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Hey folksHug...myself Aditi n I m new to this PKYEK forum...I m die-hard Sid-Panchii n Abhay fan n for the first time I m trying my hand in oneshots in this forum..this is an OS based on Sid-Panchii.. it mainly focuses on what they think of each other n how can love be that important in someone's life!

I dont know how this gonna turn out..its my request do read  n comment or criticize..you are free to express your feelings!Smile

Sid's residence at 8:00 p.m…

Sid is setting the table for the dinner..He still not able to figure out why on earth he invited his "Good for nothing secretary" Ms. Panchi Dobriyal for dinner!! He was excited..a stream of current was flowing down his nerves, which making him more n more restless with every passing moment..a blood thirsty vampire, for the first time, not considering a gal merely for his purpose, but the stance was quite different this time..

He wanted to make the dinner special..all his servants n employees were given a day off…he decorated the entire living room n the dining space himself!

"Uff..Mr.Sidhharth Raichand..what had happened to you! You doing all these things just for a girl! A girl whom you love to torture! To poke fun at! To underrate every yime she is in front of you!" Again a trail of thought started ruffling his mind..he sat quietly on the sofa, while a sudden knock on the door interrupted his thoughts…

Sid: Wait a minute… Coming…. (opens door) He looked at the girl on the door..n gave his usual evil grin.. "Hello Birdie..Please come inside…"

He took Panchi aside and closed the door.. Panchi was bit amazed by the hasty transformation of her Casanova boss to a perfect gentleman..in addition she was bit scared to!

Panchi shyly said "Good evening Sir"

 She was having a cake canister in her hands.. She stood there for a moment, while Sid walked, unknown to the fact that Panchhi still standing at the door!

He looked back..

Sid: Hey! Come on in! What you doing there? N What do you have in ur hands?

She was reluctant in the beginning..but with every passing words of Sid her confidence grew.. "This guy cant be dat bad!" She thought n then answered..

Panchi: I figured since you are providing the main course I would provide the dessert!(Taking the lid off and setting on the table) Hope you like chocolate cake.

Sid: It looks good.

Panchi: Made it myself.

Sid: (sticking his finger in the icing on the side and then sticks some into his mouth) Ummmm….(smiling)

Panchi: Something smells good.

She moved her eyes throughtout the room n was really impressed by the ornamentation of the room.. "Sir, ur servants are really well trained! I m astound! The adornment is really really breathtaking!"

Sid smiled while Panchhi was busy admiring the whole..

"The servant is at ur service ma'm!"

Panchhi looked back was was surprised to find Sid kneeling in front of her, with his head over his heel n smiling..

"Sir! You did all these! I cant believe this! Its simply…"

"Its you who is good fr nothing..not me birdie!" He cut off Panchhi once again with his naughty one liners.. Both of them just stared at each other for a while n then smiled..

Sid went to table and poured two glasses of diet coke and handed one to Panchi..

"The dinner will be ready in a little while" Saying this he headed into the kitchen.. Panchhi followed him..

Panchi: Can I help? She stopped right behind Sid who was at the counter beside the refrigerator.

Panchi thought "Adorable kitchen but a bit small."

Sid not noticing where Panchi is standing, turned around and winds up face to face with her with only one step in between them... His eyes met to that of  Panchi's eyes and both of them have trouble looking away.. Sid observed the awkwardness in her eyes..

"I believe everything is almost done..now we can prepare ourselves for dinner" Sid said as he wanted to lighten up the intense atmosphere there..but he was still drowned in those beautiful eyes..he never felt the sensation, that he felt today! He never knew what he was doing or wat he was thinking! His eyes were searching only for those beautiful eyes, which, in his words are blue lagoon..any body wud love to get drowned!

His imaginations grew wild..he slowly reaches out his hand and put it around Panchi's waist and does a smooth little dance move to swing her around to the other side of the kitchen…

Suddenly…. Bzzzzzzz….went the alarm on the oven which is right behind Panchi…

"Excuse me the potatoes are ready!" Pachhi said with utter amusement fr wat she saw!

But Sid was not paying any attention to what he wass doing and opened the oven and grabbed one of the potatoes and ended up dropping it on the door of the oven..

" Ouch!" He shouted in complete pain..

Panchi ran towards him…

" Are you alright?" She grabbed Sid's hand and looked it over and pulled him over to the sink..

" Here run it under the water." She said and reaches for a towel she saw sitting on the counter..

" Do you have a First Aid Kit?" She was worried yet a lot concerned..she was gently caressing his hand with the towel n Sid was simply mesmerized!

Once again he was about to sink in his ocean of thoughts when he suddenly realized wat he doing..

"It's alright…I m fine... The kit is in the cabinet by your head…" He answered back..

Hee was bit embarrassed.. "That was a very stupid thing to do na!" He asked in a gentle infact in a childish manner…Panchhi moved her head upwards n looked at Sid..He found innocence in his eyes, for the first time..

