LTL-Back in the Game!

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Posted: 11 years ago
What a beautiful episode! I know many would disagree, coz they're still draggin the reunion. But i think it's not just Mishal, LTL's back in the game too! Woohoo!

I mean, i could feel that magic, not just the TaSha magic, but that old-time feel from April May. The dialogues, FBs, acting everything was spot on. Plus, there was that one thing that'd been missing for a while! I love it when Dutta goes into reflective mode. More when he talks about his emotions! Today was so beautiful that i feel benevolent towards Seema and even the CVs for wasting screentime by having Naku do nothing! Yes, the poetry bit was soulful but she had nothing to do today!

Coming to Seema, i really don't understand this woman. She expects Dutta to forgive her, and even accept her! Great expectations, woman! I mean, she did all this so she could get back into his life? Wow. This is why she never deserved him. Seema, just so you know, there was once a girl who loved this man, with her smiles and tears, and never breathed a word to him. She walked on swords, and stole all his pain. Filled his stubborn heart with so much love that it became impossible for him to deny it. And even today, if it means making him happy, she'd leave his life without thinking about herself! She is the woman who owns his heart.

Ah, Dutta! Where do i get myself someone like him! Someone so honest, so human, so intense! Today, he made me fall in love with him again, the zillionth time. Dutta is straight forward. While other men worry about sparing a woman the pain of knowing that their feelings aren't reciprocated, Dutta says it bluntly. Because he doesn't want to give her hope. He said he could forgive her, trust her but not give her a place in his life. *clap clap* I was awed, not bcoz i hate Seema, but because Dutta's words made so much sense. Dutta is not Naku. He isn't the goody goody hero who not only forgives traitors but also welcomes them back into his life. He knows how to put people in their place. I am glad that they had this talk. It was vintage LTL.And Seema's tears, oh boy, today was awesome!

I firmly believe in things happening for a reason.Dutta told Seema that she couldn't undo the hurt, or bring back the old Dutta. That moment was definitive. I guess we need to thank seema. For if she hadn't betrayed him, he would never have become this layered, stand-offish, damaged person we love so much! We are meant to make mistakes, flounder and fall, get burnt, before we become the person we are meant to be. And this love story wouldn't have been half as endearing if D had been another happy go lucky guy. It is the dark corners of his mind that fascinate us. It is that which drew Naku to him, made her love him enough to fill his soul with light. Today, as he told Seema how Naku had changed him from beast to man, every memory that has made him what he is today crossed his mind. He remembered all the darkest moments, and Naku had been there with him in every single one. The fact that these two have grown, together and apart, and have learnt what it is to love one another so wholly, so selflessly, and that is what makes them eternal lovers!
Posted: 11 years ago
That's beautifully written, * tears tears *yes LTL is back to its best, just love it.
 Dutta is so simple and sincere. (Where can I get my DSP?  Oh my reason for loving weekdays), Big smile
Posted: 11 years ago
A superb post......... beautifully written......... alongwith Dutta (mishal) and LTL in action.......... Liz is too back in action..............Liking it very much...........
Posted: 11 years ago
i love it when dutta is reflective.. one of my personal fav scenes is Dutta's monologue on SR.. and wow Mishal is just awesome as there is this amazing tranquility on his face when he speaks or thinks of his naku.. it was there on that SR night too.. i am yet to watch the episode, but am sure as ever, he has done a great job.. maybe i should call him the ever dependable wall of LTL ;-P
Posted: 11 years ago
Why do I even need words when I have you to express everything I think and feel after watching this episode, Liz?
Beautiful, beautiful post and right on Clap
Posted: 11 years ago
for me LTL was never out of the game just kept the hope intact and it worked :) i loved every single dialogue Dutta said today be it the simple yes or the one where he says with forgiveness doenst come trust or the one where he says her tears wiped away all the blood from my hands. i loved the facial expressions they just showed he couldnt and didnt want to see beyond his nakusha..his nakku, the flashback symbolised the fact that he now sees and realises that koel and gori nakku were are and will awlays be the same....because they both loved him with the same intensity. this was needed i can see that now because the tasha reunion would seem to rushed. he needed to put seema in his place. he has finally come to terms with his biggest demaon thats called seema and put that to rest now he can come back to his nakku as a whole a new dutta. nakkus and only nakkus dutta. because only she has any haq over him. so seema cannt accuse of him ever leading her on because he didnt. some may argue he did it late but they cannot argue with the fact that he did it perfectly :)
Posted: 11 years ago
at last i get to read something from lizdarcy  , have joined forum recently and was waiting for your post .so here it is today and a super read too i love the way you said what many of us feel ,to have a man like dutta in our lives.

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