I told him that Sid would never,….NEVER hurt me….that he was a good person at heart….that he would NEVER let any harm come to me….(almost talking to him as if trying to convince him)…

Sid (his dead heart fluttering at her faith in him, and at the same time feeling disgust and hatred towards himself) (looks up at her)– Well, then I certainly am proving you wrong, aren't I…(almost pleading in pain, as if asking for permission to kill her) I don't have the strength to stop now panchhi, I just don't...

Panchhi –  No Sid. (Now pleading, not for her life, but to save him from the guilt and regret that would plague him later if he failed to restrain himself now) …Have faith in yourself… you can stop…You are stronger than that….

Sid- (looking into her eyes for what seemed like eternity, battling with his inner monster. Finally, the good in him prevails. Suddenly, realizing the position he had put panchhi in and what he was going to do to her) – O god Panchhi…(lets go of her immediately and backs off)…im so sorry….

Not testing his resistence any longer, he runs out of the room, to get away from the smell of her blood, her, and his shameful behaviour. Panchhi collapses to the ground.

Panchhi (talking to herself with a small smile ) – I knew it Sid…I knew it…you could never hurt me…never….

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE END xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please guys comment!! and be gentle it is after all my first OS!! Smile

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All I can say right now is .. I love this! I honestly L-O-V-E this! Embarrassed 

I loved Panchi in this one... She reminded me of Elena in the scene where Stefan NEARLY bites her! She was so strong, so considerate! ''Sid, you can NEVER hurt me!'' Aww .. she made the 'goodness' inside Sid win, how I wish we get to see something like that! :D

I love your writing style .. Each and every detail was portrayed SO perfectly! We could actually visualise the whole thing ..We could actually visualise Sid losing control.

Do write more .. Plus, yeah, Imma gonna add this to the SidDhi Creative Corner list! Smile 

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hey it is awesome....
OMG birdie  knows this that sid is a vampire..........
and i really like d way they think that they can't fall in love with each other auddenly a incident make them reliase that bith of them are already in love

keep updating it soon nd thanx 4 sending pm

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Posted: 2011-03-02T21:42:22Z
Your OS was really good.I just hope it turns out to be like this when Panchi gets to know about his truth.Pls continue to write more OSs on themSmile
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Posted: 2011-03-02T21:55:41Z
superb OS yaar
plsss write more n nxt tym pm me
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Posted: 2011-03-03T00:53:44Z
This was like an amazing piece of work ! I could almost visualize the entire thing ! It was too good ;) Please do write more and more and more ! :D
I loved Panchi in this one and SId was perfectly creepy ! Brilliant =D
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Posted: 2011-03-03T01:19:34Z
Loved ur OS. It was superb. Pls make more.
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Posted: 2011-03-03T04:08:41Z
Awesome OS!!
Pls write more!
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