Suddenly she started smiling..infact laughing

"Sir you're trying to lift the oven up! But why! It seemed that you wanna have a dance!"

She was laughing whole heartedly…she was laughing so hard that her eyes started watering..she looked angelic while smiling..Sid was smitten..he was mesmerized..he slowly went towards Panchii, unaware of the fact that wat he gonna do! Panchii realized that his intentions were not that gud..she moved aback..Sid still pursuing towards her..while Panchii moving back..Suddenly she had to stop! She was stuck somewhere…Yes she was stuck between the cupboard n of course, Sid!

She closed her eyes..she felt as if she is loosing all her strength to fight …to save herself from the evil.. Sid moved his face more closer towards her…now she could feel his warm breath on her neck.. Her eyes were still closed.. Sid slowly moved his hand towards her waist…it slightly touched her n she felt as if electric current is passing through her body!

Suddenly she heard something gt opened…Sid opened the cupboard n took out the kit, finds the burn spray and

Bandages and handed over to Panchii.

"Would you please!" He aksed her with his signature mishivious smile..Sid Turned his palm up, which is a slight red color,while Panchi was standing like a statue n was cursing herself for wat she was thinking!

Sid, to lighten upp the moment said " This is not exactly what I had in mind for us to be doing."

Panchii looked at Sid n then took his hand n started wrapping..She looked up at him after finishing wrapping

"There now. You need to keep it dry as much as possible for right now." She adviced Sid n took him towards the dinner table..

"So go sit down and I will finish getting the dinner together."

She tried to avoid the eye contact as long as possible n quickly moved towards the kitchen..

Sid followed her  towards the kitchen and stood in the doorway..

Sid, watching Panchi all the while she is taking the potatoes out of the oven, said

 "Panchi, you do not need to do this."

Panchi set potatoes on the plate that is sitting on the counter and walked to stand in front of Sid..

" I don't mind. You have to keep that hand dry for right now. N I m ur "Good for nothing" Secy..but I m experienced in doing all these!"

She was bit distureb while saying all these n turned back into kitchen..Sid felt the pain in her voice n regreted for what his did to this innocent girl..who in turn never answered back, but gulped every pain n humiliation silently, just to come out of her disturbed past n a painful heartbreak..

There was a complete silence roaming around the room..both of them were in their own world..

(Thirty minutes later)

Sid: Is sitting on the couch listening to some soft music and drinking a little bit of the wine..

Panchi: came out of the kitchen carrying two plates with the steaks and potatoes…

"Now that wasn't so hard now was it?

She said smiling, while Sid still sitting on the couch couldn't help but admired her…

Sid got up from the couch to moved to the table..He smiled and moved to pull out Panchi's chair for her while she set the plates down..

"Panchi, sometimes you amaze me" he said thoughtfully while staring deeply at Panchii…

She looked up once again n did nothing but smiled..

"Sir, its said better late than never.."

Both of them laughed once again..

"So you have becom smart n witty as well!" Sid said naughtly while Panchii just smiled..

Panchi: Are you ready to eat?

Sid: Starved.

He suddenly moved her chair and her closer to table and then let his hand move across the back of the chair brushing the back of her neck slightly..

This sent waves of electricity through both of them..

Sid thought to himself "Food isn't the only think I am starving for!"

Panchi too thought the same…."I wish food wasn't the only thing he was starving for."She blushed and looked up at Sid

Sid watched Panchi and saw her blush..

He thought "I wonder what she is thinking… Smells good!"

He then tried to pick up knife and fork but had trouble cutting his steak with the bandage on…

Panchii was watching him and spotted that he is about to take the bandage off!!!

"What the hell do you think you gonna do?" Panchii shouted at Sid..n took the knife outta his reach

Sid, who was slightly frustated started reaching for the bandage…

" I can't cut the meat if I can't hold the utensil!! Then how I gonna have my food!" Sid said while he look frustrated

Panchi: What if I had a suggestion? (Grinning slightly and grabbed his hand)

Sid: n what is it?

He started smiling as he watched Panchi move her chair and plate over next to him…

" So far I am liking this plan. What is next?" She asked playfully..

Panchi picked up her fork and knife and cut his meat for him..Then she picked up a piece of the meat with her fork and fed Sid…

Sid takes a bite and grins..

" Well, what do you think? Hoes the plan?" She asked while feeding him another bite…

Sid: "The only thing wrong with this plan (after taking a few more bites) is you're not eating your dinner. But I have an idea that can change that. Go on ahead and cut your meat up. "

He picked up the other fork and starts feeding Panchi..They both started laughing..

After calming down they ate in a comfortable silence for a few more minutes…

" Panchi, you constantly surprise me."He watched Panchi's face the whole time they are eating)

Panchi: n Why is that? She said while looking into Sid's eyes…

Sid leaned back in his chair and pushed his plate to one side…

"When I think I know you, you show a different side. Tonight you are a combination of woman and little girl, sort of playful. You have a lot of pain n grief buried inside..still you never forget to smile amidst…you're truly amazing Birdie"

Sid confessed his thoughts while Panchii was hearing carefully…

"And which do you like?"she smiled flirtly…A piece of her hair came across her face and fell down to lay against her cheek..

