SuShita in SBS n SBB - 21st Feb 2011(Links Pg2)

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Posted: 11 years ago
Its from Sanskar laxmi Show

Sushant and Ankita were performing on Main Tho Awein Lut Gaya Song.

According to SBS Sushant is given a weeks break from JDJ. Sushant and Ankita seem to have a lot of Fun and there were some off-screen masti too which was shown in SBS. And these 2 were totally into eaach otherLOL

No Interviews in SBS of SusHita but just Rashmi and Nandish

SBB too had same Shots of the 2. But i missed a bit. So if anyone could update pls help.

PR Update
Kahani Agle Hafte Ki
Dharmesh ka Truth would be Out this Week and Apparently Manav Archana ke beech New EntryOuch{I didnt get this beech New Entry thing, do they mean a New Character or that Vaishu as per the New PR Promo?Ermm}
Edited by -Preeti- - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
Thnx preeti for sharing..
no sushita interview :((
a new entry between ArMan  sickk..dey'll never leave ArMan alone peacefully :(
Posted: 11 years ago
new entry hmmm

may be they r talking about arman kid may b archu is pregnant.
Posted: 11 years ago
Hope not any props are created between Arman from the promo feb 22nd I think that is out even I beleive Archu will not be too exicted to keep Vaishu with her as now slowly I guess rumours of Manav Vaishu crap might spread.Please CV's not again D'ohyou have not even shown them together happy for some time. Solving other problems and crap for heavens sake leave them alone and give us some Sushita Chemistry Smile
Will it be that Jay is back ???? Or any new plans from him to get Archu back ??? Damn hope not!!!!
Posted: 11 years ago
^^^^ I believe that would b the case. Archana would now force Vaishu to leave the house for her and Manavs benefit.

But then why did they say teesra in Manav Archana's Life as Vaishu isnt and cannot be the teesra unless Vaishu develops some feelings for ManavOuch
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by -Preeti

But then why did they say teesra in Manav Archana's Life as Vaishu isnt and cannot be the teesra unless Vaishu develops some feelings for ManavOuch
@bold..omg i dun want another shravani Ouch 
and sometimes SBS can be wrong..remember lottery thing? manav became successful on his own talent no i'm positive abt dis and i cant wait for the day dharmesh is kicked outSmile  Edited by Gene_Nisha - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
True Nisha
I am hoping this is the case. I so wont tolerate another Shravni or even Sharvni herself again. I want Dharmesh's truth to be out. This would be one Master EpiLOL
Posted: 11 years ago

loll so true preeti.dat would be a Master Epi..btw,long time na deres been a ME of PR..i demand a ME now for Dharmesh's truth to be out esp by our fave savita infront of everyone and he giving his famous sada hua expressions lmaoo and Ankita is a bit free as she is no more in JDJ :(  

but i must say PR cvs are messed up..i really miss PR before ArMan's divorce track..dat was like awesomee..if ArMan goes back to D's(and savita wont abuse Archu 24*7) den the old flavour will be back..i'm s'ly getting annoyed watching dese K's

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