Diaries of Characters (From RS Mythoes)

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Where we can read

The diaries of our favorite characters

My dear friends,

Let's start a new game which is actually a mixture of game & fan fiction (as our Lola said LOL).Here we can not only play, but also can express our creativities, as well as the feelings of the Mytho characters! Day Dreaming

RULES: 1)Each player will mention a particular scene/incident from one of the RS Mythoes, & then the next player will write a Diary about that incident, considering himself/herself as one of the characters who watched or involved in that scene/incident.

2) The player can freely choose the character whose Diary he/she will write. It will be very interesting to see that which member likes to express which character's feelings! Smile

3) In the Diary, the descriptions of the facts should be based on RS shows, but you should try to touch the feelings of the character! I mean, the main points of the Diary should be taken from the RS Mythoes, but feel free to elaborate them with your (actually not yours, but of that character) own thoughts!

4) As one particular scene contains many characters of different types, a Diary for one specified scene can be written from the views of different characters. So, after one Diary for one scene is completed, if another member wants to write about the previous scene with a different approach, then he/she is always welcomed to do so.

5) After finishing the Diary, you can give the next scene on which the next player will write.

Is it clear? If you still have any question, please ask me!

Hope you will enjoy this game!

[Red= Ramayan & Luv Kush ; Blue= Shri Krishna]

Guru Vasistha writes on Shri Ram's Naamkaran ceremony - 1

Mata Sumitra writes on Naamkaran ceremony - 2

Bharat writes on Naamkaran ceremony - 2

Goddess Maha Lakshmi writes on Naamkaran ceremony - 3

Lord Vishnu writes before Janmashtami (by Deepika di) - 3

Lord Vishnu writes before Janmashtami (by Debipriya di) - 3

Lord Vishnu writes before Janmashtami (by Shivang bhaiya) -3

Lord Vishnu writes before Garbh pravesh (by Lola) -3

Lord Vishnu writes before Janmashtami (by Semanti) - 3

Nand Baba writes on Nandotsav ceremony after birth of Shri Krishna -3

Yashoda Mata writes on Nandotsav after birth of Shri Krishna - 4

Vasudev writes after knowing that baby Krishna is alive - 4

Devaki Mata writes before birth of Shri Krishna -4

Maharshi Garg writes after Shri Krishna's birth - 4

Akrur writes just after Vasudev & Devaki are temporarily released by Kans - 4

Maharaj Ugrasen writes before Shri Krishna's birth - 4

Kans writes after Shri Krishna's birth - 4

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Then, let's start with a happy scene from Ramayan. This is,



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Oh WOW! Amazing amazing thread and idea, Urmi, I'm def in for it!Clap 
And great idea for the first scene, I'll write from the view of Kaushalya Ma....let me just prepare the fanfic/diary.Wink Or maybe I'll make it interesting and do it in the POV of baby Ramji too.Geek
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Posted: 2011-02-23T17:33:34Z
Really cool thread Sema, should be tons of fun for all of us to read and take part in!!

And Janu, thank you soooo much for bravely stepping up for the first entry, what a relief LOL That'll give us shyer folks (me :P) an example to follow... and yayyyy talking babies!!! We know from SK and JSK how irresistably cute they are LOL
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Posted: 2011-02-23T17:59:30Z
Originally posted by lola610

Really cool thread Sema, should be tons of fun for all of us to read and take part in!!

