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 Siddharth was sitting in the chair grinning at his dad, when he felt a familiar scent wafting through the air and he looked up just in time to see him walk in through the door. Abhay Raichand. He came to a halt when he saw Siddharth sitting there with Chaand. He was expecting to find him but still seeing him in flesh after so many years brought back the painful memories. So his steps stopped in their path. And anger and hurt resided over Abhay's face. On the other hand Sid's face showed a myriad of emotions. Just a moment ago he was full of anger but now he was anything but that. His eyes turned softer and a strange expression was there on his face. A little hurt and remorse. For a slight moment fear crossed his eyes. Just for a moment and then it was gone. Quickly Sid composed himself and got up to greet him. Now with a little smirk he walked over to Abhay who was still standing there in the door way. Sid, 'Hola, little brother'. He said with a slight sarcasm. Abhay just stood there showing no emotion. Sid continued, 'So good to see you after a long time.' His voice showed care. But Abhay made no move to say or do anything. Sid realizing that shakes his head and said with a smile, 'So many years and you still haven't changed. Have you? Still the sulky little baby.' Abhay shot him an angry look at that. Sid laughed. 'See you are still the same angry young man. Still living in her memories huh? What was her name?...um Malla, Martha'oh yes!...Maitheli.' He said her name filled with anger and hurt. At that point Abhay's eyes turned a shade darker and he said angrily 'Don't!' Sid laughed again. 'Come on little brother. Chill. 'And then in a more serious tone he continued, 'you are not the only one who had been suffering. In fact if it weren't for you and your stupid love connotations nothing of this would have happened. If it weren't for you we still would have been...' his voice trailed off. Chaand gave him a sharp look at that point. And Sid looked away. Then he continued, 'Oh well let bygones be bygones. It's time to talk about the future. Your doomed future.' He said with an evil smirk. Abhay who all this while was standing there listening, finally said, 'And you haven't changed either'brother.' He continued, 'you are still the same over confident, too much in love with self to care about other guy.' Sid looked at him pleased, 'Wow. You remember well. Too bad we wont have much time to catch up.' 'Exactly' Abhay replied. 'Why did you come back? Go back where you belong. Leave.' Sid looked at him with determination in his eyes and replied in a calm voice, ' I have come here with an aim and won't be leaving until I achieve it.' Sid's phone rang at that time. With a slight frown he took it out to see who was calling. It was Paanchi. Seeing her name a smile formed on his face and his eyes shone brighter. He looked up to Abhay and said, 'Well time to go for now. But we will meet soon.' Said with a wink and left. Abhay just stood there for a moment. Something was bothering him. That smile. Sid's smile. It wasn't just the regular smile it was a smile of the hunter really close to his prey. And the shine in his eyes said the same. For some reason this thought highly disturbed Abhay. Not because he was scared for himself but because he knew a storm was coming and it would take down with it many lives of people he cared about.   



Ok so these two hotty brothers have made permanent residence in my mind. Haha. And since last night I'm thinking about how these two are going to confront each other. And this 24 hour wait seemed too much so I decided to write something. It's my version of their meeting. I know it's nothing great. Just a silly little attempt at OS. But I'm still posting it. If you find it worth it then please share your views about. :)

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woohoo.............gud oneClap
do make more
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Anu, this is so beautiful! Big smile I love Sid-Abhay. My desi StAmon. BlushingBlushing And I loved Sid in this one .. totally grey and evil, totally Damon-ish. Embarrassed 

Do continue, pleasee? I want a Sid-Abhay Fanfiction! Big smile 

PS - I adore your writing style. ClapClap
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Posted: 2011-02-24T08:08:11Z
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Posted: 2011-02-24T08:15:08Z
Trisha-- Thank you so much! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Gurti-- Well you are welcome hon. LOL
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Originally posted by _Akanksha_

Anu, this is so beautiful! Big smile I love Sid-Abhay. My desi StAmon. BlushingBlushing And I loved Sid in this one .. totally grey and evil, totally Damon-ish. Embarrassed 

Do continue, pleasee? I want a Sid-Abhay Fanfiction! Big smile 

PS - I adore your writing style. ClapClap
Me too. I wanted to show Sid evil but not completely heartless.
Thank you soo much! Really it means alot to me. Hug
But sorry i cant continue. You dont know how difficult it was to write this one. Yeah you have got ideas in your mind but putting them down on the paper is whole together another thing. Kudos to all the writers for writing such brilliant FF's.
Thanks again hon. Embarrassed
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it's lovely anu!!!!!!!!!! you've got the characters perfectly! :)
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Posted: 2011-02-24T09:40:13Z
Absolutely awesome, Anu. I didn't know you wrote so well. Hidden talents showing up.
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