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Posted: 11 years ago

Epi starts with, Albela telling Niru, there is no use in searching job in this way. Wherever you go, people will ask you question, whether do you know "English" or "Marathi"? Niru remembers all incident how she got rejection from places. There is only one thing you will find with Marathi people, their pride! Albela continues, when he came to city he also searched in same way you started search. He also fights a lot to find job. But it was of no use. Then I decided to snatch it. I tried out every possible way. For that I hurt other people too. But then I managed to get what I want. After all I wanted to be king of this Mumbai. Its my dream to be king of Mumbai. Niru is very much scared hearing all Albela's word. Albela turns to her and asks why she is scared? He was just talking casually. He tells her if she wants then he can fix her job as well. Niru is standing like dumb. Albela tells her I am not doing anything free for you. The way I take commission from others; I will take it from you as well. He says, "Agar ghoda ghaas se dosti karega to khayega kya? Pizza!!!"  If you try to find job in proper way then you will not get it. Niru is confused what to do? She remembers how she challenged Sharda for paying money back. Suddenly Vishwa tells her, this vada pav is not good. I will not eat it; give me something different to eat. Niru asks him to give vada pav back. Albela grabs chance and put apple in front of Vishwa. Niru is confused. But she asks Vishwa to have it. (Strange! Earlier she showed lots of attitude!) Vishwa takes it and starts eating. Albela tells so is it fixed? Niru gives positive nod. Albela asks her to get ready tomorrow; they will go out together. Niru is still confused.

Next day, Niru comes with Albela at one place. Albela is trying to get near to her whereas Niru is maintaining distance. Albela takes her to traveling agency and introduce her to one man. He asks him hows she? Man asks Albela from where he brings all such girls? Niru is uncomfortable. Albela asks him so job is fixed? Man tells him, I am not one to take decision. He asks Niru to go inside and change the dress. She is scared to death. Albela says it's just uniform. He sends her to change it. Niru goes inside for a change and comes. There only some ladies come gossiping with each other"It's hard to manage those kids". Man scolds them to focus on their work. They go inside. Then one person comes who is in-charge over there, Kamlesh bhai. Albela introduce Niru to him. He asks Niru does she have whistle? Niru doesn't get what he is asking in English? He asks Niru in hindi, whether she got whistle. If you don't have that, how will you control kids? He questions Niru, does she know English? Niru is standing like dumb. He asks again. Niru nods negatively. Kamles Bhai says you don't know English then how we can give this job to you. Albela tries to defend him saying she will learn in two days. Kamlesh Bhai doesn't agree as he is scared what if kids complain at home about same. The route she is allocated to; all kids goes to English school only. Albela says what so great if she doesn't know English; atleast kids know Hindi. She can handle them. Kamles Bhai is not convinced. Niru remembers her word to Sharda and how she needs job.

Next morning, Penkarwadi! Sushila is again busy in household work. Chandu is tying shoe less. Sushila remembers something. She asks Chandu, where your baba has gone to work? Chandu says yes, what happened? Sushila says she forgot to take money from him to bring besan. Chandu says not to worry. Yesterday, some money were spared after purchasing vegetables. He will bring besan from that. Sushila is happy. She goes back to kitchen. Chandu asks her where is his guitar? Now here comes dear Sonali! She takes pose with Chandu's guitar. She tells Chandu she found that his guitar cord was broken. But she got it fixed from her set. Chandu is happy and thanks her. Sonali tells him its fixed now; atleast play some tune. Chandu starts playing guitar. But this Sonali, she starts singing as Opera singer(It was really horrible. It reminded of dolly from movie Finding Nemo when she sings in front of whaleLOLLOLLOLLOL) Sushila is also irritated. Alka comes and shouts on them; why they are making so much noise in the morning? It gives so much headache. She looks at gas and taunts Sushila she always finds something on gas when she wants tea for herself. Sushila tells her she will prepare tea for her. Alka is so much rude! Asks Sushila to prepare tea with half spoon sugar only. Sushila looks at her weirdly. Sonali pulls her leg and tells Sushila serve biscuit also with tea to Vahini. However Chandu stops her and scolds her doesn't she know how to talk with elders? Alka says Chandu you are the only one who respect me in this house. Else other people are there to torture me. She turns to Chandu and asks him if she can do her small work. Sushila and Sonali realize Alka was trying to butter up Chandu for her use only. Alka says I have gave my sarees in laundry; if you are going to bring besan then will you bring my sarees as well. Chandu agrees. However Sushila and Sonali are not happy. Sushila says why not Chandu will do everything. He will bring besan too and sarees too. But then I am planning to make vegetable without besan only(Love you Sushila! TongueTongueTongueTongue) Sonali too supports her. She says I was planning to tell you same. Chandu also adds that he is also having allergy from besan nowadays. Alka realizes that Chandu will not bring her sarees. Sonali teases but if Chandu dada doesn't go to bring besan, who will bring Sarees for Vahini? Alka says she can do her work on own and goes from there. Everyone starts laughing. Chandu scolds Sonali not to tease Alka beyond limit. She is like jwalamukhi. Already there are tensions in home and he doesn't to add one more. Sonali agrees.