And Janu, thank you soooo much for bravely stepping up for the first entry, what a relief LOL That'll give us shyer folks (me :P) an example to follow... and yayyyy talking babies!!! We know from SK and JSK how irresistably cute they are LOL
Thanks Loli, I'll write out the entry on the train to uni tomorrow in place of my story, let's see what I come up with.LOL But I expect an entry from you too, so be prepared.Approve
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Posted: 2011-02-25T19:11:13Z
Hey Sema, I got an idea for doing an entry on this scene from the point of view of a certain character who was not physically/visibly present at the occasion but was definitely witnessing and had a reaction to it... may I or is it against the lawwwww EmbarrassedLOL
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Posted: 2011-02-25T20:02:00Z
No dear Lola, it is not against the laws at all! Feel free to think in any new approach, it will please all of us.
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Posted: 2011-02-28T11:14:00Z
Guru Vashishth diary on Naming ceremony day

Today I named the 4 princes of Ayodhya. Feeling inside is beyond words. Even though I am very balanced, patient and calm by nature, this event has generated natural irresistable vibrations in my heart. I can sense that this is the day which was awaited for thousands of years of duty of Sooryavansh as Purohit. This is the day which is going to make my decision worth of accepting the status of kulguru of Ikshuvaku vansh. Prajapati Brahma's assurance has now become truth and this is the beginning of my real good fortune arising as a fruit of austerity of many many years and grace of almighty. I received the honour of naming the Lord of the universe. I will now receive the honour of performing their thread ceremony. I will recieve the honour of teaching him the knowledge who is the origin of the knowledge and everything gets absorbed inside. I will witness the heights of sacrifices of my students making any Guru proud on them. I will get the honour of being the kulguru of Lord Vishnu himself when he will do his leela on the earth as a great ideal king. I will be his right hand always participating in all his sacred religious works and sacrifices. I will be performing great yagyas for him. Now this is the day. This is the day of endless bliss. This is the turning point of my fortune making my life worth finally oh my God. Oh how do I describe my state? I was still stable outside but the storm was there inside performing the ceremony. Antargati jo bhayee lakhi swami, so jaanat bas antaryaami.

Shakti kahan jo mai kahun tumharo sujas apaar;
Tadapi kripa mope kari, tum Prabhu param udaar.
Ab ham chaaron kumaron ka naam karan karte hain.
When I uttered those words, I knew that the names were already given, but I was just instrument for bringing those names to this material world's knowledge.
Kaushalyanandan ka naam keval do akshar ka, kintu itna mahaan, ki anant Brahmaand usme sama jay.
Akhil vishwa ko aanand dene wale sukhdhaam ka naam -Raam.
I can see that this divine baby is the baby human form of the protector of the universe resting on the bed of Shesh in Vaikunth. He is the incarnation of Vishnu and his name is Raam. He incarnates on the everytime in kalp after kalp again and again to give bliss to all the people in the world and to set the highest limits of idealism in their lives and his eternal abode is Saaket. He is the sagun saakaar roop of the niraakaar mantra moorty - RAAM - meditated by Shiva and mentioned in Vedas, the material manifestation of which has just taken place in this Treta yug of Vaivasvat Manvantar of Shwet Varah Kalp.

