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Posted: 2011-02-20T22:44:23Z
Hi everyone, Hug

This is the thread for Book 2 of the Abhay-Piya FF -And I will we waiting. The link to Book 1 is given below :


Story so far:

Abhay and Piya are in a relationship how after Piya  manages to win over Abhay's resistance and fears. Abhay is happy after a whole capsule of time and Piya is in heaven but the fear of losing Abhay lives on. Abhay's soul sister Anushka , one of the most powerful witches to have ever lived has caught Kabir's fancy who has been understanding and supportive of Abhay-Piya's relationship.  Tanushree has turned out to be a latent mutant vampire of the dreaded Bolshva clan , the most dangerous breed of vampires. She is being used to manipulate and magnetize the Ancient werewolf leader Sambhav. Misha is oin knowlwdge of the supernatural spheer around her but her passionate love-hate relationship with Sam is on it's worst days. Misha and Abhay are close now and Misha is partial towards Abhay because he saved her life from Sambhav. Danish , a reluctant vampire has been contaminated with the Bolshva poison and is enslaved. Pancchi is intrigued and baffled by her new boss Daksh who appears a dormant volcano and is very reserved and mysterious. Anushka , blackmailed by Maithli who was released from the tomb by Sambhav to use against Abhay in future and is Piya's great aunt , is ready to separate Abhay-Piya and return Abhay to Maithli. Chaand and Haseena are being haunted by an entity called 'majesty' and they have never been more scared in their life.  The whole group is still on the social activity camp and are soon to return to Dehradun.

The first update of this book will be up by 3amIST tomorrow.

Love and luck always,Heart
GOD bless everyone.

First update : Page 3

Updated Page 8,12,17 ,21,25,31.32,35,36, 42,45,48,52,55,58,60,66,71,75,82,84,88,92.96,105,108,114. 120, 126, 131...
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and yeah, i havent strted spamming here, havent read the last part yet, so am allowed to comment on tht hereBig smile
ill go read, come back and comment, LOL
hm... so the 't' sam mish angle has already strted. tanu is completely disgusted with herself, and is trying her best to prove it to mish, tht she isnt the animal tht mish sees in her. i so loved the little argument samish had, mish still sees his as a monster, but doesnt look lke she is tht scared of him.. he got her right 'are you plain jealous that I did that to T and not to you?' i was wondering hw wld mish react t this...and then she calls him an animal again, and bites his head off.. tch tch mish..
piya abhay's angle rite now is on the sweet sweet stage, but trust me, i dnt want to get into them rite now, coz i knw whts coming their way.. the little prank tht he played on her was so cute.. he loves teasing her, doesnt he, and then he calls her the tantrum child.LOL

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Posted: 2011-02-20T23:53:17Z
CONGRATS............ KEEP IT UP.................. DancingClap
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Posted: 2011-02-21T00:33:20Z
and hope this will also be as cool as oneDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2011-02-21T03:51:18Z
congrats coco
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Posted: 2011-02-21T04:06:12Z
Pls update fast
N pm me also pls
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Posted: 2011-02-21T04:18:49Z
This is lovely news Poco.....a new thread....a new book.....wow
and we all will be waiting for your exiting posts....Smile Smile
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Posted: 2011-02-21T05:02:21Z
Hey Pocco!
Congratulations on the second thread!Hug
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