Albela is trying to convince Kamles Bhai that he can pay double commission for job. Niru peeps in and pleads Kamlesh bhai to give her job. As she needs it badly. Albela supports her and tells them she will learn English in two days only. He will help her out. He tries to make her learn how to say sorry, thank u and shut up. (Yah ape bhi Niru ki batti gul. Instead of shut up she says sataapLOLLOLLOL)  Kamlesh bhai tells her, its not sattap. Its shut up. Albela says, areey waa Kamles Bhai! You know English too. Kamlesh bhai's man tolds him that girl is looking simple and straight. Its better to give job to her. Else who stays long in such kind of job? Kamlesh Bhai agrees to give job to Niru for double commission. Other man reminds him about girl sent by Sarjaa is waiting outside only. Kamles Bhai tells him to keep silence. They will manage it secretly.

Albela comes outside with Niru and explaining him, job is very much simple. She just needs to drop kids from their house to school and school to house. A girl sent by Sarjaa is waiting there only. She realizes that she has lost job. She sees Kamlesh Bhai and asks him that you have given my job to this girl? Kamles Bhai rudely replies her. She says he has to pay for this. Kamlesh bhai tells her, do whatever you want. She warns him and goes away.

Penkar wadi, Sarjaa is busy doing exercise (Hayee, mera hero… Dikh gaya finally)….. That girl comes angrily and asks him whats this Sarjaa yesterday only you made promise to me only and today to someone else. Everyone starts laughing and asks her what promise Sarjaa made to you. (They are trying to pull leg of Sarjaa) She gets angry and replies, if anyone says something she will punch him. Sarjaa makes everyone silence and asks her what happened? She asks him, did you talk with Kamles Bhai regarding my job? He says yes, you went there today right? Girl replies yes, I went there but Kamlesh Bhai gave my job to some other girl. Everyone is shocked. Sarjaa is surprised too. She informs Sarjaa that she saw Albela over there. Sarjaa understands everything

Episode ends….


My comment – Very much good episode. Though nothing full of drama but still left good impact. The actor who plays Albela he is way funny. Perfect match!!! Chandu-Sonali-Sushila scene ke to kya kehne?? Everyone feels so lively there. Chalo aaj to mere hero ne apna chehara dikhaya. Now this is valid reason, Sarjaa to get angry on Niru.


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Posted: 11 years ago
there is connection btw scenes as none are thrown randomly at u , which is good about this show yaar

thanks for update Wink
Posted: 11 years ago
I am loving their pace........ all scenes were good from today's episode...
Posted: 11 years ago
Yes the show is going at a good pace and it is nicely shown esp the humor amongst all the ill-feelings like with Albela and Niru and also Susheela-Sonali-Alka scenes were good....
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks Darsh for the updates!!

I loved the Sushila, Chandu Sonali scene! The trio are awesome!

Haye!! Mera Sarja Blushing Isn't he just great in his acting?Approve
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the lovely update Darshu dii...........

I really loved the way Susheela & Sonali helped Chandu....... that Bhabhi is so evil...... wish Sarja had also been there...... that would have been a riot.....

Sarja........finally my hero made an appearance after 2 days...... loved him....

Albela is damn funny........ the way he said what does Suman mean...... it means flowers....... and butterflies often roam around flowers...... and the way he said shut up........ that was hilarious.....and chalo happy that Niru got a decent job.... 

poor Niru you don't know what your future holds in store for you.... as Sarja is coming to meet you........
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