'R' destroys sin, 'Aa' gives knowledge and 'Ma' gives immortality.
'Ayan' means place where one can seek shelter. 'Nar ayan' means ultimate destination of man. If 'R' is removed from it, it will become 'Na ayan' - no place of refuge.
'Shiva' means welfare. From the word Namah Shivay, if we remove 'Ma', it will become 'Na Shivay' ' no welfare.
So Rama is the combination of the core heart letters of Narayana and Shiva Mantras. The core element of nature of shelter of mankind and nature of bowing to Shiva and anything which is auspicious. And hence, I was divinely inspired to choose his own name for him, whose arrival was awaited by many many trikaalgyani sages.
Tyagmurty, dharmaswaroop, jagat ka bharan poshan karnewala Keikei kumar, vishwa me Bharat ke naam se vikhyaat hoga.
I feel now privileged again to have named the other princes who are divine incarnations along with God menifested in human form in their elder brother too. The son of Keikei will serve the nation fulfilling the duties of the king selflessly without having any luxuries or recognition as the king. He will be the protector of dharma in the absence of the prime protector of dharma in their capital and birth place and will be the menifestation of divine love and sacrifice which is the supreme dharma. He will be the feeder of the subjects of kingdom with generosity like God and will fill (Bharan) the absence of his brother and will fill the emptiness in the lives of poor people with energy, nutrition, and resources.
Jo samast lakshano se yukt hain unka naam Lakshman.
I can see the presence of all the characteristics in the nature of the third child, which can be found in nature and can get absorbed in God - another menifestation of selfless love and sacrifice. He is Lord Anant himself and eternal devotee of Lord Narayan. He has lordship element and surrendership element both in him. He can be extremely polite. He can be extremely angry. He can be extremely down-to-earth. He can get trap of ego at times. He can give extreme punishment to wrongdoers and ignorants. He can go through extreme penance himself. He can love unconditionally. He can also feel jealous at times. He can imbibe any knowledge. He can also have suspicions and doubts on occasions. He will have great love for his brother (Anuraag) and will have the nature like a yati-yogi-renouncer (Vairaag) in this world for everything other than his God whom his conscience knows to be his eternal refuge.
Aur chhote kumar chhote hain, par unke naam se, shatru dehel utthenge. So, inka naam Shatrughna.
And the youngest child will protect the city of Ayodhya under the orders of Keikei's son when the other two brothers are away from the kingdom. His presence will be enough for all enemies not to take advantage of the absence of any other princes or king from the kingdom. He will also lead the procession of the victory of Sooryavansha when his brother will perform the major yagya and all enemies will at once surrender to this representative of the greatest king on the earth.
Chaaron putra maano chaaron ved tatva uday hue hain Raghukul me. Koi dosh, koi avarodh, koi amangal hai hi nahi in chaaron mangal murtion me. Raghuvansh ke saare rajaon me, sabse prataapi yashasvi honge ye chaaron kumaar. Ek aur yog drishtigochar ho raha hai. Waise to chaaron bhaiyon me bhraatruprem yugyug tak bakhan kiya jaayega. Parantu vishesh roop se, ek ore Ram Lakshman ki jodi, aur dusri ore Bharat Shatrughn ki jodi, aise hogi, jaise ek praan aur do sharir.
Raghukul is the dynasty which I have been serving for ages and many many kings of the dynasty are famous for their greatness and their steadfastness in dharma and promisekeeping. But these four brothers will get the fame in world for ages to come so much in so many people of generations to come which no other greatest of kings of their dynasty has really achieved so far. And they will all live their life with completeness of spiritual knowledge imbibed and implemented to set the examples for people and also to make them joyful. And astronomy doesn't stop just there obviously. It has many more bright things to say about these children apart from their fame as Kshatriyas. Within the family also, they all will share great relationship bondage especially making two pairs uniquely to be referred by future generations to remain always together. These four brothers have born to be just the souls of each other with twin brothers to be the souls of two other brothers and the primary souls of two pairs also to be souls of each other. When I said all these things, the king was as if he found God in all these children and he was lost in his dreams of glory of his dynasty through his 4 souls menifested in his home. The queens were all happy hearing the names and fortunes of their babies told by me and they were all feeling happiness for the happiness of each other. Such is the relation between them like sisters as of now, which can only be shaken for a while by the strongest plans of destiny taking the benefit of just the tiny loophole of materialism and greed and jealousy. The youngest queen was over the moon when she heard that her two sons would serve their dharmatma elder brothers and would get fame under their shelters. The pride she felt is the example of height of selflessness set for any woman and mother in the world. It has always been my privilage before also to give service to such divine family the members of which will now see their Gods playing in their house daily giving them bliss. These are the devotees of God who have transcendented beyond sansaar and they just come to the world to naturally feel the bliss of devotion for God with the exemption granted to continue to have the feeling of attachment given to them as blessings. They are all worthy of worship. Now I will enjoy God giving them the bliss in his childhood and the purification journey of all of them feeling natural pleasures and pains in the path of love and their attainment of their certain well being in the end of their current birth.

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