BV WU-21ST FEB 2011

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Posted: 11 years ago

Bhairon asks Anandi not to look back from now and Sumitra gives lord Ganesha's idol and asks her to keep it while studying.


Jagiya is mugging his lessons in library and Gauri is sitting beside him and laughing at his act.


Basant is not convinced with idea of hiding truth of Anandi studying further from dadisa  since she will create a storm when she comes to know about it.Bhairon  convinces him and he agrees half heartedily.He further ask ladies to see that Anandi doesn't spend much time in kitchen.


Bhairon goes to school principal regarding Anandi studies but he is doubtful since 10th class exams are approaching. He convinces the principal and he agrees and says she can attend as private student. When he turns to go he sees Basant and Dadisa and is shocked.


Dadisa asks why is he at school and Bhairon quickly covers up the matter and says some other person studies.


Bhairon and Sumitra presents Anandi with the books and asks her to hard work. Anandi prays before god for strength and suddenly become emotional and she loves Jagiya and all this she is doing for him only.


Anandi is studying in her room and dadisa gets up with stomach ache and comes to Anandi's room. She finds light at her room and knocks on her door.


Precap:Dadisa asks Anandi why she is up and Anandi makes up an excuse that she is ironing clothes as she is not able to sleep.




Posted: 11 years ago
Thank you for the update that was quickThumbs Up
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks so much for the update..History repeats itself..Lets hope this time Anandi is able to pass 10th  B&S are too sweet. Bhairo has declared he will never let Anandi stop studying this time come what may Clap
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Posted: 11 years ago
I'm so glad anandi is finally studying.. hopefully she will understand that she doesnt have to do it for jagya but for herself...
Posted: 11 years ago
thanx 4 the update!!
hmm.................jagiya jagiya jap karna chhodo anandi!Stern Smile
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for the update.

finally the story moved.. but they are repeating the same plots.. of hiding her studying... i think they are doing the same mistakes again and again.. ofcourse dadisa will get angry..
it wld have been better if they wld have convinced dadisa
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks! awesome update :) and super fast too!

i agree with pallai, they are repeating storyline, but i really hope that dadisa realizes her mistakes when she finds out about jagya and gauri
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the update....

Although its a great thing that Anandi has started studying....she should also get over her Jagya obsession asap.......and hope the CV's dont drag this whole padhai track at snail's pace...

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