KSG-Thanks for Keeping KaJen Together

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Posted: 11 years ago
KaJen: Thanks for loving me and always being there for me and always caring for me

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Like any crazy fangirl, I listen to my faves interviews again and again and believe me, i've had quite a few crazes. But none have got me hooked as KaJen, especially for so many years and I have never come across any co-stars say this this about each other or to their fans. I've seen many 'friendships' between onscreen couples but none like this where they have stood by each other no matter what. I've heard celebrities thank their fans but not this way.

Time and time again, you hear celebrities say how loyal their fans are or thanking them for bringing THEMSELF back of the SHOW back. But no celebrity has ever thanked their fans for keeping him/her with their co-star and their best friend. In the 300th thread interview, this stuck out for me more than anything. Just the fact that KSG was grateful to us fans for keeping him with his best friends for one showed that us fans did not FORCE them together. They WANTED to work together and be together and knew that the reason they still were was because of us fans.

Sometimes I had felt like we just threw them together but it was really nice to know that he was actually happy we kept them together. It wasn't just us that loved KaJen and wanted/want them back but they did/do too. And this is because of their REAL friendship which has managed to stay even with the cameras turning off. Sometimes we think that some onscreen couples are friends when in reality they are not. But we know with KaJen that they ARE and they really do love being with each other and working together. They are just the same if not closer when people visit them on sets and all that is without the cameras.

Yes, I still want KaJen back but just knowing they do too or in KSG's words 'hopefully' makes me want them more. I know it won't be JUST because of fan demand but because they want to too if they work together. As usual with them, if destiny has it, they WILL be together again onscreen..

NOTE: Keep this clean and I want no unwanted comments.
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Posted: 11 years ago


made for each other

jodi made in heaven

Posted: 11 years ago
Loved it :)

Beautiful KaJen topic.
KaJen have a beautiful and REAL friendship.
Love that about them cuz many actors fake it but with KaJen its real friendship <3

Posted: 11 years ago

Fattuu thts an awesomewest topiccccccClapClapClap

i lovee how KSGz alwayss wanted AR same goes wid Jenny

n KSG lovess working wid Jenny n its very much visible through their Expressions

I never saw any actors thanking fanz wfor keeping his co-star wid him.......But KSG issssss differentttn thts wat makess him speciallEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Once again amzing topicccStarStarStar.StarStar

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Posted: 11 years ago
Beautiful topic Fats<3<3
I think KJ Share and amazing bond be it in acting or be it there friendship<3<3Heart
There friendship is beyond any misunderstandings/Rumors ,Coz i think they have crossed that stage and there friendship has survived that stage too,there friendship reminds me off Survival of the fittest.......Approve
God bless there friendship and i just hope they continue to share this amazing bod of best friends forever<3<3
I love the way ppl envy there friendship or rather i can say Jealous Wink
KJ you rock just like your Amazing screen presence and your friendship,Keep rocking and keep breaking heartsApproveCool
You rock the way you are,KJ You can Love them,You can hate them but you can never ignore them,that's there specialty ,And I just love the way ppl are so obsessed about KJ and there friendshipEmbarrassed
Lovely topic fats,KJ ROCK.............Heart
Posted: 11 years ago
Kajen share great firendship unlike some other people who only claim to do so
KSG said this genuinely not fakely like some people think..iam proud to be a kajenian because they are real and not fake
Posted: 11 years ago
amazing post fatima!! soo agree with what u said!! kajen rock<3
Posted: 11 years ago
Amazing topic dear!!
And agreed with each and every word you specified on this topicEmbarrassed!!
kajen are really special and the friendship they share is Purer!
Love them and wish to see them in a new show...................Day Dreaming

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