Sid,leaning toward Panchi and with his hand removed the fallen hair back behind her ear and drew his finger along her cheek down to her chin…this made both their hearts racing..

"Actually I like you as you are. You would not be Panchi if you changed." He said huskily

Panchi: "why are you trying to be sweet to me?" She said shyly…

Sid grinning right back.. "It all depends"

Looked into Panchi's eyes and then down at her lips which she licked with her tongue and then back into her eyes…

Panchi: "On what?"She was having trouble looking at him as she watched Sid leaning closer to her…

Sid: "On whether it is working or not!"

He still staring at her face as he moved even closer until there is just an inch between their lips..

There was complete silence for sometime..Suddenly the phone rang…

"Who the hell gonna get eaten up!" Sid whispered lividly, while Panchii just smiled…

Sid got up to pick up the phone while Panchii started dishing out some of the cake…

Sid:(Keeping his eyes on Panchi he picked up the phone)…Hello…(Listened for a minute)

Panchi started feeding him bites n he enjoyed while talking over the phone….

"OK I' ll be there by 7.30" Saying this he hung up the phone..

Panchi: (feeding Sid the last bite of his cake) What's up?

Sid: Its an important bidding tomorrow n we have to reach office by 7.30 tomorrow!

Panchi: Well then I think if we both have to be into the office early in the morning then I should be going home now.. Do you want me to help you clean up?

She stood up with Sid's help…

Sid: It is alright, I can clean everything up.

He took Panchi's hand and walked with her to the door.. As she was about to move out of the house, he suddenly pulled her closer...He watched Panchi's face as her eyes slowly closed as he moved in nearer to her lips and brushed his lips softly against hers…

She slowly opened her eyes only too find Sid questioning eues staring at her..She tried to move, but Sid this time held her even more tighter…n started kissing Panchi passionately…

After sometime they broke the kiss n Sid still held her tightly as if he never let her go..

"I have never felt like this b4..it was something really special..heavenly..something genuine..not fake!" He once again planted a soft kiss on her forehead n then on her cheek..he then leaned towards her neck n put a gentle peck..Panchii was astound..but she enjoyed…she never thought her womanizer boss has such a soft corner for a girl like her!

She never wanted to believe in love or get cheated once again.. "Wait! Wat! Is it love! No! No way Panchii..you cant do that again! It ud lead yu to the pain once again that you have left behind!" Her mind n her heart started struggling..but she chose her heart b4 her mind…still confused!

She pulled aback..Sid noticed the dripping comfort level of Panchii n cud judge the reason behind it..

"Take ur own time Birdie..its ur life n u have full rights to choose ur happiness..you are a free bird dear..n never let any sort of misery let you down..I m always there for you..I wont say be mine..but be urself n believe in urself!"

Sid stepped back a little after a few minutes as he is trying to calm himself down..

" Panchi, if you do not go now I don't think I'll be able to stop!!" He plastterd his evil yet adorable smile on his face which made Panchii smile too…

Panchii, for one last time looked into Sid's eyes, where she found something special hidden for her..n which was truly authentic..b4 moving she gave a satisfactory smile which lessened Sid's worries a bit…he slowly removed his hands that have moved down to her waist..

Panchi studied his face for a minute and reached to open the door and then all of a sudden turns back around for a second..

"Goodnight, Sir. Are you picking me up in the morning?"

Sid: "Yeah, I'll be there at 7 to pick you up."

Panchi stood on tiptoe and gave Sid a quick peck..

" See you in the morning."

She turned around and headed out the door to the elevator...

"I think I have got the answer!" She was filled with satisfaction this time..

Once again she was going to found the long lost happiness that she was longing for!

Sid watched as she left…

Thought to himself "What is going on? What she has done to me? Is this love?"

Murmuring his entangled thoughts, he started carrying dishes back into the kitchen..

"Looks like its going to be a long night. Actually I think I am going to need a cold shower."

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long time dear...loved youre OS its awesum!
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Posted: 2011-02-28T04:22:07Z
That was awesome!
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Posted: 2011-02-28T05:20:46Z
Wow Aditi.......Lovely OS....Simply Beautiful I loved Sid n Pancchi's Dinner Date....Heart Day Dreaming Amazing.....Keep Writing more......
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Posted: 2011-02-28T06:35:20Z
thought when she was feeding sid she will cut her fingure nd sid will turn mad
khoon ki pyaas u cLOL
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Posted: 2011-02-28T06:50:44Z
wow..itss awsum
b/w welcum 2 d forums  aditi....
do write more..........
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Posted: 2011-03-02T08:53:29Z
jst read ur OS Clap
pls write more n pls pm me nxt tym Big smile
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Posted: 2011-03-02T08:57:13Z
this is amazing!! please make mor OSs on sid-pancchi!! loved it!!Smile
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